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Packard(2), Packe(1), Packer(33), Paddock(1), Paden(16), Padgett(32), Page(53), Paine(6), Painter(5), Palen(1), Palmer(23), Pamela(1), Pancoast(240), Pankhurst(2), Pannepacker(10), Parent(3), Park(4), Parker(37), Parkhurst(1), Parks(1), Parmelee(1), Parnell(1), Parr(2), Parris(1), Parrish(4), Parrott(6), Parry(19), Parson(2), Parsons(35), Parthenia(1), Parvin(364), Paschall(1), Pashley(21), Passmore(16), Patey(1), Patience(6), Patrick(111), Patterson(57), Patton(6), Paul(53), Paulding(1), Paulin(1), Paullin(209), Paulson(1), Pawling(4), Paxson(17), Payne(1), Peabody(2), Peace(1), Peachey(1), Peaco(3), Peacock(48), Peak(9), Peake(1), Peale(1), Pearce(3), Pearsall(1), Pearse(1), Pearson(10), Pease(16), Peaslee(6), Peck(10), Peckham(1), Peckworth(1), Peddel(1), Peddle(1), Pedrick(24), Peet(1), Pegg(1), Pender(1), Pendergrass(1), Pendgar(1), Pendry(1), Penn(4), Pennel(1), Pennington(2), Pennock(3), Penny(1), Pennypacker(1), Penquite(5), Penrose(1), Penton(23), Pepper(10), Perce(1), Percival(2), Percy(1), Perkins(11), Permelia(1), Perrin(2), Perrine(1), Perry(21), Perry\Percy(1), Pert(1), Peters(3), Peterson(128), Pettit(81), Petty(7), Pharo(8), Phebe(12), Philips(1), Phillips(19), Philpot(3), Phipps(1), Phoebe(1), Pichard(1), Pickering(4), Pickett(1), Pickman(2), Pierce(8), Pierpoint(1), Pierpont(2), Pierson(78), Piggot(1), Pile(4), Pilgrim(6), Pimm(22), Pine(33), Pinkham(1), Piper(2), Piphran(1), Pippitt(4), Pitman(8), Pitt(1), Plasse(9), Platt(5), Platts(27), Pleasant(1), Pledger(10), Plum(3), Plummer(56), Plumsted(2), Poag(1), Poddy(1), Pogue(7), Poinsett(1), Pole(1), Polhemus(2), Polly(1), Pomeroy(1), Pope(13), Porch(9), Porter(7), Pothier(1), Potter(60), Potts(16), Poulter(1), Pounder(1), Powell(131), Powers(15), Poyge(1), Prachin(1), Prall(2), Pratt(3), Prence(3), Prentice(1), Prentis(1), Prescott(3), Press(4), Preston(41), Prett(1), Price(21), Prickett(12), Prickitt(52), Pridgen(1), Prince(2), Printz(1), Prior(18), Priscilla(14), Probasco(11), Procter(2), Proctor(7), Prosser(10), Proud(1), Prout(1), Prover\Provoe(2), Provoost(3), Prudden(1), Prudence(6), Pugh(1), Pullen(7), Pullinger(1), Punchard(1), Purdue(1), Purgoine(1), Purtell(1), Purviance(2), Putner(1), Pyle(1), Quapladde(1), Quicksall(4), Quinby(1), Quinn(1), Quinton(7), Rachel(35), Radcliff(3), Raiguel(1), Rainear(1), Rainer(1), Rakestraw(23), Rambo(4), Rammel(1), Ramsden(2), Ramsey(11), Rand(1), Randall(8), Randle(1), Randolf(6), Randolph(39), Rankin(2), Raper(17), Raphine(8), Rappal(1), Rastall(2), Rathwell(1), Rawlins(2), Rawson(1), Ray(18), Raymond(1), Rea(10), Read(31), Reading(2), Rebakah(1), Rebecah(1), Rebecca(48), Rebeccah(1), Rebeckah(1), Reben(1), Redfield(1), Redman(11), Redstrake(11), Reed(32), Reedshaw(2), Rees(1), Reese(1), Reeve(136), Reeves(270), Reid(3), Reilly(2), Remington(15), Remmie(1), Remster(1), Renear(1), Renouf(1), Reommele(1), Replogle(1), Reson(1), Reuben(1), Reuhama(1), Revell(3), Reynolds(18), Rhoda(4), Rial(1), Rice(21), Richards(35), Richardson(34), Richer(1), Richey(4), Richie(3), Richman(94), Richmond(4), Rickenbach(1), Ricketson(1), Rider(6), Ridgely(6), Ridgeway(8), Ridgley(2), Ridgway(211), Ridley(2), Riel(1), Rigdon(1), Riggins(11), Riggs(2), Righter(11), Rigstraw(3), Riley(40), Ring(2), Rippe(1), Risdon(4), Risley(8), Ritche(1), Ritchie(2), Ritter(1), Robb(1), Robbins(189), Roberts(132), Robertson(4), Robey(1), Robins(15), Robinson(132), Robotham(2), Robson(1), Rocap(21), Rockhill(28), Rockwood(2), Rodenbach(1), Rodes(1), Rodman(2), Rodney(1), Rodus(1), Roe(1), Rogers(123), Rohrer(1), Roland(1), Rolfe(1), Rolph(5), Roork(20), Rose(18), Roselle(1), Rosenfelder(1), Ross(5), Rote(1), Rouae(1), Round(2), Roundtree(1), Rourk(1), Rowan(7), Rowand(7), Rowe(3), Rowland(4), Rowley(1), Rownd(1), Royal(9), Royleigh(1), Rudderow(8), Rudolf(1), Rudolph(1), Rue(5), Ruggles(1), Ruhl(2), Rulon(37), Rumsey(40), Rundels(1), Runion(1), Runnels(2), Runner(1), Runyon(1), Rush(2), Russell(19), Ruth(15), Rutherford(1), Ryle(1), Rysam(2)

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