14. Nicholas Bartlett PEARCE (27) (28) Photo was born on 20 Jul 1828 in Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky. He was buried in 1894 in Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas. He died on 8 Mar 1894 in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas. Nicholas was born in Princeton,Caldwell County, Kentucky . He lived with his family on a large mill and farm on Donelson Creek. He graduated from Cumberland College and then went on to be appointed to West Point where he graduated 26th in a class of 44. A letter sent to his Aunt Virginia Pearce on the death of her husband Solomon told of studying "Latin, Greek, and philosophy, and mathematics, in the lower branches, trigonometry, descriptive geometric surveying, shades and shadows, linear perspective and calculus and

surveying, the French language and drawing and topography". He was commissioned a Brevet 2nd. Lt. in the infantry. He served in the Indian Territory which is now Oklahoma and in Northwest Arkansas. He met his bride Nannie Smith at Fort Smith. They were married at her families home. He did some scouting along the Red River in Texas but after his

first daughter Deserie was born he came home, resigned his commission and worked with his father-in-law at the mill and general store on Little Osage Creek, Benton County, Arkansas. When the Civil War began he was appointed Brig. Gen. by the Arkansas Legislature and was put in charge of the Northwestern Arkansas troops. He trained them and took

them to Springfield, Missouri with Gen. BenMcCollough and was instrumental in the victoryat the Battle of Wilson's Creek. His picture is displayed on the brochure at the battlefield museum today. After the battle he disbanded the troops and after a leave due to the death of his older brother James Madison Pearce at the Battle of Shiloh, was sent to Texas as a Major in the Commissary in Houston and San Antonio . He was on the military board for the state of Texas. His daughter Nannie May was born in San Antonio. After the war he returned

to Arkansas, rebuilt his residence and store, which had been the bivouac of the Union Soldiers, and engaged in business. He was instrumental in starting the University of Arkansas and was the first professor of Math and Engineering there. In 1874 he severed his connections with the University and again returned to Osage Mills. He was in the employ of a wholesale house in Kansas City, Missouri and traveled in Texas 1879-84. He moved to Whitesboro, Texas because of his wife's health and was employed with Lombard Investment as a land examiner and manager of field men . His wife died in 1885 leaving him with young children. His last address in the Confederate Veteran Magazine was in Gainesville, Texas. He moved to his daughter May Pearce Choice's home in Dallas as his health started to fail and he died in 1894. He was married to Nancy Kathrine 'Nannie' SMITH in Jun 1855 in Osage Mills, Benton County, Arkansas.

15. Nancy Kathrine 'Nannie' SMITH Photo was born on 25 Feb 1837 in Cleveland, Bradley County,Tennessee. She died on 3 Oct 1885 in Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas. She was said to have had seven children before

she had two alive at the same time. She suffered terribly from migrane

head aches most of her life. She died when her youngest child was only

4 years old.. Children were:

child i. Deserie (Daisy Dan Eve) PEARCE was born on 22 Nov 1860 in Benton County, Arkansas. She died on 20 May 1919 in San Antonio, Bexas County, Texas. Eve, or Deserie as she was named was first married to a Mr . Martin and according tothe 1910 census, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas was the mother of seven children all deceased at that time. She became the mail order bride of Stephen Holland Mulkey, a man who was older than her father Nicholas would have been. She tried to be a mother to his grown children and baby sat his grand children treating them as her own. When

Mr. Mulkey died he left his entire estate to her but his children contested the will . According to legal papers at the time she was "Non Compus Mentis". When the final decision came down in 1918 she was left penniless. She moved to San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas to live with her sister Juanita and her husband Charles Bennett. They rented a home together. She was a member of the Woodsman Circle. She died in 1919 and was buried at Mission Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas. The diagnosis on her death certificate was legarthic encephalitis.
child ii. Nannie May PEARCE Photo was born on 11 Jul 1864 in San Antonio, Bexas County, Texas. She died on 2 Dec 1948 in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas.
child iii. Bartlett PEARCE Photo was born on 18 Feb 1867 in Ft. Smith Arkansas. He died on 9 Dec 1945 in Osage Township, Benton County, Arkansas.
child iv. Johanna Juanita PEARCE Photo was born on 4 Feb 1869 in Ft. Smith Arkansas. She died on 15 Mar 1959 in Ft. Worth , Tarrant County, Texas.
child v. Fred Anderson PEARCE(29) Photo was born in 1872 in Ft. Smith Arkansas. He graduated in 1897 in West Point Military Academy. He died on 6 Jun 1899 in Manila, Phillipine Islands. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va Section East, site 332. Fred was a cadet at West Point from June 21, 1893 to June 11, 1897 and was promoted to Add. Second Lt. of the Infantry , 16th Infantry, June 11, 1897. He served with the

regiment at Fort Monroe, Virginia. April to June 1898 at the Presidio, San Francisco, California to July 20, 1898. Whe he sailed with his battery for Manila, arriving thre August 22, 1898. He served in the Phillpines against Phillipino insurgents until he died June 6, 1899 by

his own hand, at Manila , Phillipine Islands.
child7 vi. Kathleen "Pansy" PEARCE.