Ickles Tyre Mill


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Ickles Tyre Mill


This website has been inspired by a collection of photographs that were loaned to me by ex Ickles Tyre Mill employee, Ron Staveley. The photo's were originally taken by Lol Gray, who was also an employee in the Tyre Mill.

Lol has kindly given me permission to reproduce his work, and in doing so I hope to create an interesting and nostalgic experience for all visitors to this site. All photo's are courtesy of Lol Gray unless otherwise credited.


This site is a work in progress, so content is a little sparse at the moment.

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Below is a plan of the Ickles area showing the Tyre Mill and surrounding departments at The Ickles, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

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A finished Railway Tyre

(Author unknown)



Ickles Tyre Mill was originally part of the massive Steel, Peech, and  Tozer, Steelworks complex.


It was situated between the river Don and Sheffield Road, in the district known as

The Ickles, Rotherham, Yorkshire


The mill produced railway tyres, rings, and other ring rolled products.





A view from a different angle.


Taken on 22nd June 1949, this aerial photograph of the Ickles area shows the Tyre Mill and Press Shop, 3 and 4 Shops, Bandsaws, Heat Treatment shop, and Spring Shop.




Picture courtesy of

Britain from Above


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