The Bailey Origins

The Hailey School

This page and pages connected from here are devoted to family history and pictures related to our descendancy from the marriage of William Henry Bailey and Caroline (Carrie) Amelia Redsull, m.Tuscarora, Nevada, September 16, 1880. Some history and images of ancestors from earlier generations can be found in other locations on this site through the index. Much more of that earlier ancestry will be added in time.

There are two important symbols to present day Bailey descendants. The first is the Sherman Howe Mine near McCall, Idaho, which has been an annual gathering place for Baileys for many years. Dennis marked his 50th year visiting that place, July, 2001. Much more about the mine may find a place on this site eventually.

The second symbol is the Hailey school. The reason it is characterized here as a symbol is because Daniel Cline, grandson of Theresa Elizabeth Bailey, attended first grade there, and because the school connected members of the infant community of Hailey when it was built in 1886-87. It was also the school for the Bailey children, including Daniel's grand mother Theresa, and at least one grand daughter of Thomas Tims Redsull and Amelia Spence Redsull. The image at the top of this page is also a link to more pictures of the school, some recollections about it, and some published history.

Margaret Atherton Bonney, an independent historian, has been documenting the family history for decades, from our ancestors whose lives provided foundation for works like Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870 , to the proliferation of present day surnames branching from Hailey, Idaho. She has written an extensive history of the Bailey family which includes the ancestry of William Henry as far as it can be documented. At some point, some of the profiles of individuals written by Margaret, perhaps accompanied by pictures, may find a place on this site.

Dennis, Margaret, and Daniel appear in the tree below, but no spouses or children are listed for generation three. Eventually, complete trees will be developed so descendants can see their lineage.

William and Carrie Bailey had four children:

     Thomas Frank Bailey, b.Tuscarora, NV 8 Mar 1881, d. Hailey, ID 7 Jun 1944
     Theresa Elizabeth Bailey, b. Broadford, ID 20 Jul 1882, d. Hansen, ID 10 Mar 1957
     Victor William Bailey, b. Broadford, ID 19 Aug 1886, d. Grangeville, ID 3 Sep 1958
     Caroline Amelia Bailey
, b. Hailey, ID 10 Dec 1899, d. St. Jude's Hosp., Orange Co. CA 7 Oct 1973

Tom Bailey never married and left no children.

Theresa Elizabeth Baily
Charles Clay Cline
Caroline Maude Cline
(1) Robert Shankell
(2) Arthur Marietta
(3) Harold Lovin
No children
Willian Henry Cline
Mary Elizabeth Kopp
James Reece Cline
Dorothy Bailey Cline
Marvin Custer
Gary Lee Custer
Colleen Deanne Custer
Neal Brian Custer
Carole Sue Custer
Charles Thomas Cline
Dorothy Frances Hoven
Daniel Hoven Cline
Nancy Ellen Cline

Victor William Bailey
Flora Catherine Hosford
Flora Elizabeth Bailey 1914-1915
Catherine Louise Bailey
(1) Arthur Philip Skelton
(2) Ben E. Cummings
Dennis Arthur Skelton
Darene Catherine Skelton
Ben E. Cummings Jr.
Victor William Bailey Jr. 1918-1921
George Hosford Bailey
Helen Witherow
Diane Frances Bailey
Jeffery Lynn Bailey
Michael George Bailey
Carol Ann Bailey
Charlotte Helene Bailey
Michael Daniel Stone
Janes Michael Stone
Theresa Helene Stone
Gregory Daniel Stone
Thomas Frank Bailey
Dale Arlene Ulberg
Victor Thomas Bailey
Barbara Jean Bailey
Nora Anne Bailey
William Henry Bailey
Diane Louise Jenny
John William Bailey
Kristine Diane Bailey
Patricia Suzanne Bailey
Catherine Marie Bailey
Caroline Ann Bailey  

Caroline Amelia Bailey
Ralph Beaumont Atherton
Richard Bailey Atherton
June Louella Williams
Ralph Bruce Atherton
Richard Bailey Atherton Jr.
Margaret Jane Atherton
William Wallace Bonney

William Wallace Bonney Jr.
Geoffrey Atherton Bonney
Thomas Carr Bonney