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Family History

The oldest surnames include, but are not limited to:

Spence, McKenzie, Sutherland, Inkster, Taylor, Kennedy, McKay, Flett, Redsull, McEwin, Pinkham, Tregaskis, Youman, Cline, Reed, Hewitt, Carless, Bailey, Atherton, Bonney, Skelton, Hosford, Custer.

These names have traceable origins to England, Scotland, Ireland, and the blood of Native groups of present day Canada, particularly, Northern Cree and Plains Cree Indians, who were the Country Wives of our Scottish ancestors. Native blood of the Oregon Territory also entered the stream from the marriage of Thomas Tims Redsull to a local native woman at Fort Vancouver (she and their two children drowned on the Columbia in a canoe attempting to reach Stella Maris Mission).

There is a lot of site design to be done, and my time is limited, so mostly I have just put up pictures for the time being at the links below and some Hudson's Bay Company history of our ancestors narrowly (and only) pertaining to the pictures from the Oregon Historical Society retrieved by my daughter.

We have most of the pictures from the OHS set in the family. The second set is from Donna Ertler, so all of those are in the family. Among the many treasures is the painting of Sarah (Sally) Sutherland, which Arabella carried 2,000 miles from Red River Settlement to Fort Vancouver in 1841. Sally died in Quebec on 6 July, 1829, so you can guess how old the painting is.

Some of these pages are not cross linked, so it would be a good idea to come back here. All pictures are thumbnails to larger images. There is now a page (and several linked from it) devoted to the Baileys and Hailey, Idaho. Eventually, separate genealogy pages with a ton of old pictures will be established for Cline, Bonney and Skelton.

This is the link to pictures from the Oregon Historical Society.

This is a link to pictures from Donna Ertler, Portland, Or. (thanks, Donna).

Some Hewitt Pictures

The Bailey Connection (new for descendants of William and Carrie Bailey)