Redsull-Spence Pictures

Pictures from Oregon
Historical Society

The captions are taken from the information provided for
each photo by the OHS. The information is most likely accurate
with a few exceptions. See some historical notes by clicking to another page.
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Arabella McKenzie Spence Taylor (1821-1894). First husband was John Clarke Spence; 2nd was James Taylor. Photo, Frank G. Abell
Amelia Spence Redsull, Wife of Thomas Tims Redsull, daughter of John Clarke Spence & Arabella M. Spence. Nevada 00/00/1879
James Sutherland Spence, son of John & Arabella McKenzie Spence. Born 1833
Thomas Tims Redsull, husband of Amelia Spence Redsull. Nevada 00/00/1879
Thomas Tims Redsull, husband of Amelia Spence Redsull, wearing a Masonic (?) neckpiece. 00/00/1879

Thomas Tims Redsull holds baby Asa Goddard. Spokane, WA. 00/00/1912

Tintype of Amelia Spence Redsull (1836-1905) w/Carrie & Emma
Belle Redsull. Photo by F. H. Burgess. Augusta, ME.
Sarah Redsull
James Sutherland Spence Redsull, son of T. T. Redsull, w/his wife Margaret & son Charles. 00/00/1896
"McEwan Boys", sons of Jesse Spence McEwan, Grandsons of Arabella McKenzie Spence Taylor
Jus L. Spence's children. 12/03/1916, Salem