My heartfelt thanks go to Karen Reib and Hans Vindahl Pedersen who through their kind generosity searched the Danish Archives for all the information on my Danish born ancestors contained on these pages.  Without their help I would not have known how to begin a search in Denmark for my ancestors.  By their invitation my wife and I visited Bornholm and I was able to walk the streets and see the sights that my ancestors experienced in their daily lives.  It was also with their help that I was able to find my ancestors on the island of Zealand and visit the area's where those ancestors attended church, married and baptized their children.  It was a once in a lifetime trip and perhaps best part of the whole trip we all became good friends.
Hannershus Castle

Upon arrival on Bornholm we took an overall tour of the island that included the Hammershus castle ruins on the north side, the rock quarry, a monument to the rock cutters and the towns of Aarsdale, Nexø, and Rønne.


We visited the Living Agricultural Museum. We enjoyed being able to go through one of the typical 1600’s farmhouses that up until now we had only seen from the outside. I was not disappointed as the way of life, the home decorations and even the furniture were very different from our American historical homes. There were costumed characters demonstrating many of the old ways.


Rønne where we stayed is the largest town on Bornholm it is located on the opposite side of the island from Aarsdale in Ibsker parish where my grandmother was born and raised.  It is only about 20 miles distance between the two towns and the countryside between the two and in fact all over the island is spectacular.


ANINE REGINA HANSEN my grandmother, was born in Aarsdale and this is where we spent the most time. We walked through the town, took pictures and walked around the block where the family compound still stands. The home where she lived sits on a small hill that overlooks the harbor and nearby is the mill where her father sometimes worked.
Aarsdale Mill
Aarsdale Harbor



    The Descendants of JENS CHRISTIANSEN

    The Descendants of CASTEN FICH

    The Descendants of HANS [Last Name Unknown]

    The Descendants of OLE JENSEN

    The Descendants of CHRISTIAN JENS JYDE

    The Descendants of OLLE KNUDSEN

    The Descendants of SØREN MONSEN

    The Descendants of MOGENS MUNCH

    The Descendants of HANS NIELSEN [this is Anine Regina Hansen's main line with pictures]

    Some pictures of the descendants of Anine Regina Hansen are placed under her husbands file "The Desc. of Povel Pedersen"

    The Descendants of JENS PEDERSEN

    The Descendants of JENS RYTTER

    The Descendants of TORBEN [Last name unknown]

    The Descendants of ANDERS TYGESEN

    The Descendants of PER WILLUMSEN