2.  REBECCA ALLEN (MALCOM1) was born May 29, 1740 in Botetourt Co., VA, and died Abt. 1830 in Lexington, KY.  She married CALEB WORLEY February 05, 1753 in Botetourt Co., VA.  He was born 1725 in Lancaster, PA, and died Abt. 1790 in Lexington, KY.


 Notes for CALEB WORLEY:

11 April 1782: Inhabitants of both sides of James River petition that road be cleared from upper end of Caleb Worley's plantation to the wagon road by Hugh Allen's. That it be cleared by former overseer and kept in repair, and that the ford be opened at the usual place of crossing.

Source: Botetourt Co, Summers' Annals of SW VA, pg.[ ?] 

Marriage 1 Patience THOMPSON b: ABT. 1732 in Lancaster, PA

Marriage 2 Rebecca ALLEN b: 29 MAY 1740 in Botetourt Co., VA

Married: 5 FEB 1753 in Botetourt Co., VA

 Children of REBECCA ALLEN and CALEB WORLEY are:

                   i.    MARY WORLEY, b. May 25, 1759 m. MOSES WEBB.

                  ii.    DAVID M. WORLEY, b. December 15, 1760, Sudsbury, Lancaster Co, PA; d. Probably Mercer Co, KY; m. HANNAH MCCLURE; b. 1764.

                 iii.    MALCOLM WORLEY, b. June 19, 1762; m. MIRIAM MONFORT.

                 iv.    CALEB III WORLEY, b. June 24, 1764.

                  v.    SARAH ANN WORLEY, b. November 13, 1766 M. WILLIAM DAVIS

                 vi.    WILLIAM WORLEY, b. January 30, 1769 m. ANNY

                vii.    MOSES WORLEY, b. January 19, 1771.

               viii.    NATHAN WORLEY, b. January 07, 1773; m. RACHEL GREER.

                 ix.    REBECCA WORLEY, b. May 11, 1776 m. JOHN COOPER

                  x.    MARTHA WORLEY, b. June 19, 1778.

                 xi.    JOSHUA WORLEY, b. April 15, 1780 m. KITTY CALDWELL

                xii.    RACHEL WORLEY, b. March 21, 1782.

               xiii.    POLLY(MARY) WORLEY, b. January 05, 1784.


3.  MARY ALLEN (MALCOM1) was born November 10, 1741.  She married JOHN MCCLURE2 Abt. 1755 in Augusta Co., VA.  He was born 1725 in Raphoe Parish, County Donegal, Ireland, and died Bet. 1777 - 1778 in Botetourt Co., VA.


Notes for MARY ALLEN:

Malcolm Allen's will names daughter Mary. Mary, daughter of Malcolm Allen, married John McClure.

Sources: Bk. A, pg. 311-312 Virkus' Compendium of American Genealogy, 5:295.



Rockbridge/Boteourt Co., Biography, bef. 1778:

bef 1778: John McClure (1725 Rockbridge Co-1778 Botetourt Co) married (2) Mary Allen, daughter of Malcolm Allen.

Source:Virkus' Compendium of American Genealogy, 5:295.

12 March 1778: Malcolm and Hannah McClure choose Malcolm Allen their guardian.

Source: Botetourt Co, Court Order Bk., Botetourt Co. History Before 1800, pg. 42.


Marriage  Mary ALLEN b: 10 NOV 1741

 John McClure married (2) Mary Allen, daughter of Malcolm. [Note: this is consistent with Botetourt Co. Records before 1800, pg 42: Malcolm and Hannah McClure chose Malcolm Allen their guardian, 12 March 1778].

Source: Virkus’ Compendium of American Genealogy Page: Vol. 5, pg. 295


Children of MARY ALLEN and JOHN MCCLURE are:

                   i.    MALCOLM MCCLURE, b. 1762.



12 March 1778: Botetourt Co,  Court Order Bk. [Botetourt Co. History Before 1800, pg. 42]:

Malcolm and Hannah McClure choose Malcolm Allen their guardian.

Sources: Botetourt Co. History Before 1800, J. William and Rebecca Austin, III; Publication: Botetourt Co. American Bicentennial Commission, abt 1982, Page: pg 42


                 ii.    HANNAH MCCLURE, b. 1764; m. DAVID M. WORLEY; b. December 15, 1760, Sudsbury, Lancaster Co, PA; d. Probably Mercer Co, KY.



Hannah McClure and David Worley, children of sisters Mary Allen McClure and Rebecca Allen Worley, married abt. 1784.

Source: BOTETOURT CO., Biography, 1784.


12 March 1778: Malcolm and Hannah McClure choose Malcolm Allen their guardian.

Sources: Botetourt Co, Court Order Bk. Botetourt Co; History Before 1800, pg. 42.


i.     AGNES MCCLURE, b. 1758.

ii.   JOHN C. MCCLURE, b. 1760.


Notes for JOHN McCLURE:

      Probably the John McClure that was an appraiser for the estate of Hugh Allen.


                  v.    JANE T. MCCLURE, b. 1760.

                 vi.    REBEKAH MCCLURE, b. 1768.

                vii.    HALBERT C. MCCLURE, b. 1770.

               viii.    MOSES MCCLURE, b. 1772.

                 ix.    NATHANIEL MCCLURE, b. 1774, Botetourt County, VA; d. January 18, 1848, Boone Co., KY; m. MARY JANE PORTER; b. September 17, 1773, Rockbridge Co., VA.


4.  CAPT. HUGH ALLEN (MALCOM1) was born September 04, 1745 in Prince Edward Co, VA. and died Bet. April 13 - June, 1816 in Botetourt Co., VA.  He married ANNA, abt. 1765.

 Notes for CAPT. HUGH ALLEN:

 Hugh Allen born 4 Sept. 1745, Prince Edward Co, VA.

Source: Allen Family Bible, VaStLib.



 Notes for ANNA*:

               She married (2) WILLIAM CROSS April 19, 1820.  Married 1820 BOTETOURT CO., VA.

19 April 1820 :William Cross & Ann Allen, widow of Hugh Allen.

Source: Worrell's Early Marriages, Wills etc.

*I have yet to find the names of Anna’s parents, some researchers site her name as Hunter but offer no proof or sources for the name. I found one researcher who said her father was Daniel Hunter again with no sources listed.


Children of HUGH ALLEN and ANNA are:

                  i.    REBECCA ALLEN

       7.       ii.    MALCOLM ALLEN, b. Aft. 1765

                iii.    THOMAS ALLEN, b. Aft. 1767, Augusta Co. or Botetourt Co., VA.

                 iv.    WILLIAM ALLEN, b. Aft. 1769.

       8.        v.    JOHN ALLEN, b. Abt. 1771

                 vi.    JAMES ALLEN, b. Aft. 1773.

                vii.    BETSY ALLEN, b. Bef. 1775; m. JOSEPH MILLER, February 17, 1796.

               viii.    PATSY ALLEN, b. Bet. 1775 - 1795; m. PILE.

                 ix.    MATILDA ALLEN, b. Aft. 1777.

                  x.    MOSES ALLEN, b. Aft. 1777.

                 xi.    POLLY ALLEN, b. Aft. 1779.-

    xii.    JANE ALLEN, b. Abt. 1781; m. WILLIAM COMTON, October 21, 1811.


Notes for JANE ALLEN:

Marriage: 21 Oct. 1811: William Compton & Jane Allen, daughter of Hugh Allen.

Sources: Botetourt Co. Ministers' Returns, VaStLib, microfilm 139; William Compton & Jane Allen, by John Helms; Worrell's Early Marriages, Wills.


             9.  xiii.    ROBERT ALLEN, b. Aft. 1781.

           10.  xiv.    ANNE ALLEN, b. Abt. 1782


5.  MOSES ALLEN (MALCOM1) was born October 09, 1750, and died 1812 in in Botetourt Co., VA.  He married LYDIA.  She died 1833 in Botetourt Co., VA.

                Notes for MOSES ALLEN:

                Born either BOTETOURT or PRINCE EDWARD CO.

                 9 Oct. 1750: Moses Allen and Elizabeth Allen.

                Source: Allen Family Bible. VaStLib.                

                11 Aug. 1786 Moses Allen appointed constable succeeding John Allen.

                Source: Summers' Annals of SW VA, 1:414.

               10 April 1805: Botetourt Co., Marriage

               William Byrd and Rebecca Allen; consent: Moses Allen, father.

                Bond: Andrew Hamilton; witnesses: Andrew Hamilton, Edward Compton.

               1810: Botetourt Co., Census 1810 pg. 602

              Moses Allen: males: 26-45 yrs., 1; 45+ yrs., 1; females: 16-26 yrs., 2; 45+ yrs., 1; slaves 9.

              Source: Hampton Lib., microfilm 66.


              29 June 1809/pro.11 March 1812: Botetourt Co.,

             Sources: Will Bk. B, pg. 283 [VaStLib]

            Botetourt Co. Wills; Page: Bk. A, pg. 311-312            


            Burial: Bef. March 11, 1812, Allen Cemetery on Allen-King-Carter Farm, Oriskany area. Oriskany,      Botetourt Co.          

            Source: Botetourt Co. History Bef. 1900; Cemetery Records, pg 51-52, #2265-2268.


            Notes for LYDIA:

            Burial: Allen Cemetery, Oriskany, Botetourt Co.


Children of MOSES ALLEN and LYDIA are:

        i.      JOHN ALLEN, b. Bet. 1775 - 1776, Botetourt Co., VA; m. PLACENTIA VANMETER, July 14, 1835, Botetourt Co., VA; b. Abt. November 1775, Botetourt Co., VA; d. September 20, 1855, Botetourt Co., VA.

                  ii.    MALCOLM ALLEN, b. Abt. 1780; d. Bef. July 1836, Botetourt Co., VA; m. ALICE VANCE, February 14, 1801, Bath Co., VA.

                iii.    MARY ALLEN, b. Bef. 1786; d. Aft. June 29, 1809; m. JOHN BIGGS, February 26, 1807, Bath Co., VA; b. Bef. 1786; d. February 26, 1807.

                 iv.    JANE ALLEN, b. Bef. 1790; d. Aft. 1840; m. ROBERT WALKER, January 08, 1811, Botetourt Co., VA.

                  v.    REBECCA ALLEN  (MOSES2, MALCOM1) was born November 24, 1786, and died January 18, 1851 in probably Pocahontas Co., VA.  She married WILLIAM WALLACE BYRD.  He was born October 03, 1779, and died December 23, 1868.

                      Notes for REBECCA ALLEN:

                      William Byrd, wife Rebecca Byrd, decd.  Botetourt Co. Wills, Moses Allen, "daughter Rebecca Byrd," 

                     Byrd Family Bible: "Rebecca Allen, the companion of William Byrd."

                      Death date: 18 Jan. 1851. Place of death: probably Pocahontas Co.

                      [Based on residence in Pocahontas Co. at 1850 Census].

                      Sources: Worrell's Early Marriage;  Wills, Bath Co. Deaths Page: VaStLib, reel 3, pg. 106, # 1


6.  JOHN ALLEN (MALCOM1) was born August 17, 1759, and died May 30, 1828 buried in Allen Cemetery, Oriskany, Botetourt Co.  He married REBECCA POAGUE April 22, 1785 in Rockbridge Co., VA.  She was born June 24, 1764, and died October 16, 1825.


                    Notes for JOHN ALLEN:

                      Marriage Rockbridge Co: 22 April 1785 John Allen and Rebecca Poague, dau of John.

                     John AllenSource: Botetourt Co. History Before 1900


                   Children of JOHN ALLEN and REBECCA POAGUE are:

                   i.    POLLY ALLEN, b. April 12, 1786; m. ALLEN CALDWELL, September 20, 1804, Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia.

                  ii.    PATSY ALLEN, b. June 10, 1787; d. April 18, 1833; m. UNKNOWN, September 01, 1808.

                iii.    SALLY ALLEN, b. January 10, 1789; d. March 13, 1827; m. PATRICK SHARKEY*, July 27, 1809.


*Ancestral File also listed John F. Caldwell as m. Sally on this date


11.            iv.    JAMES S. ALLEN, b. December 29, 1790; d. March 20, 1858.

                 v.    BETSY ALLEN, b. May 06, 1793; d. September 08, 1798.

                vi.    HARRIET ALLEN, b. February 22, 1795; d. April 02, 1865; m. MAJOR JOSEPH HANNAH, December 03, 1812.

               vii.    JOHN F. ALLEN, b. August 19, 1797; d. December 23, 1863.

              viii.    JEFFERSON ALLEN, b. April 12, 1801; d. December 10, 1803.

                ix.    REBEKAH ALLEN, b. March 26, 1806; d. August 03, 1872.

                 x.    MADISON ALLEN, b. November 14, 1808; d. June 13, 1872; m. MARIA BANE, March 06, 1828.








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