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Nov. 3, 2006
Hello Linda,
My name is Barbara Gee, the widow of Robert Gee who wrote the comprehensive article in the NYG & B on the Gee Family of Westchester County (April 1982, etc.). Was helping to teach a computer class today and googled Bob's name as an example. Your website came up and forgive me if I sound peckish, but I was stunned to see a lot of his article reproduced almost word for word there and sounding as if it was your research - do know there was at least one reference to his article. Guess I have a problem with your copyright of material that is already copyrighted by a professional organization.  But on to the most jawdropping thing! Bob spent years and years on his Gee line and was still actively trying to link up to the immigrant John Gee who we assumed came from England in the mid-1600's. His research showed that there were at least 250 potential candidates for this John. We spent a few days in Manchester, England near Gee Cross where the family might have originated, but were never able to make the connection. His primary focus was on families that included a Joseph, since he named his first son Joseph. Know that research tools have become much more user friendly and more information has become available in the last ten years so you may have found something he missed. I would dearly LOVE to know where you found the information on Thomas Gee as the father of "our John". Don't mean to sound maudlin, but in his last few days, Bob promised to somehow let me know who John Gee was - a book falling off the library shelf, a dream of where to check for records - crazy things like that. Maybe you're that book! Hope so!
Anyway, would be very interested in the source of the Thomas information. Good luck with all your research - it's a fun hobby.
Barbara Gee 
Nov. 5, 2006
"Much of the following information was found in "The Gee Family of Westchester and Dutchess Counties, NY. by Robert E. Gee., The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 113 (April 1982) pp. 65-72; (July 1982) pp. 133-139; (October 1982) pp. 213 - 219; vol. 114 (January 1983) pp. 19-22. As more resources have become available since this publication in 1983, other researchers may have cleared up some of the assumptions. Mr. Gee was actively working on tracing the immigrant John Gee's connection to England, but was never able to confirm the identity of John's parents from among the many candidates." 
Source: Barbara Gee

I've been wondering about the THOMAS GEE/ KATHERINE CONSTABLE connection

to our 1635 JOHN GEE and asked LeAnn Weller if she had any data to support that possibility. She wrote "Mom [Edna Weller] & I hired a researcher with the Genealogical Division of the Hull Public Library. He was able to confirm the child's birth, & the marriage in the original records. However, he could not find anything as to whether the child lived or died. He also searched other documents and found indications that Thomas Gee's heir was not John Gee. This info made him suspicious that the John Gee child died.

However, there is no "proof" that the 2 John Gees are or are not the same individual. At this point I would not consider Thomas our John Gee's parent." I'm wondering if it's an error that's been perpetuated since it got into the LDS records?

Nancy Reddy






1.  UNKNOWN GEE.  He married UNKNOWN
2. i. JOHN GEE, b. Abt. 1635


2.  JOHN GEE was born Abt. 1635 in England, and had died by 1702 in Eastchester, Westchester, New York.  He married MARY.  She died Aft. May 31, 1703 in Eastchester , Westchester, New York.
Notes for JOHN GEE:
Christening: September 03, 1635, St. John's Beverly, Yorkshire, England
He would have immigrated before 1665.
Our immigrant ancestors John and Mary Gee were from England; the date they came to the colonies is unknown, but it was probably some time before 16[76]. 

1665: John Gee first appeared as a landowner in Eastchester, Westchester County, NY in 1665.  He was among those residents of Hutchinson's Book who signed the Twenty Seven Articles of Agreement written in 1665. 

1695: John served in the army on the frontier at Albany in the Eastchester Company of Major Schoiler (Schuyler?), on the frontier at Albany, and was discharged on 1or 9 May 1695.   

1698: On 31 January 1698, John Gee signed the Oath to the King at Eastchester.  His name appears on 13 historical documents.
" . . . no direct evidence of the date and place of his birth has been discovered.  He died in Eastchester in 1702, the exact date unknown; his grave or burial record has not been found.  On 29 May 1703 in a recorded agreement between Joseph Gee of Eastchester, son of John, John is described as "deceased" and his wife, Mary, as "widow of John Gee, deceased" 

Source: Westchester County Miscellanea, Liber C, P. 300, WCM
John Gee's wife Mary Gee had a transaction recorded in the Land Records of Westchester Co., concerning a mortgage held by John Gee:
"On November 25, 1699, by order of Francis Doughty and Thomas Farrington, both living in Flushing, Queens County upon the Island of Nassau, did receive full satisfaction of the mortgage by Joseph Gee, eldest son of John Gee. Received by Thomas Baytes and Roger Barton on June 4, 1702."

(ibid., p. 301)
On 2 March 1681 John Gee (along with Robert Bloomer, Hecaleah Brown and Thomas Merit) signed the following statement: ". . . does assign our right, title and trust of the within written bill of sale to the proprietors of Peningo Neck receiving our equal portions with the other proprietors above said" (Charles W. Baird, History of Rye, Westchester County, NY, 1660-1870 (1871) p. 57.  A home lot was granted to John Gee in Eastchester 22 May 1682 (ETR, p. 42).  On 7 September 1685 at an Eastchester town meeting, John and his wife, Mary, sold one acre of their land "on fresh meadow" to Henry Fowler on 8 May 1688 (ibid., p. 93).  On 5 September 1692, John Gee of Eastchester mortgaged three acres of his "home lot" to Bridget Palmer, widow of John Palmer
Source: Westchester Co., Land Records), Liber B, p. 133.

John Gee served in the army on the "frontier at Albany" in the Eastchester co. of "Major Schoyler" for which he received a discharge certificate on 1 May 1695.
On 13 August 1695, John sold his land in Rye.
Sources:  Westchester Land Records, Liber B, p. 231; Rec. 54"395, 398.
Westchester Land Records as reproduced in Rec 57:83.
In the Town Minutes of 1696:  The names of the men who did not work on the highway and bridges on May 27, 1698 include . . . John Gee, Joseph Gee."
John Gee signed the Oath to the King at Eastchester of 31 January 1698 (WCLR Rec 59:67).  That same year, the family of John Gee was listed in the "Census of Inhabitants of the Town of Eastchester, NY in 1698"
Source: NY Col. MSS Vol. XLII, p. 57 as found in Rec. 38:135.  
On 1 May 1700, John Gee was a witness to a land transaction in Westchester County in which Samuel and Elizabeth Huestis sold land to John Huetis (Trustee's Book, Westchester County, p. 148).  John and his wife, Mary, sold more land in Eastchester to Isaac Treheel on 26 June 1701 .
Sources:  Westchester Land Records, Liber C, p. 95.

The Gee Family Genealogical Society Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Index card call # A9B4  pp. 4-7.
The Gee Family of Westchester and Dutchess Counties NY. by Robert E. Gee p. 66.
Children of JOHN GEE and MARY are:
                     3.   i. JOSEPH GEE, b. 1676
                          ii. MOSES GEE, b. Abt. 1679, Eastchester, Westchester, New York; d. Bet. 1701 - 1702, Eastchester, Westchester, New York.
                         iii. JAMES GEE, b. Abt. 1681.


3.  JOSEPH GEE (JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1676 in Eastchester, Westchester,  New York, and died Bef. October 02, 1716 in Eastchester, Westchester, New York.  He married (1) SARAH LANCASTER Abt. 1699.  She was born Abt. 1680, and died February 08, 1700/01 in Eastchester, Westchester, New York.  He married (2) ABIGAIL HUNT 1702, daughter of THOMAS HUNT and ELIZABETH JESSUP.  She was born Abt. 1676 in West Farms, Westchester, New York, and died 1716 in Eastchester, Westchester, New York.
Notes for JOSEPH GEE:
"He was not yet 21 years old in the 1698 Census of Eastchester and was living with his father; he also was apparently too young to take the Oath to the King in 1698.  He was alive in November 1699 when Joseph was called the "eldest son of John", Moses was not in the 1710 census of Westchester Co.  He probably did not marry, and died in Eastchester at the age of 22 or 23 in 1701/2."
Source: The Gee Family of Westchester and Dutchess Counties NY by Robert E. Gee p. 67.
". . . the 1710 Census lists Joseph Gee, Eastchester, aged 34 years (NY Col. MSS, Vol. LIV, p. 77).  Joseph signed his will 14 March 1715 in Eastchester; proved 2 October 1716".
"Joseph was 19 years of age when he served in the army along with his father on the frontier at Albany under Col. Richard Englesby.  He was discharged 1 May 1695.
As a married man he purchased land known as "Little Ease", in Eastchester from Thomas Vaile on 10 Feb, 1697/8; he appeared with wife, Sarah, in the 1698 Census of Eastchester. 
In the Eastchester Town Minutes of 1698/9, the Town granted a parcel of land to Joseph Gee. 
A land transaction 29 May 1703, involving Joseph Gee, a stone mason from Eastchester, and his wife Abigail, mentioned land in Eastchester left to him by his father, John Gee."  (ibid). p. 67
2 Feb. 1705/6: Joseph bought land in Eastchester in 1705, and recorded in the Eastchester Town Minutes of 1705/6.



"In the name of God, Amen.  March 14, 1715.  I, Joseph Gee, of Westchester, Westchester County, mason, being sick.  I leave to my wife Abigail, 1/3 of all moveables, and the use of my house and that part of my land that is on the west side of the road that goeth to Mile Square, during her widowhood, if the time of her widowhood shall not exceed the time of my son John's coming of age.  I leave to my son John, my house and barn, and all my land on the west side of the above road, when he is of age.  I leave my son Joseph, all that parcel of land on the east side of the said road, adjoining the land of Isaac Taylor.  Also a 10 pound privilege right.  I leave to my son William, a certain parcel of land, lying adjoining to the land of Henry Fowler, Jr., and the land of Edmond Tompkins.  Also a 10 pound privilege right.  To my son Moses, a certain parcel of salt meadow lying adjoining the meadow of John Drake, sr., and the meadow of John Stanton.  Also a 10 pound privilege right.  To my son John, 15 punds, and a 10 pound privilege right.  I make Noah Barton and Moses Hunt, executors.
Witnesses, Joseph Taylor, Matthew Smith, Hannah Aury, Frederick De Vo
Proved, October 2, 1716

There is a question as to whether Lancaster was Sarah's surname. She died about 1700 during the birth of their first child.
                      4.    i. JOHN GEE, b. 1700.
Children of JOSEPH GEE and ABIGAIL HUNT are:
                     5.    ii. WILLIAM GEE, b. 1704
                     6.   iii. JOSEPH GEE, b. Bet. 1705 - 1706
                     7.   iv. MOSES GEE, b. 1708


4.  JOHN GEE (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1700 in Eastchester,Westchester,New York, and died Bet. 1766 - 1767 in Eastchester,Westchester,New York.  He married Unknown 1722 in Scarsdale, Westchester, New York. 
Notes for JOHN GEE:
John's name disappeared from the Supervisor's Tax List of Southern Dutchess County in 1766 and he is not mentioned again in the records of Dutchess County or surrounding counties.  It is assumed that he died in 1766/7 but no tombstone or burial record has been found.
He was m. in 1722  (wife unknown) and lived in the Manor of Scarsdale, Westchester Co., when he sold land to Richard Forgason in Eastchester on 26 March 1722
Source: Westchester Co., Land Records, Liber F, p. 33.
He appeared in Feb. 1742 with his brother William on the Supervisor's Tax List of Southern Dutchess County.  He was a resident of Fredericksburgh, Dutchess Co., in 1747 where he was "pounder".  John was one of the original 17 tenants living on Lot No. 1 parcel #13 when the original Philips Patent was subdivided into nine lots in 1754.  He later sold part of this land to Isaac Garrison.
Children of JOHN GEE and UNKOWN are:
                    i. JOSEPH GEE, b. Abt. 1725, Eastchester, New York; d. Aft. 1767, Dutchess, New York; m. SARAH BUDD, Bet. 1761 - 1762, Westchester, New York; b. Abt. 1725.
Children of JOSEPH GEE and SARAH BUDD are:
                             i.    Joseph GEE b: ABT 1763
                             ii.   Sarah GEE b: ABT 1765
                             iii.  John GEE b: ABT 1767
Notes for SARAH BUDD:
The Widow Dusenbury
                    ii. FREDERICK GEE, b. Abt. 1730, Eastchester,Westchester, New York; d. Aft. 1786, Canada.
5.  WILLIAM GEE (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1704 in Dutchess, New York, and died 1772 in Platz, Ulster, New York.  He married CATHERINE DE ROSSELLE 1730 in Westchester, New York, daughter of CHARLES DE ROSSELLE and EVIS SHERWOOD.  She was born 1709 in Newton,  Long Island, New York, and died 1775 or 1785 in Plattekill, Ulster, NY.
Notes for WILLIAM GEE:
On 8 September 1724 the Court appointed Isaac Lawrence, Jr. of Eastchester as guardian to orphaned William.
The Eastchester Town Minutes of 1725 record the following; "Att a publick town meeting held by the freeholders of the town on Feb. 15, 1725 . . .did agree by vote that Capt. Joseph Drake and Nathanell Tomkins, Sr. should view and lay out to William Gee a certain division of land which hath been heretofore laid out within the old patent of Eastchester . . ."  He disappeared from the Southern Precinct Supervisor's Tax List in 1768.

William Gee had a close business relationship with Charles DeRosselle.  Both were living in Eastchester when on 24 August 1734 they jointly promised to pay John Bowne for an unknown debt.
"Know all men by these presents that we Charles DeRosell of ye Yonkers & County of Westchester & within his Majestys province of New York, husbandman, & William Gee of Eastchester, County and province above, yeoman, are held and firmly bound unto John Bowne of Flushing in Queens County and province of New York, saddelor, in ye sum of seven pounds four shilling current money of ye province of New York to be paid to ye said John Bowne or to his certain attorney executors or administrators or assignees, for ye which payment well and truly to be made and done we do bind ourselves and each of us by himself and each of out heirs, executors and administrators, and every of them jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals dated ye twenty fourth day of August in ye seventh year of his Majestys reign and in ye year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and thirty four.
The condition of this obligation is such that if ye above bounded Charles DeRosell and William Gee or either of them their or either of their heirs executors or administrators do well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto ye above named John Bowne or to his heirs executors administrators or assigns ye just and full sum of three pounds twelve shillings current lawful money of aforesaid on before ye third day of August now next ensuing ye date hereof and ye without ________ or farther delay then this obligation to be void and of none effect otherways to continue and remain in full force power and virtue in the law.".
                                                                                            His mark  X 
                           Charles DeRosell
                                                                                           William Gee
William and his brother John moved to the southern part of Dutchess County in 1740, settling near Fredericksburgh.  He is first on the Southern Dutchess County Supervisor's Tax List in Feb. 1742 along with his brother John.  His name appears on the tax lit every year from 1742 through 1767.  In 1747, he appears as a Highway Master in the town records of Fredericksburgh.
He originally lived on Lot 4, Section 47 and 48, when the original Philips Patent of Southern Precinct, Dutchess Co., was divided into nine lots in 1754.  Before 1756, he sold Section 47 to Caleb Hanson and Section 48 to Robert Potter before 1768.  His son, William owned Section 49 of Lot 4 and lived there before 1756.
They were in Dutchess County until 1767, when they removed to Plattekill Valley, Ulster County, NY 1767/68.

William  married Catherine DeRosselle or Rossell, dau. Of Charles and Evis (Sherwood) DeRosselle, granddaughter of John and Mary (Johnson) DeRosselle, who came from England and settled in Newtown, Long Island in 1669.  No proof of the existence of a daughter of Charles has been found.  The following provided the likelihood that Catherine did indeed exist.
1.  The grave of Catren Gee was found on the Birdsall Farm in Plattekill, Ulster Co., NY, indicating she died in 1785 at 76 years of age.
2.  In 1771, Wm. was living near his eldest son, Joseph, in Paltz, Ulster Co.  In 1772 he died in Ulster.  No tombstone or death records have been found.
3.  William Gee named one of his children Derosel Gee.
If this unproven hypothesis is correct, William Gee married Catherine DeRossell about 1730 in Westchester County; after William's death, she lived with her children in the Plattekill, Ulster County area until her death in 1785.
                8.     i.    PVT. JOSEPH GEE, b. Bet. 1731 - 1732
                9.    ii.    PVT. CORNELIUS GEE, b. Abt. 1735
              10.    iii.   DEROSEL GEE, b. 1737
              11.    iv.   1ST MAJOR WILLIAM GEE, b. 1740
                        v.  SARAH GEE, [perhaps a daughter] b. Abt. 1742; d. Orange, New York. York.
Notes for SARAH GEE:
Sarah Gee, aka "Sally" was a Revolutionary War patriot and at least six of her brothers were veterans of the war. Several histories relate the incident in which "Aunt Sally" Gee had 1/2 pound of tea, which was forbidden during the Revolutionary War. When Fort Montgomery was set afire announcing a British victory, Sally resolved to have her final cup of tea before abandoning her home. Being determined not to let the tea fall into the hands of the Redcoats she grabbed an old teapot and hastily dumped in all of the tea; the tea turned out so strong she couldn't drink it. The following poem was found among manuscripts at the Putnam County Historical Society, Cold Springs, New York.

Aunt Sally Gee
"Aunt Sally Gee had half a pound of tea
On the day the British stormed Fort Montgomery.
The beacon's fires flare, created such a scare
The women were aware they must at once prepare.
In case I have to flee my house, said Sally Gee,
I will not leave my tea to be drunk by the enemy!'
So in her pewter pot she quickly dumped the lot
 Filled up with water hot and down in the chair she sot.
So bitter was the brew, was nothing she could do
But throw the stinking brew out where the daisies grew.
Good folks should be warned by the tale of Sally Gee,
To measure out the tea and keep from gluttony."

The History of Orange County NY Philadelphia 1881 relates a story of "Aunt Sally" who didn't want the hated redcoats to have her tea.
There is no direct evidence of the existence of any daughters of William Gee.  However, the historical anecdote mentions  "Aunt Sally Gee" living in Orange Co., NY during the Revolutionary War and was within sight of the burning of Fort Montgomery by the British in 1777.  It is supposed that this "Aunt Sally" was an unmarried daughter of William Gee and was living with or near her two brother's Cornelius and John,she, also could have been a daughter-in-law by an unknown son.
               12.    vi.   PVT. JOHN GEE, b. Bet. 1745 - 1746
                       vii.  PVT. NATHANIEL GEE, b. 1747; d. March 04, 1833, Marlborough, Ulster, New York.
            Notes for PVT. NATHANIEL GEE:
            Pvt. in Rev. War
               13.  viii.  PVT. ANDREW GEE, b. Abt. 1750




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