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I have been researching and documenting my Baker family history for the past 12 years. This line follows the ancestors of my grandfather Steward Baker. I have tried to document every direct ancestor of his but I have not documented information on “cousins” etc., for this information I have relied on the research of distant cousins. This site is dedicated to Baker family researchers eveywhere and it's intent is to help the researcher get started on his own line. I have done my best with the time I had to document as much of the information as I could but the researcher should do his or her own documentation.


 My granddaddy said (his great grandfather) Reason was from Virginia and moved from there to Madison county Kentucky. I have yet to find records of him in Virginia but have found tax and marriage records in North Carolina.  His son Edwin [#2] stated on census reports that he (Edwin) was born in “Rollo” North Carolina.  This “Rollo” has not been found but Raleigh has all but been ruled out as the place Edwin was referring to.  I believe the name Rollo was written by the enumerator as he heard probably spoken with a southern drawl and perhaps even a remnant of a German accent that in turn twisted the spelling to be that of a non existing town or area.  Many reseachers thought that he meant Raleigh, N.C. but Reason was married in Rowan County North Carolina and this is the most likely area for Edwin’s birth.


NOTE: Cousin Clark Baker took a DNA test to set a standard for other descendants of Reason; the test will help to show to whom Reason was related. At the time of this writing there has been three matches but unfortunately we have not been able to identify our common ancestors.  See about DNA testing on my HOME page.





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