On a Sunday morning, March 10, 1782, in Randolph County, North Carolina,

Colonel Andrew Balfour

was murdered by the infamous David Fanning and his band of Tories,

at his home, in the presence of his sister, Margaret, and his little daughter, Tibby.

His second wife, Elizabeth Dayton, and his two other children, Margaret and Andrew, Jr.,

were still in Newport, Rhode Island at the time.

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Andrew Balfour, American Patriot  

Descendants of Colonel Andrew Balfour III

Generation I

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1. ANDREW8 BALFOUR III (ANDREW7, JOHN ANDREW6, GEORGE JOHN5, HERSCHEL ANDREW4, BALFOUR3, ANDREW OF STRATHER AND MUQHANNY2, POSS SIR MICHAEL1) was born February 23, 1736/37 in Braidwood, parish of Temple. Midlothian, Scotland, and died March 10, 1782 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married (1) JANET MACKORMICK April 14, 1769 in parish of Temple, Midlothian, Scotland, daughter of JOHN MACKORMICK. He married (2) ELIZABETH TODD DAYTON May 1, 1774 in Newport, Rhode Island, daughter of ISAAC DAYTON and MARY HEATON.


Andrew was born at Braidwood Estate. The area of Braidwood, today, is in the new county of Midlothian which is the same as the old county of Edinburgh. The records of the General Register Office for Scotland list both the birth and the christening of Andrew, both on the 23rd of February, 1737. The abstract number 19563 listed under the parish of Temple is an identical photocopied paper as abstract number 19564 listed under the parish of St. Cuthbert.

from abstract number 19562:

"26th February 1737

Andrew Balfour of Braidwood Forn with Margaret Robertson

Jr. A Son Andrew born 23d Inst: wit: Peter Malcolm Stabler

in Bristo and James Fleming his servant"

from abstract numbers19563 and 19564 (see above):

"Register of Baptisms 1744.

February 23d, 1737

Mr. Andrew Balfour of Braidwood & Margaret

Robertson his spouse had a son called Andrew, baptized"

Andrew sailed from Grenoch, Scotland, May 20, 1772, on the "Snow George" which landed in Boston on the 18th of July.

On Monday, the 8th of March, 1779, men from all parts of the county (Randolph, NC) gathered at the home of Abraham Reece for the first court session of the formation of Randolph county (February 26, 1779). "After the Justices were qualified, they elected Absalom Tatom, Clerk of Court, William Milikan, Register, and William Bell, Sheriff. At the same term Commissions from the Governor appointing officers for the North Carolina Militia were presented to Lieutenant Colonel John Collier and First Major Jacob Sheppard. At the June Term of Court Enoch Davis was appointed First Major and Andrew Balfour Second Major."

SEE: The Old North State in 1776 by Rev. Eli W. Carruthers (1854)

David Fanning's Narrative

Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Volume 1 -

Balfour, Andrew - Fam bur gr, Randolph Co, NC 49

(from Histories of the chapters of the North Carolina Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Organized June 7, 1948. Registered October 20, 1948. The Colonel Andrew Balfour Chapter is located in Asheboro, North Carolina, District 5.) "Andrew Balfour was intimately associated with the early history of Randolph County. He came to the United States from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1772. In 1779, he came to Randolph County and settled in Cedar Grove Township building a small log cabin in which he and his family lived. He was commissioned a Justice of the Peace in 1779, became a Colonel of the Militia and a member of the Legislature in 1780. At his rustic home, on a Sabbath morning, March 10, 1782, in the presence of his little daughter and his sister Margaret, he was brutally murdered by Colonel David Fanning and a band of his Tory raiders. He was buried on the hill beside his home, and his wife, Elizabeth Dayton Balfour, moved to Salisbury and was soon appointed by George Washington as the first Post Mistress of the United States. From ' 75 Years of Service' pg. 91."


Burial: Balfour family cemetery, Randolph County, NC

Christening: February 23, 1736/37, parish of Temple, Midlothian, Scotland


This is the best of my ability to read the old handwriting.

From the General Register Office for Scotland (abstract number19567):

"Register of Proclamations

Proclamations in this Parish

April 9th, 1769

Initiation of a purpose of marriage between

Mr. Andrew Balfour Junior merchant in Edinburgh

and Mistress Janet Mackormick (daughter of the late

Rev. Mr. John Mackormick Minister of the Gospel

at St. Andrews) now residing in this parish was this

day published before these wittnesses

Alexander Tweedie Schoolmaster in this place and

Andrew Begbie Servant to the (?) Doctor Joseph Mackormick

Minister of the Gospel Ditto

April 14, 1769

The above Mr. Andrew Balfour Junior and

Mistress Janet Mackormick were married wittnesses

John Mitchelson of Middleton and Robert Hepburn

of Clerkington Esqrs."

SEE: The Old North State in 1776 by Rev. Eli W. Caruthers (1854)

Possibly, Janet went to live with her brother, at Preston Pans, Scotland, and died there of the fever.


SEE: The Old North State in 1776 by Rev. Eli W. Caruthers (1854)

May 2, 1774 issue of the Newport, Rhode Island Mercury

page 3 of number 817:

"Yesterday was married by the Rev. David Ezra Stiles, Mr. Andrew Balfour of Connecticutt, merchant, and late of the university of Edinburgh to Miss Elizabeth Dayton, daughter of Col. Isacc Dayton, of this town, a lady of amiableness and great merit."

Dr. Ezra Stiles kept a diary; edited by F.B. Dexter and printed in three volumes. (1901)

From Volume 1, page 439:

"May 1, 1774. Lordsday A.M. and VIII1/2 I married Mr. Andrew Balfour of Enfield in Connecticut Merchant, and late of the City and University of Edinburgh, and Miss Elizabeth Dayton of Newport at Col. Daytons House."

The original diary is at Yale University. Dr. Stiles was a pastor of Second Congregational Church in Newport before becoming president of Yale College from1778 to 1795.

DAR #107625 - Mrs. Harriet M. Johnston Tubbs has listed Elizabeth Todd Dayton's birth year as 1754.

November 3, 1746 is another alternate birthdate from someplace.


Alternate birthdate 1: 1754

Alternate birthdate 2: November 03, 1746

Burial: Balfour family cemetery, near Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina


2. i. ISABELLA "TIBBY"9 BALFOUR, b. 1771, Edinburgh, Scotland; d. February 22, 1837, Randolph County, North Carolina.


3. ii. MARGARET ROBERTSON9 BALFOUR, b. 1775, Newport, Rhode Island; d. 1820, Randolph County, North Carolina.

4. iii. ANDREW BALFOUR IV, b. October 22, 1776, Newport, Rhode Island; d. December 31, 1825, Randolph County, North Carolina.

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