Welcome to The Kelley's!

After spending 25 years doing research on my Kelley ancestors in Baltimore County, Maryland, I decided it was more than time to find a home for the wealth of information I have accumulated over all these years. This site is my attempt to have a permanent repository for all that data.

When I began this process all those years ago, it seemed that I was the only person interested in James Kelley born about 1710 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

John Gorsuch Kelley

John Gorsuch KelleyThis was the photograph of my great great grandfather that inspired my curiosity to learn about my ancestors. My grandmother, Sophie Jeanette Mays Kelley had handwritten a family genealogy back to John Gorsuch Kelley. John was born in 1824 to Thomas Kelley and Catherine Fryfogle. He married Mary Jane Mallonee. John lived in the Chestnut Ridge area of Baltimore County, just north of the Greenspring Valley.

James Kelley 1st Generation

James Kelley was born about 1710 in Baltimore County, Maryland. There has been no definitive proof of his parentage, but several researchers have proposed them as being James Kelley Sr. and his wife, Mary.

James Kelley married Prudence Logsdon on 2 Sep 1735 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland. (1) They had eleven children as follows: Mary married John Banks, Patience or Prudence Kelley married Mr. Reeves, Nathan Kelley, Honor Kelley married Benjamin Jones, James Kelley Jr., John Kelley married MIss Greenbrier, Eleanor married James Murphy, Charles Kelley married Jemima Crownover, Susanna Kelley, Ann Kelley, and Thomas Deye Kelley married Charity Gorsuch.

I am a direct descendant of James Kelley through his son, Thomas Deye Kelley.