John Coumans Descendants: Anne Coumans b. ca. 1836

Anne Coumans of Ontario
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Anne Coumans [3]
     Born:          ca. 1836 in New Brunswick [3]
     Married:     unknown
     Spouse:       John Fleming (b. ca. 1831 in Ireland) [3]
     Died:           unknown
     Parents:      John Coumans Sr. & Jane Sargeant
     Children:     A. Coumans & J. Fleming had 3 children:


.............1. William Fleming
                     born ca. 1855 in Upper Canada [read: Ontario]  [3]
                     died unknown

.............1. Elizabeth Fleming
                     born ca. 1857 in Upper Canada [read: Ontario]  [3]
                     died unknown

.............1. Mary Fleming
                     born ca. 1859 in Upper Canada [read: Ontario]  [3]
                     died unknown

Alternate Surname Spellings for Coumans: Cummins, Cummin, Comyn, Comyns, Commons, Commans, Commens, Comman, Commen, Common, Coumman, Coummen, Cumin, Cumins, Coumyn, Kimmann, Kommen, Kohman etc . .

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