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Simon Coumans of New Brunswick
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Simon Coumans  [6]
     Born:          1828 in New Brunswick, CAN [6]
     Married:     1856 in Guelph, Ontario
     Spouse:       Mary O'Farrell (b. ca. 1834 in Ireland)
     Died:           1910 in Bay City, MI [6]
     Parents:      John Coumans Sr. & Jane Sargeant
     Children:     S. Coumans & M. O'Farrell had 7 children


.............1. John Coumans
                     born Aug 24, 1857
                     died unknown

.............2. Lewis Philip Coumans [8]
                     born Jan 20, 1859 in Chepstow, Bruce Co., ONT [8]
                     died  Apr 20, 1918 in Bay City, MI [8]

.............3. Richard Coumans
                     born unknown
                     died unknown

.............4. Jane Coumans
                     born unknown
                     died unknown

.............5. Margaret Coumans
                     born Feb 18, 1863
                     died 1907

.............6. Mary Coumans
                     born Apr 05, 1864
                     died unknown

.............7. Thomas Coumans  [8]
                     born Sept 23, 1867
                     died unknown



Simon was born in New Brunswick, and moved to Flint MI, then back to Bruce (aka Perth or Huron) County, Ontario. He eventually returned to the United States, and settled in Bay City, MI. Somewhere along the line he met Mary Ann O’Farrell, likely in Detroit after she’d immigrated from Ireland and was working in a maid at the foot of Woodward Avenue.
In 1856 Mary and Simon were married in Chepstow, Ontario, where Simon’s family lived. In 1867, Simon was listed (under the name Comans) as living (or at least owning land) in Bruce County, Greenock Township. The property was located at Concession 9, Lot 7. His father, John Coumans Sr. had property right next door - Con 9, Lot 6. See this webpage for the original details:

By 1871, Simon Coumans had likely moved out of Greenock Township, as his name was no longer listed in the records.
In 1878 (or 1873) the family moved to Lapeer County, Michigan. They had 7 children. John Coumans was the oldest of these - born on Aug 24, 1857, he was likely named after Simon’s father John Coumans Sr. Lewis (“Louis”) was born on Jan 20, 1859. Margaret on Feb 18, 1863, and Mary on April 5, 1864. Thomas, the youngest child, was born Sept 23, 1867.
 In 1888 Simon retired and moved with his wife to Bay City. Before this time, neither could read, so following his retirement, the couple taught themselves. In 1906 the two celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Shortly before Simon’s 1910 death, his son Lewis had been planning a trip to Mexico (due to Lewis’ poor health), however, because of the seriousness of his father’s condition, he cancelled the trip at the last minute. Simon passed away in 1910, in his home on Henry Street in Bay City, MI. A notice was posted in the Bay City Tribune. Simon’s funeral was held at 9am at St. Mary’s Church and was buried in St. Patrick’s cemetery. Mary was also buried in St. Patrick’s.

Alternate Surname Spellings for Coumans: Cummins, Cummin, Comyn, Comyns, Commons, Commans, Commens, Comman, Commen, Common, Coumman, Coummen, Cumin, Cumins, Coumyn, Kimmann, Kommen, Kohman etc . .

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