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Coumans Family History
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John Coumans Sr.  
     - b. 1795 in County Cork, Ireland

     Mary Coumans
           - b. abt 1826, Canada

     Simon Coumans
           - b. 1828 in New Brunswick

     John Coumans Jr.
            - b. 1832 in New Brunswick

     Elizabeth Coumans
         - b. 1836 in New Brunswick
     Anne Coumans
            - b. abt 1837 in New Brunswick

     Jane Coumans
            - b. abt 1841 in New Brunswick

      Thomas Coumans
            - b. 1843 in Stratford, Ontario

Life Stories / Biographies

John Coumans Sr.
children . . .
Mary Coumans
Simon Coumans
Jane Coumans
Elizabeth Coumans
John Coumans Jr.
Anne Coumans
Thomas Coumans


   Jane Sargeant
 wife of John Coumans Sr.


John Coumans Sr.
was born in 1795 in Cork County, Ireland. He married Jane (aka Johanna) Sargeant (born in Cork County in 1800). They were married prior to 1827 and had seven children (Mary, Simon, Jane, Elizabeth, John Jr., Thomas and Anne). He immigrated to Canada, and settled in New Brunswick, and migrated to Ontario. He died in August of  1868 and was buried in Chepstow, Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario. Read more about this line by selecting an option below . . .

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Alternate Surname Spellings: Cummins, Cummin, Comyn, Comyns, Commons, Commans, Commens, Common, Coumman, Coummen, Cumin, Cumins, Coumyn etc.



*** This Coumans family may be connected to the Thomas Coumans - Abigail Pride line of Nova Scotia. We are still searching for a definite connection. If you have information on this line that may prove helpful in connecting the two families (i.e. parents of Thomas Coumans or John Coumans) please let us know!
e-mail:  [email protected] ***

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