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Huegli Family History

Johannes Adam Huegli (pronouced "hee-glee") was born on January 23, 1831, in Haslock, Reinkris, Germany. His parents were Jakob Hugli (a butcher) and Anna Marie Fischer. He and his family immigrated to the United States on September 17, 1842, travelling first to France, boarding a ship to New Orleans, and then finally ending up in Staunton, Illinois. Johannes was ordained as a Lutheran minister on June 17, 1856. However, he fell ill, and upon the recommendation of two professors, took up an interm position in Pittsburg. While he was there, he met Katherine Keil, the daughter of the president of his congregation. Johannes (or "John") and Katherine were married on April 30, 1857. They had 12 children.
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Johannes A. Huegli

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