The first mention found of the surname Spaargaren was on 18 March 1607 when Jan Jansz Spaargaren declared he owed to a Pieter Janz an amount of 191 carolus Guldens for the purchase of a piece of land at Burgravevveen. This Jan Jansz Spaargaren is deceased by 1623, for then his wife Marijtgen Claesdr, widow of Jan Jansz Spaargaren is mentioned.

Their son Jan and their decendant resided in Burgerveen, at the border of Haarlemmermeer. Probably they were fishermen and they were found in the ledger books of those with landed property. They came to live close to Aalsmeer and at the beginning of the 18 th century they were found in Uiterweg. On a list from 1811 with all males from 23 years and older in alsmeer there were 12 Spaargaren's. Nearly all of them were fishermen. By 1852 their fishing grounds were reclaimed and while some of the Spaargaren's moved closer to the sea to continue being fishermen some of them started raising flowers for a living and to this day many can be found in the nursery industry.

Willem Spaargaren came to the United States early in 1921 being sponsored by Peter Lolkus in Edgerton, Minnesota. He left there in 1923 to work on a dairy farm near San Francisco, California. He made his only return visit to the Netherlands in December 1924 and upon returning in January 1925 he returned to California and worked on a riverboat between Sacramento and San Francisco. He then worked for awhile at a whaling station in Northern California. By 1930 he was employed, as a carpenter, building bridges for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

During one of his days off, Bill was strolling around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and came upon a young lady sitting on a bench crying because she was so lonely. Although neither of them could understand each other's language they must have had some mutual understanding of English as that was the beginning of a courtship that resulted in Frieda Hodel and Willem Spaargaren's marriage on 4 January 1930.

In order to be able to spend more time at home Bill started to work in the brewing industry working for awhile at Acme Brewery and Regal Pale Brewery, in San Francisco, before landing permanent employment with Bauer and Schweitzer Hop and Malt company. He retired from there in 1960.


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