Abraham & Lydia Dolby Family  

Abraham and Lydia (Brown) Dolby

Abraham Dolby was born 29 November 1845 in Leacock, Lancaster County PA, the son of Christian & Catherine (Zimmerman) Dolby. He died 21 May 1903 in Seymour, Webster County MO.

Lydia Brown was born 11 May 1848 in Clearfield County PA the daughter of Abram & Lydia M England Dolby. She died 25 May 1911 in Seymour, Webster County MO.


On Sunday, February 20, 1870, in the Messeannian Church, near Kylertown, Mr. Abram Dolby, of North Cumberland, to Miss Lydia Brown of Kylertown.

At about half-past 7 o'clock the Bride Groom entered with his fair Bride leaning gracefully on his arm. They presented themselves to the minister and wer made one. The interesting ceremony was witnessed by upwards of two hundred people, that had gathered from the surrounding country. The impression made by the Bride was that she looked like the angel of Peace, with a beautiful wreath ofwhite roses crowning her head and her white robes equalling in whiteness the driven snow,

May the love that now binds them in their new station
Be the burden of life while on earth they shall stay
And the sonf of the saved be ever their portion,
When the scenes of this earth shall have long passed away

Abraham Dolby homesteaded 160 Acres which according to the Land Records was officially his on the 30th of August 1877. Abe rode the train from Lancaster County Pennsylvania to Sedalia Missouri. From Sedalia MO, he walked the rest of the way to Seymour Missouri which by my calculations is about 100 miles. Its not at all clear if Abe took this first trip by himself and then went back to PA to collect his wife, or if his wife accompanied him on the first trip. They were newly married in February 1870 and this would have been quite an adventure for them. We know that they were in Webster Co MO in 1871. We have no idea where, or how they lived from 1870 until 1881, when their permanent home was built. From left to right: The Horses name was Lue and she was 5 years old, Harry Dolby, a son, age 17, Allie Dolby Smith, a daughter, age 24, Helen Smith, daughter of Allie Dolby & Davis Smith, age 5 mts, Jessie Dolby, a daughter, age 21, Lydia Dolby age 58, Creighton Smith son of Allie & Dave, age 3, Dave Smith, husband of Allie, age 25 and Rover the Dog. This picture of the Old Homestead was taken March 27, 1907. The Farm was located 2 1/2 miles Northeast of Seymour Missouri. Its very hard to imagine that a family of 10 lived in this house, as it appears to be quite small. But live in it they did, and quite happily. This old house was still standing in 1977, but by 1980 it was gone. Living on are the memories of the Dolby family that lived, loved and died there.

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