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Dolby Legal Matters


Clarion County PA

Guardianship of William L and Margaret A DOLBY. Minor children of Joseph Dolby Dec. Guardian for Sarah C.M.Dolby , William L., Margaret A. Dolby Clarion Co., Orphans Court May Term 1864 MAY TERM 1864

In the Mater of the appointment of Guradian of Sarah C.M., William L. & Margaget A. Dolby, minor children of Joseph Dolby Decd.

In an Orphans Court held at Clarion in and for the County of Clarion on Monday the Second day of May Anno Domini 1864 Before the Honorable James Campbell Presedent and his associate Justices was presented the petition Sarah C.M. Dolby, William L. Dolby, Margaret Dolby minor children of Joseph Dolby Decd by this made setting fourth that they are minors under the age of fourteen years & praying said Court to appoint a sutable person to take care of the persons and estate And now to wit May 3rd 1864 Samuel Wilson, appointed Guardian in giving bond in $200 with approved security By the Court And now to wit September 8, 1864 Bond filed and certificate issued to Samuel Wilson Guardian.

Guardianship: John Peter Dolby, 1864: Highland Township, Clarion County, PA Abraham DOLBY dec.. Clarion Co., Pa.,

Orphans Court Docket I pg. 16 In the matter of the estate of John Peter Dolby guardian appointed In the matter of the estate (34) of John Peter Dolby. Appointment of Guardian At an Orphans Court held at Clarion in and for Clarion county on the 13 day of August A.D. 1891, was presented the petition of John Peter Dolby respectfully represents: That your petitioner is minor child of Abraham Dolby late of Lineville, Venango County in said County, deceased above the age of fourteen years, resident within said county and has no guardian to take care of his person and estate; and that there is a personal estate and income to the amount of about one hundred and twenty dollars anticipated to be paid by the U.S. Government on account of a dependent pension to be granted he therefore prays the court to admit him to ake choice of a guardian for the purpose aforesaid . And he will ever pray & C. And now, August 13, 1891, upon reading within petition the Court appoint Tillie Dolby guardian of said minor and direct that she give bond in the sum of three hundred dollars with surety to be approved by the Court. and now August 13 1891, Bond in the sum of three hundred dollars with Matilda Dolby and Duncan McNaughton as surities approved By the Court. Reed & Wison Clerk H. $2.05 Cert .48 Paid by Duncan McNaughton

County Unknown

NIGHTINGALE DOLBY- Indenture 30 August 1721
(Nightingale was 24 years old in 1721 - so would have been born about 1697! I found this in the "Betty Lue Jones" Newsletter 1 Jan 1977, suppose to be a copy of the original passport. It appears that she must have found it alsomentioned in the Norman Leonard Dalby Manuscripts of which I have never seen.)

Parish of Ramsey, County of Huntington Court, England
This indenture, made the thirtieth day of August in the eight year of the Reign of our sovereign Lord George, King of Great Britain, etc., Annoque Dom. 1721, between Nightingale Dolby, of Parish of Ramsey, in the County of Huntington.. Court..of the one part, and John Taylor of London, Yeoman, of the other part, Wittnessth, That the said Nightingale Dolby hath and of these presents doth bind and put himself an Apprentice and Servant to the said John Taylor to Serve him or his assigns in the Plantation of Virginia beyond the seas for the space of four years next ensuing the arrival of the said servant in the said plantation; and doth hereby covenant well and truly to serve his said Master, or his lawful assigns, in the said Plantation and doth further declare and covenant... That he the said servant at the same time of the ensealing thereof is of the age of twenty four years a single person and no covenent or contracted servant to any other person or persons. And the said Master for himself and his executors and assigns, In Consideraton thereof dothhereby covenant promise and agree to and with his said servant that he the said Master, or his assigns, shall and will at his, or their own proper costs and charges with what covenient speed they may, carry and convey or cause to be carry'd and convey'd over unto the said Plantation his said servant and from henceforth and during said voyage, and also during the said term, and at the end thereof, shall and will at the like costs and charges, provide for, and allow his said servant all necessary clothes, meat, drink, washing, lodging, and all other necessaries, fit and convenient for him according to the custom of the said plantation, and as other servants in such cases are usually provided for, and allow'd.

In witness whereof the said parties hve to these present indentures interchangeably set their hand and seals the day and year above written. Jon Taylor

Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Foster These are to certify that the above named Nightingale Dolby came before me the day and year above written and declared himself to be a single person and no covenant or contracted servant to any person or persons, to be of the age of twenty four years, and he desirous to serve the above named John Taylor four years according to the Tenour of the Indenture above written. All which is registered in the office for that purpose appointed by Letters Patents. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed the common seal of the said office. Dept. Reg.