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Chrstian Christopher Dolby was born 24 June 1869 in MO or IA,
the son of Isaac & Martha (Styers) Dolby.

He was married to Rebecca Jane Beatty 26 August 1926 in St. Paul MN.
She was born 14 November 1863 and died 05 May 1935.

They were the parents of two sons -
Samuel Ord Dolby born 11 August 1900
Bruce Theodore Dolby born 12 May 1903.

This family line was unknown to us until just recently when Craig Roberts made contact with us. His wife Karen Dolby is a grandaughter of Bruce.

Veda Dolby Greaves Family Veda Jesse Dolby was the oldest daughter of Harry Hubert and Mary Elizabeth (Clinton) Dolby. She was born on the 11th of January 1887 in Pennsylvania and died on the 16th of February 1925 in Glenwood, Allegheny County Pennsylvania. Veda was married to Alvin Emery Greaves sometime around 1905.

They became the parents of eight children, five of which are shown here.
In the Back Row - Allen , Alvin, Alice, Veda. Front Row- Dorothea, Martha and Vera.

Veda Dolby Greaves Veda Jesse Dolby and Alvin Greaves had a total of eight children all together. The oldest daughter, Helen L Greaves, was born and also died in 1907. The oldest son, Alvin Emery Greaves JR, was born and also died in 1913.

The surviving children are shown here. Back Row is Allen, Alice Mae, Veda and Martha Virginia. In the Front Row is Dorothy LaRue and Vera Eleanor.

This picture was taken in 1925 just before the birth of the youngest daughter, Lois Jean 15 February 1925, and Vera's death which followed the next day.

Eli, Ellis and Emery Myers in the 1960's
Sons of Charles & Sarah (Dolby) Myers
Photo contributed by Gerald Bennett, Son-in-Law of Emery

Eli Myers, Everett F Myers (Groom)
Ruth Tetzlaff & Esther Tatzlaff (Bride)
27 August 1927 Milwaukee WI
Sons of Charles & Sarah (Dolby) Myers
Photo contributed by Sharon Dugan

Everett Franklin Myers
Esther (Tetzlaff) Myers
Grace (Mossburg) Dolby
Wayne Monroe Dolby
Everett Myers and Wayne Monroe Dolby were First cousins. Everett was the son of Charles Franklin and Sarah Francis (Dolby) Myers, Wayne was the son of Lewis H and Flora (Huffman) Dolby.
This Photo was taken in Tomahawk, Lincoln County, Wisoncin on August 3, 1977. Contributed by Sharon Dugan, grandaughter of Everett & Esther Myers.