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To our Gallery of Local Fame we add this week with a great deal ofpride and aplomb, the pen picture of Mrs. R.M. Hubbard, beloved churchwoman, clubwoman and civic leader. The name of "Miss Berta Lee" as she is lovingly called, is synonomous with civic pride, and all that the words imply. From the days when she headed a corps of like-minded women of New Boston, armed with rakes, brooms, hoes and wheelbarrows in cleanup campaigns that resulted in a cleaner and more sanitary city. In 1952 her counsel and wide store of knowledge is sought in the construction of the new municipal building. She has been a moving force and vital part in community betterment. The Bowie County Fair would have never attained its present status without the tireless efforts of Mrs. Hubbard.

As a clubwoman, Mrs. Hubbard adheres to the belief that time is too precious to be wasted in idleness and so to any organization to which she belongs, she gives her best in seeing that such club makes a distinct contribution to all of the community. She is a member of the Literary-Civic Club, he Home Demontration Club and the Lone Star Chapter of the DAR's.

Immediately following World War II, she toured Europe adn returned home with a rich store of knowledge and a new and deeper appreciation of our own beloved country. Some of this feeling she imparted to others as she was called upon to tell of her travel experiences by various groups in New Boston and elsewhere.

To her church she has given the same unswerving loyalty and service which is so characteristic of this out going woman, and when she is absent from services, fellow worshippers know instinctively that Miss Berta lee iseither ill or out of town. She is a friend to the pastors and their families and has an unquestioned confidence in the future of the church and its role in the world.

To sum it up, Mrs.Hubbard is a woman of strong, as well as lovely character. (Mrs. Hubbard is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milledge A. Hart,

From the Mildred Carl Hart Book
Acquired from the local newspaper - date unknown


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