Hart Family Biographies

Jasper Newton Hart
29 December1860 - 06 December 1937

Jasper Newton Hart, eldest of twelve children of Green Berry and Juliette Fulkerson Hart, was born in Polk Precinct, Pope County, Dec 29 1860. His brothers and sisters were: Joshua, Francis Marion, Richard, Ezra, Green Berry, James, Joel, Prissilla, Minerva, Martha and Esco, who died young. His father (the first Green Berry) was born of Irish Descent, in White County IL in 1835, son of Nathan F Hart (1816-1890). Nathan, son of Henry Hart and Nancy Rainey Hart, was born in Bedford County TN where Henry is buried. Nancy is buried in Hart-Gossage Cemetery near Oak in Pope County. She died Oct 17 1871, aged 86 years, 11 months and 6 days. She was the daughter of Captain John Rainey of the Revolution. Nathan was the eighth of their 14 children. Henry's father, James ( 1750-1830) was a successful farmer who had owned and sold several plantations, and still owned property when he died in Nov 1830 in Saluda County SC where he had lived most of his life. And thus are five generations of the family of Jasper Newton Hart traced back in the history of our Country.

J N, an astute and energetic businessman, helped to educate several of his brothers who became doctors. His father died in 1888, leaving Juliette with several still-young children.

In 1889 J.N. married Martha Jane King, born Jan.20 1863, in Pope County, daughter of Anderson and Elizabeth Gallimore King. To this marriage were born five children: Elizabeth Ann, Alsie G, Carrie Lee, Gertrude Estelle, and Ozro. The family purchased the beautiful three-story brick home in the Sloan Addition of Golconda, built by Illinois Secretary of State James A Rose, and there the children were raised. The lawn overlooking the Ohio River was filled with a variety of beautiful plants and trees, and was much used during the summer months. The third story of the house was a large playroom for the children in the winters. They were even allowed to roller skate there.

The home was beautifully and lavishly furnished. "Uncle Newt" and Aunt Jane , as they were known in their later years, had a gracious and hospitable home. J N Died at home on Dec 6 1937 and Martha Jane died there Jun 5 1950. At her burial the floral tributes were so numerous the family plot would not hold them. They are buried in 100F Cemetery.

Alsie, the first son, was beloved of the whole family. He was a fun-loving boy and left many memories for his sisters to laugh about in later years. He attended Golconda Grade School and High School. When, after some prank, he was expelled for a time from high school, his father sent him to one of the Hart uncles in Harrisburg, where he finished high school. Alsie ( Dr. A.G.) Hart married Wilma Barger. They lived in Pontiac IL and are buried there.

Ozro the youngest of the family was born in 1902 and in the midst of a happy and loving childhood, died after a brief illness in May 1913. He is buried near his parents. ( Separate biographies of the daughters, in this volume) There are no living descendants of this family.
Submitted by Amy Lou Bannon

Source:Pope County History and Families 1816-1989


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