The Mt. Hermon Church
Bedford County Tennessee

The most important church to the Henry Hart family, of Bedford County Tennessee, is the Mount Hermon Church located just a few miles outside of Shelbyville.

The Hart Book, written by Charles Gerton Hart, tells us the church is located in the 22nd District of Bedford County, was organized August 14, 1833, but some records date back to January 9, 1830, when services were being held monthly by a small group then known as the the Arm of the Flat Creek Church at Mt. Hermon. Services were first held in a log building with the benches also made of logs. Rev. Keeble T. Wynne was the first pastor and Joseph Higginbotham was the first church clerk.

Rev. Jesse F. Hart, a member of the church and a grandson of Henry Hart who was a charter member, served as pastor from 1881 to early 1936, a total of 55 years. At his death Rev. R.E. Gore, who had been associate pastor for 25 years, was called as a regular pastor and served through 1937.

At the time of Charles Gerton Hart's research (1970's), he found that the minutes of the church had been well kept for over 140 years. The church clerk was then Frederick Steed, a Great-Great Grandson of Henry Hart and had in his possession all the minutes from 1830 onward. The first minutes were recorded January 9, 1830 and on the first membership list were found the names of Henry Hart, Nancy Hart his wife, James Coats, Elizabeth Coats, and Lethethe Heart. Elizabeth Coats was the daughter of Henry & Nancy.

In 1833 Henry Hart was one of the three delegates sent from Mt. Hermon Church to the Duck Creek Association of Baptist convention at big Hurricane Church in Franklin County, August of that year. In the following years Henry Hart represented the church many times, in 1841 he was ordained as a deacon.

Nancy Hart Gossage, a daughter of Henry's was also on the early list of members but was granted a letter of dismissal in June 1835, but in 1836 were readmitted. Nathan Hart became a member as did another son, John H. Hart. The name Catherine Hart (my ancestor) was found on the list of members, and on a later list it was listed as Catherine Shook, along with her husband James Shook. Followed soon by Derrell J. Hart and his wife Rachel (Morris), and also Martin Hart with his wife Mary (Morris). Later, Agnes and her husband William Jasper Morris. The church records gave us the names of Henry's childrens - all but the oldest. James Williamson Hart was never found on the Church records.

Henry Hart died 23 October 1857 and is buried in the Old Mt. Hermon Church Cemetery. His grave is among some of the very first people to be buried there. His headstone still stands and all these many years later, I just imagine he is still watching over us.

The music is an old time favorite - "It Is No Secret"