James Hart Family Genealogy

The Hart Angels?

Actually its Clarence Ezra 15 Oct. 1910, George Allen 18 Aug 1913 and William Martin Jul 1909. The parents of these absolutely gorgeous young men was Henry Ezra and Lilli Ann (Hedges) Hart. A story from Matt Underwood goes like this: When the teacher would send them outside to cut a switch to be whipped with, they'd carve little notches all over it so when the teacher would dramatically take that first swat at 'em in front of the whole class........you guessed it, the switch would break into little pieces among the uproarious laughter of the children. Their mama often said she had given birth to the three orneriest boys to ever hit the floor. I can't imagine what threat mom must have used on this day to get the two older boys to look so sweet. I have a feeling it lasted only as long as it took to take the picture. Matt thinks they might be cousins to Mo, Curly and Larry..

Photo and story contributed by Matt Underwood

The Fielden Fallen Angels?

I'm not sure if they are Bonnie & Clydes Pals
or possibly Elliott Ness's hired deputies?

In real life they are William Floyd Fielden and Charley Fielden (standing) along with Amos Fielden and Everett Fielden (sitting).
Amos is a half brother to the other three

With a little imagination you can probably see a bit of resemblance to the three in the above photo?

I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I told you they were third cousins to each other? Tis True!!

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell

The Vandiver Boys
Alvin Andrew Vandiver (grandson of Agnes Hart Morris ) with his sons Eugene Emerson, William Raeburn "Ray" (twin), John Robert "Bob" (twin), Richard Wesley, Alvin Ivan "Van" or "Dobbin", and Charles Everett.

Looks like the beginnings of a football team - but no not enough of them. Might have got a basketball team out of them, but no - not tall enough..especially that little one bringing up the rear. I'll just bet this bunch gave mom a lot to worry over..

Martin Allen & Hannah (Melton) Hart Grandchildren

Photo contributed by M.A. Hart

Twenty-Two of the Granchildren:
L to R top: Marie, Lucille, Christine, Henry, Edgar, Vick, M. A., Jack,
next row: Jerry, Bill, Harold, Marjorie, Sue, Lola Mae, Grandma Hart holding Dick, Martin (Buddy) Vera, Helen,
lower right: Genese, Tom, Clarice & Ruth.
Grandma & Grandpa Hart had a total of 39 grandchildren from 1926 to 1952.
I don't think they were ever all together at one time.

James Derrel Hart Family
Photo contributed by Derrel Nugent
Date on the back of this photo is May 28, 1939
Back Row Left - Right: Joe Bryant Hart, Gladys Hart Nugent Norris, Martha Hart Robinson, Henry K. Hart
Front Left-Right: Sam and Dolly Hart Hill, Kenneth Derrell Hart
Information from Sam Hart - who adds this: These are my Father's children. The man on the back row,left, Joe Bryant Hart Davis, was adopted by our Aunt Julia Hart Davis when his mother died. Joe later dropped Bryant from his name. James Delmas Hart, our oldest brother, is missing from this picture. I think he was rambling around out west when it was made. These are all brothers and sisters. Our Farther was married 3 times. Delmas, H.K., Gladys, and Martha were from his first wife, Katye Younge, who died. Joe is from the second wife, Nora Bryant, who died and Kenneth, Sam and Mary Elizabeth (Dolly) are from Dad's third wife, Nell Givens.

The Vandiver Family 1952
Photo contributed by Teresa Brady Murray
Taken on Teresa's 4th birthday party.
Top Row: Winnefred Brady, Maureen Brady Cirone, Thomas Brady, Velma Lorraine Eulert Brady, John Robert Vandiver.
Bottom Row: James Thomas Cirone, Carl Eulert, Teresa Eileen Brady, Audrey Vandiver Eulert, James Brady, Kathleen M Brady

Amos Lloyd Fielden
Dorothea Josephine (Cleaver) Fielden


Albert Austin Fielden

Author Howard Fielden

This picture is very special because little Author Howard Fielden died just a few months after it was taken 27 August 1919.
Author was born 25 June 1917.

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell who received it from Bill Wilson

Family of
Martin M Hart
Capitola M (Smith) Hart

Lola Mae Hart 1931,
Married William Wade Smith

Martin Laverne "Buddie" Hart, 14 Oct 1929
Married Elsie Baker

Opal Geneise Hart July 1939
Married Wendell Livingston

Marjorie Ann Hart Jan 1935,
Married Glenn Campbell

Photo contributed by M.A. Hart

Maude Avis (Robertson) Swann
Virgil Otis Swann

With their two oldest children:

Margaret Dean Swann 12 January 1928
Married Don C. Myers

Virgia Mae Swann 8 January 1929
Married William E. Bahr

Photo taken around 1930, contributed by Judie Boone

Alva Robert & Beulah Edna (Kelly) Wood Family

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell
L - R Back: Alva Robert Wood, Sr, Willie Wood, Iva Wood, Edna Kelly Wood.
Front row: Burl Wood, Earl Wood (twins), Alva Robert Wood, Jr and Eva Marie Wood.
See the barn in the back, I loved to play out there.

John Lee and Sarah (Coats) Fielden Family

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell
L to R Back row George W. and Mary Elizabeth (Fielden) Wood, Iva Candes Fielden and Vinettie (Nettie) Fielden
L to R Front row John Lee Fielden, Amos Lloyd Fielden and Sarah H. (Coats) Fielden.
Sarah (Coats) Fielden - daughter of James & Elizabeth (Hart) Coats

John Lee and Sarah (Coats) Fielden Family

Photo taken around 1878, contributed by Marguerette Powell

L to R Back row: Nancy Jane, Sarah Lewiza and James Madison

L to R Front row: Sarah "Sallie" holding Richard Stricklin, Mary Elizabeth and John Lee

Wood Fielden House
L to R William Samuel Wood holding granddaughter, Elda Marlene House, Iva Candes (Fielden) Wood, Zelda Marguerette House, Sarah Lewiza (Fielden) Ross, Farris, Mary E. (Brown) Fielden - second wife of James, and James Madison Fielden James.

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell

James Edward Coats Family
Back L to R: Nellie Ethel Coats, James Edward (Edd) Coats, Loranzo Redman (Dans) Coats, Marion Coats, Millie Louisa (Allen) Coats, Nancy Alice Coats. Front L to R: Mearl Louise Coats, Raymond Lee Coats, Franklin Edward Coats, James? "Barb" Coats.

Photo contributed by Judy Hoffman

Martin M Hart

& Wife

Captola (Smith) Hart

With their oldest child

Jack Gene Hart
Born 11 August 1928
Stoddard County MO
There was another older child to the right of the picture but no one knew who he was and can't quite make out what Jackie is sitting on.

Photo contributed by M.A. Hart

William Martin Hart Family

Wm. Martin Hart (1909-1939) and a number of the other kids were out running around, or possibly picking strawberries for homemade ice-cream, which they all had later that afternoon/evening. None of the girls are in this photo. This picture was probably taken in Broughton, IL, in Hamilton Co., at Martha Emmerson Hart's house.

My grampa Clarence is the boy on the far left, and his brother George is the boy second from the right. The other four boys are probably all sons of Martin and Hannah Hart, Henry's brother. So all these other boys are 1st cousins of my grampa.

The other boys MIGHT be: (L to R not counting Clarence on far Left), Miles, Ezra, Amos, (then George Hart), and then ????. maybe a Burris or Walden grandson. My Gr-Grampa Henry Ezra Hart (1877-1965) is the blurriest one in this picture: the man on the far right leaning on the porch post. Gr-Gramma Lillie is standing on the ground just in front of him. Next to Henry is his brother Martin Allen Hart (1879-1959) who lived in Dexter, MO, down in the bootheel. I'm not sure who the couple is next to Martin, except that it might be their brother-in-law Frank Nelson and his second wife.

Frank Nelson was the second husband of their sister Elsa Ann ("Elsie") Hart (1883-1910). She first married Noah C. Melton, then he died. She bore him one daughter. She then married Frank Nelson, bore him three daughters, then she died. Then he re-married, I guess, probably to help him raise the girls.

The ladies in the middle row are pretty easy. From R to L: Lillie Ann (Hedges) Hart (1878-1960), Lou Dica (Emerson) Walden (1856-1941 - Martha Emerson Hart's sister); Martha (Emerson) Hart (1851-1927 - Henry Hart's mother); Hannah Iona (Melton) Hart (Martin Allen Hart's wife); and (I think) Margaret M. (Emerson) Burris (1854-1935 - Martha Emerson Hart's sister).

Gr-Uncle George Hart told me a little about his memories of this day, as did a cousin of his, Amos Hart, of Stoddard Co., MO, both of them fondly remembering the strawberry ice-cream, which was a real treat for country kids. They also remember some good wrestling matches and scuffles with their cousins, and playing tag and the like. They also both remembered getting their heads conked together a couple of times that day, which must have been a very contagious affliction affecting most of the Hart boys when they were all together, both caused and cured by their dads!

I am now curious as to whether not this get-together may have been about the occasion of Amos Emmerson's death in July 1923. He was the brother of the 3 oldest ladies in the photo.

Photo and story related by Matt Underwood

William Ross Family

William Ross and his wife, Sarah Lewiza (Fielden) Ross, pictured here with their only child, Alma Mae Ross.

William and Sarah were married 2 December 1894 in Texas Co MO. Alma was born 19 October 1896. Alma married Daniel Henry Altis 10 April 1911 so believe this picture was taken around 1910.

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell

Milo Jerome Hart Family
Photo taken in White Co IL, contributed by M.A. Hart
From L to R, Top Row: Milo Jerome Hart, daughters, Icey Ellen, Minnie Pearl, Doshia Blanch, wife Lucy Cassandra & son Thomas Jones
Bottom Row: sons, Bedford Jerome, Martin Lavern, Theron Theodore & James Clifton.

George Wood Family

L to R: John Henry Wood, Matilda Caylor Wood parents of George and Willie, Fred Wood s/o George and Mary Elizabeth Fielden Wood. Mary Elizabeth, George W. Wood in doorway sitting, John Wood, s/o George and Mary, small boy is Howard Pickle, son of Pearlie, Earnest Wood s/o George and Mary, Pearlie Wood Pickle and Little Pearl, sitting down, she was the d/o Ella and Clarence Wood.

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell

Henry Alonzo Gossage & Family

Henry Alonzo Gossage was born in 1874, Pope Co IL. He died in May 1952 in Saline Co IL. Henry married Margaret Jane Stone 14 May 1895. She was the daughter of William & Elmina (Barger) Stone, born 1 May 1877 in Eddyville, Pope Co Il. Margaret died 17 December 1926 in Carterville, Williamson Co IL. Both are buried at the New Hope Cemetery in Eddyville.

Their first child Arthur Gossage is pictured in the Photo, he was born in 1895. Arthur died 1 November 1945 in Chicago. Arthur was followed by Floyd 1900 died 1957, Mildred 1903, Henry Cecil 1905, William Leslie 1908, Harold Lane 3 July 1913 married Grace McDonald, Gaylen Lee 1918, Gordon Van 1920 and Robert 1922.

Photo contributed by Marguerette Powell, received from Margaret Gossage

Back Row: Cordelia House East, Annis House Mercer Howell, Kizzie House Coats, and Millie House White
Front Row:John House Sr., Martha Emaline Wood House, and George Hansird House

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