James Hart Family Genealogy

Contributed by Charlie Patton
William Jasper Hart as an old man with the extended family. Two things are going on in this picture: (1) Aunt Autry is looking back to see what her husband Bruce Rees is doing and (2) William Jasper's hat has just fallen off on Truman's shoulder. The little girl behind Katie Lou Rees is not a family member. We think she was just visiting that day. 1st Row - Dora Hart Rees, Charles Truman Ashby, Nannie Hart Ashby, Evelyn Rees (Marshall), Katie Lou Rees (Groce), Reba Ashby (Patton) 2nd Row - Edger Rees, William Jasper Hart holding Lillie Kathryn Rees, Bruce Rees, Kate Hart, Joe Hart, Garland Dusenberry, Audry Hart Rees, Newton Dusenberry, Elma Hart Ashby, Clarence Ashby, and Lois Hart Dusenberry. Date Taken: About 1925 Place Taken: Hart Farm, Joe Hart Rd., Bedford County, Tenn. Near Booneville, Tn.

This is Mary Katherine Hart, "Aunt Kate", daugher of William Jasper Hart.

Kate never married but was beloved by all her nephews and nieces.

She also, at age 18, began raising her youngest brother after her mother died soon after his birth.

At her knees is Fannie Reba Ashby (Patton), and Charles Truman Ashby

By her side is Nannie Hart Ashby and Garland Dusenberry

Above her is Katie Lou Rees (Groce) and Evelyn Rees (Marshall).

She is holding Lillie Kathryn Rees.

Taken about 1925 at the Hart Home, Bedford County, TN.

Contributed by Charlie Patton

Nell Givens Hart, with two of her sister's sons, Eugene and Lee Douglas Griswold. This picture was made at her mother's house in Altamont, Tennessee. Sam Hart, who contributed this photo says he remembers that back porch well, although he wasn't there until years after this picture was made, which was 1921. There was a room off to the left there where Grandma kept a churn full of green tomatoes pickled in brine. He really loved those things!

This picture was made a few years before Nell met and married Sam's father James Derrell Hart.

Notice all the different items on this back porch -- it was like an extended room of the house.

Texas County MO - ~ Coats homestead where Thomas Keggie & Missouri Kizzarah (House) Coats lived. This is how it is today (2004). Ansel's daughter (their grandaughter) lives here now. Marguerette Powell, contributor of the photo, says this is the homestead that Wilson Coats filed for before his and Phamy's deaths and that heirs (3 children, Sarah Jane, Johnsie, and Keggie inherited.

The Hogan Ladies - Date unknown Stella Coats Hogan with her daughters - Wanda Bennett on left & Nerine Redwing on right
Photo from Sue Nolan contributed by Marguerette Powell.. I'm assuming this is in Texas Co MO

Thomas Keggie & Missouri Kizzarah (House) Coats
Contributed by Sue Nolan/Marguerette Powell

Photo contributed by Jeanne Gilden --

"My mother and her first child Jessie M Gaither.

This picture was probably 2 years before she married
my father Matthew D. Coats in 1910..

Dig those hats!

Ray & Clara (Hart) Aslin, probably taken at Grandpa & Grandma Martin Allen & Hannah I. (Melton) Hart's home north of Dexter, MO.

Aunt Clara was the only girl & there was eleven boys, seven boys survived to be adults.

Don't you know she had a lot of fun with all those brothers.

Contributed by M.A. Hart

The Vandiver Children

Back Row: Eugene Emmerson 28 December 1907

Audrey Velma 31 October 1909

Front Row:William Raeburn 09 Feb 1912
John Robert 09 Feb 1912

Contributed by Teresa Brady Murray

Velma Lorraine Eulert
and her brother
Frederic William Eulert
aken the year he graduated from Reno High School.
He was about 17 1/2 she just about 16

Contributed by Teresa Brady Murray