Old Mt. Hermon Cemetery
Shelbyville, Bedford Co TN

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Earliest known burial here is 1851 but we believe there were others before this date, and the headstones have been lost. The last burial here was in 1975.
It is now a "Historic" Cemetery

In the background is the Old Mt. Hermon Baptist Church which I understand still has Sunday services.   (Photo courtesy of Sam Hart)

August 17, 2003 a new plaque was erected on the site of the Old Mt.Hermon Cemetery. This plaque lists the 84 known burials in this old historic cemetery, many of the stones for these folks are now missing. Working on this project were Al Simmons, Joe Davis, Homer Simmons and Sam Hart.. a little bit latter you can see Sam and Homer felt the need to take a short rest..

Well of course, no good deed goes unpunished. On May 31, 2004 at about 1:30 A.M., less than one year after the cemetery was restored and the plaque erected, mother nature in all her fury, unleashed a tornado over the area. Look closely at the photo on the left, you will see the tree branches "hugging" the headstone of Derrel and Rachel (Morris) Hart's tombstone. Its as if the storm decided at the last possible moment to spare the destruction of this old monument. The vertical part of the stone was moved a bit to one side. Derrel Hart has rested here since 1876, his wife Rachel since 1916. Two men from the Foundation (Homer and Al Simmons) worked all day on June 5th to clean up the mess and hauled off 4 truckloads of limbs. The photo on the right shows the downed tree; it was on the south side of the Cemetery, near the southwest corner, on a slight embankment. It fell towards the northeast, so it missed the bronze plaque but damaged a number of stones. Another group of people worked to remove the larger mass of the tree.

Old Mt. Hermon Cemetery
Decoration Day

7 May 2005
Bedford County TN

Reba Ashby age 86 stands over the grave
of Henry Hart, her GG Grandfather

Sam Hart and Joe Hart Davis
Photos contributed by Charlie Patton

Old Mt. Hermon Cemetery
Decoration Day

13 May 2006
Bedford County TN

Sam Hart & Gene Morris      

This is Homer Simmons, a Trustee of the Cemetery Foundation. The tent was about to blow away (see the chair on it's way !) and they were tying another rope to it. To my (Sam's) great embarrassment this was the last frame on the picture card, so this is the only picture I got with my camera that day. But Derrell Nugent to the rescue, he supplied the rest of the photos.

Don Musin & Gene Morris on the Left.. Joe Davis on the Right

Derrell Nugent found this strange carving on a stone

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