James Hart Family Genealogy
Bedford County Tennessee
Photos contribued by Lynn Blau

The pictures were taken at Joe Hart Road, Shelbyville, Bedford Co., Tennessee. The property was the original Tennessee homeplace of William R. Burditt, Sr., who came to Tennessee from South Carolina in the early 1800's, having purchased the land from the original owner who got the land as a patent. Wm. R. Sr. sold part of the property, including the spot where Joe Hart's house is, to Wm. R. Jr. There is a family burial plot up on the hill behind the house where the cows are now grazing. When the Burditt and Ivy families moved to Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas, the land was sold to other people, Joe Hart being one of the subsequent purchasers.

Aerial view of the property once owned by Joe Hart

These two photos contributed by Charles Patten in May 2005
He was in Bedford county for the Mt. Hermon Cemetery Decoration Day
Everything was in bloom - much was lost in the downsizing of the photo - A beautiful place

Photo on the right is the current owners garden area

Photo on the left is one of the old outbuildings and it looks like it might well have been there when Joe Hart owned the place.. The Satellite Dish is totally out of place next to this old building.

On the right - taken looking to the right of the Joe Hart house. The man on the left is Billy Neel (current owner), the one on the right is the husband of Lynn Blau.

Photo on the left was taken as close to the back of the yard as Lynn could go. It shows the corner of the old barn and the edge of the hill in back of the house. Up on that hill is where the Burditt family burial plot is.

Charlie Patton remembers the old barn being there in the 1950's. This is where his Uncle Joe stabled some of his horses that he let Charlie ride. Uncle Joe was a well respected Tennessee Walking Horse Judge and for those of you who might not know this - Shelbyville has got to be the "Tennessee Walking Horse Capital". I was just awed last year (2004) when I drove past one horse farm after the other. The area is famous for their horses.

Photo on the left was taken looking to the side of Joe Hart's house.

Photo on the right - taken standing in front of Joe Hart's house and looking across the road at the land that Wm. R. Burditt cleared to farm. This is where Uncle Joe Hart would let Charlie Patton ride his horses when he was a young boy.

Part of the land Wm. R. Burditt Jr. cleared in the early 1800's when he and Sarah were first married. This is part of the land Wm. R. Sr. sold to his son William Jr.

If you go out of Shelbyville toward Morris Hollow, you will come to a road with the sign Joe Hart Road. Turn left on the road and follow it around a "dog leg" and keep going. These two pictures are what the road looked like about five years ago (1999 or so). Nothing much changes in Tennessee back country. It's beautiful!

Most of the descriptions are from Lynn with a smattering of my own - and some observations from Charlie Patton. I had a real debate with myself whether to use the "Tennessee Waltz" music or "Country Roads" which is very fitting for all this. But Country Roads was written about West Virginia so the Tennessee Waltz won my argument.