I can't find a clear record that James Hart was in the Revolution but this excerpt came to my attention some time ago. I don't know what book or document it came out of.

"Issued the First of October, 1784 to Mr. James Hart, Late Sergeant in Moore's Troops, Myddleton's Regiment, Sumpter's Brigade State Troops for One Hundred and Five Pounds, Fifteen Shillings Sterling being the amount pay and Bounty due him for service in that troop together with interest theron from the First of April, 1782 to date hereof; agreeable to a resolution of General Assemby of the Eleventh of March last."

If this be our James Hart then it would appear that he was a "Sergeant" as stated and was paid for her service. That being said - I still don't have the Papers to prove it.

WAR Of 1812
From the Battle of New Orleans comes this account of the son of James Hart.

"Henry Hart is listed on the muster rolls of Captain Thomas Scurry of the Second Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers Mounted Gunmen commanded by "Col. Thomas Williamson in the service of the United States from the 28th day of September, 1814, to the 27th of April, 1815. These men mostly came from: Bedford, Davidson, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson, Giles & Smith counties. This regiment was part of General John Coffee's brigade that fought at Pensacola and New Orleans. Marching from Fayetteville to Camp Gaines (30 miles from Fort Montgomery), they helped Jackson take the port of Pensacola from the Spanish on 7 November 1814. Williamson's men then participated in all of the engagements at New Orleans, where they were part of the left line of Jackson's breastworks. In March 1815 they returned to Tennessee via the Natchez Trace." [Tennessee State Archives] National Archive records bear out the fact that a Henry Hart of Bedford County was with this unit."

Henry applied for and received a land grant for his services in the war. Although he did not use it, his children did. Almost all the Harts, except for Henry and his son Derrel, took this grant and settled in Pope Co., Illinois. This land grant, called the Granting Bounty, gave land to certain officers and men who had been engaged in military service of the country. Two Henry Harts from Bedford County applied and received land grants from this act. Most of the grants were in Arkansas, Missouri & Illinois. Henry's children probably used this grant when they moved to Illinois. Henry was known to have been in Bedford Co., Tenn around the 1812-14 time frame. After Henry died, his wife Nancy Rainey Hart, moved to Illinois to live with their daughter Nancy Hart Gossage.

Martin M Hart 20 April 1845 - 14 July 1919
Son of John Henry & Cassandra Hart
Served in the Union Army, 4th TN Mounted Inf Co I. This company was made up of men from Bedford and Giles counties. Martin enlisted March 10, 1865, under Capt. John Simpson, commanding officer Col. Blackburn.

Pension Record: Declaration for Pension dated 3 May 1912 states that he servd in what was called Co A from 6 Jul 1863 to 4 Jan 1984 - 5th TN Cav and was disbanded at Nashville TN. No military records have been found for this period of Service
* *Photo contributed by M.A.Hart


Francis E. Loman 15 October 1893 - 31 May 1953
Son of Marion F. & Rachel (Doffman) Loman
Husband of Lou Ella Wood
Pvt CO E 350 Infantry World War 1

Francis completed his service, returned home safely and married Lou Ella Wood, daughter of George W. & Elizabeth (Fielden) Wood, on 17 September 1919. They were to become the parents of only one chid, Myrna Mae Loman. Francis and Lou Ella lived their entire lives out in Texas County Missouri. He died in 1953, with his wife Lou Ella following in 1973. Both are buried at the Jarrett Cemetery in Texas Co MO.
* * Photo contributed by Margaurette Powell


Henry Kirby Hart
Born 29 January 1920, died 13 March 2002in Winchester, Franklin TN, the son of James Derrell & Katie (Young) Hart. The picture was made in basic training in Arkansas, 1942. He went into Normandy on D+5. Married Bethel Jean Judkins.

Photo contributed by Sam Hart

James Delmas Hart
Born 28 September 1917 in Franklin Co Tennessee
Died 23 November 1974 in Amarillo Texas
Son of James Derrell & Katie (Young) Hart

Delmas was in the Army Air Corps in the China-Burma-India theater and was a radio operator flying "the hump" (over the Himalayan Mountains) in C-47 aircraft from India into China.

The picture was taken between 1942 - 1945.

Contributed by Sam Hart.

James "Vick" Hart
Vick was born 12 January 1930 & died 15 October 1979 in Dexter, Stoddard Co MO, the son of Grayson & Anna (Bruce) Hart.

He went to the Stoddard County. MO Draft Board when he was 15 years old & told them he was there to register. He was large for his age & the people at the Draft Board registered him. In Oct 1945 he received his notice to go to Jefferson Barrack, in St. Louis & be inducted into the service. This picture was taken either at Camp Roberts, CA in late 1945 or in Germany in 1946. Our Mom had written on the back of the picture, "Germany", but I have a group picture that this picture was taken off of & it looks like the picture's that were made during that time while men were in Basic Training.

Vick made a good Military man as he served over 20 years, one tour in Korea & one tour in Viet Nam & retired as a M/Sgt. Vick died in 15 Oct 1979 with Lung Cancer.

Vick was married to Norma Jean Beck with who he had three children; Sharon, Craig and Victor. He later married Pauline Bailey. He is buried at the Hagy Cemetery in Stoddard Co MO.

Story and Photo contributed by M.A. Hart, his brother.

Joe Bryant Hart Davis
Born 10 Jun 1924 Winchester TN. He died 22 Aug 1976 Madison Co. AL. Joe was the son of James Derrel & Nora (Bryant) Hart. He was raised/adopted by his aunt - Julia (Hart) Davis and her husband Joseph.

Joe was flying as a co-pilot on B-24's on bombing runs over Europe. He was assigned to the 714th Squadron, 448th Bomb Group at Seething, England.

Photo contributed by Sam Hart

William Henry Hart Jr.
Born 29 December 1918 in Franklin TN, he died 16 December 2000, the son of William Henry & Corrine (Blackwood) Hart, Sr. William became a B 24 Bomber Pilot in Europe. After the war he flew a B 24 back to the US and was severly injured when the plane crash landed in Canada. William was married in 1944 to Virginia Smith with whom he had a daughter, Ellen Corrine Hart. His 2nd marriage was to Carole Burkett in 1964 in CA.

Photo contributed by Sam Hart

Alvin Hogan
(26 August 1920 - 02 January 1991)
His mother Stella (Coats) Hogan
Younger brother Kaga Hogan
From Texas Co MO

Photo contributed by Sue Nolan


James "Vick" Hart
The Hart family is very proud of James Victor Hart. He was a true "Military Man" in every sense.

Vick served his country with bravery and honor for over twenty years. He completed his service in World War II, then also served one tour of duty in Korea and then yet again faced the enemy with one tour of duty in Viet Nam. Vick & retired as a M/Sgt

Photo contributed by M.A. Hart, his brother.
For more info see the section "WW II".


Cabool Vietnam Memorial - Downtown Cabool, Texas MO
Jackie Gene Montgomery's name is on the first panel to the left, third one down.

Jackie Gene Montgomery
Born 10 April 1944 Salem, MO
Died in Vietnam 1 May 1968<>

Son of Elvie C & Cleo (Ward) Montgomery
Brother of Polly, Shirley, Betty, Gerald and Eric

A memory to all who knew him

and many of us who didn't


Erected By
His Friends,
His Family
The Class of 1962.
Cabool Cemetery, Texas Co MO

Photos contributed by Marguerette Powell

James "Vick" Hart
The Hart family is very proud of James Victor Hart. He was a true "Military Man" in every sense.

Vick served his country with bravery and honor for over twenty years. He completed his service in World War II, then also served one tour of duty in Korea and then yet again faced the enemy with one tour of duty in Viet Nam. Vick & retired as a M/Sgt

Photo contributed by M.A. Hart, his brother.
For more info see the section "WW II".

Charles E. Patton

December 1970, Corpus Christi Texas.

Charles served on the USS Kitty Hawk and flew over Vietnam almost every day for nine months.

Also served on an Admiral's Staff (called COMFAIRWESTPAC, Det Cubi Pt.) as an assistant Operations Officer and as the Top Secret Control Officer. This was in the Philippines.

He also visited Australia, New Zealand and Japan

Charles is the son of Herschel Erwin & Reba Fannie (Ashby) Patton




Shadows fall upon us
With glitter and with gleam
For Veterans united
Upon the earth esteemed

Each one our inspiration
For love that they did give
With honor to their country
They fought so we could live

Within the fields of battle
Upon the foreign shores
Each Veteran remembered
With honor and much more

Such glory and such honor
Within each war they fought
Pride we feel within our hearts
Such sadness for those lost

Flag they held still flying
With dignity so blest
Our heros of the many wars
Have given all their best

Bow your heads in silence
For those who are not here
Remember all those living
Their courage we revere.



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