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Hi & Merry Christmas to Everyone from the folks here in the Bootheel of Missouri. I have changed the format of my Christmas letter since I have found other things to do with this compter. “Oh the world of computers” as they are changing so fast that I have trouble keeping up with the new programs.

On the 11th day of December 1996 we had a real nice day for working outside as the temperature was up to 72 degrees.

On the 16th day of December 1996 we woke up to a little snow on the ground, & the temperature was 30 degrees. What a difference a few days makes!

On the 19th day of December 1996 the temperature dropped to 17 & then the night of the 19th it was 9 degrees. Flurries both days.

By Saturday the 21st of December, (1st day of winter) the temperature was up in the 50’s.

25 Dec 1996 the weather was nice, but then on the 26th we woke up to a light rain & freezing. It warmed up the next day & the temp was up in the 60’s & up to 70 a couple of days.

On the 8th of January 1997 the temp was around 30 degrees & started to snow & by the next morning we had 5 or 6 inches.

We had a fairly good spring and summer. Only had one day that the temperature reached 100 degrees. Fall has been very dry as there was only 3/10 of an inch of rain in August here. So the year of 1997 thus far has not been too bad here in the Bootheel of Missouri.

I know this is a Christmas letter but I read the following in our local paper this fall & thought it was so true to life that I wanted to share it with you.


September is one of those “in between” months. September stands in between the last days of Summer and the first days of Fall. September sings her joyful song, a melody for “in between” times. As Helen Hunt Jackson wrote:

“The goldenrod is yellow; The corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.
By all those lovely tokens
September days are here;
With Summer’s best of weather
And Autumn’s best of cheer.”

September stands in between the changing seasons. She has learned to make the best of her situation. Her melodies are filled with haunting memories of the past. Her tunes look forward with anticipation to future days.

September reminds us that we always live in the “in-between” times. We live between childhood and adolescence; we struggle with the times between our teen years and our adult years; we move from the days of being an adult to the years of being a Senior Citizen. Life is always moving and changing; we are never settled. We never arrive. Our journey takes us from one life state to the next. We would love to settle down, settle in; life moves on. We would be content to stay where we are; life beckons us into the future. Life move’s too swiftly. We try to put on the brakes, to slow life down, it doesn’t work! We get frustrated and angry. We try to keep life stable; we like what we know. It doesn’t work. We become uncertain and unstable. So we come to September. If we could only be like September! Learn to live life in whatever season we find ourselves. Dance with great joy through all the “in between” times. Celebrate “Summer’s best weather and Autumn’s best cheer.” Sing September’s song with all the enthusiasm we have! September sings a catchy song! Let’s sing along!

Received the following from Billy Bowden of Florrisant, MO too late for the Dec 96 Newsletter.
‘Jimmy’ Melton’ J. N. ‘Jimmy’ Melton James Noble “Jimmy” Melton Jr., 55, of Highway 69A east of Paris, TN died Sunday, Aug. 4, 1996, at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, after suffering an aneurism. A graveside service was held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at Bevil Cemetery in Paris. Jimmy Allison officiated. Chosen as pall bearers was Jewel Melton, Billy McGaurity, Bill Archie, Jim Rowlett, Larry Warf and Billy Sliger. Visitation was from 4-8 p.m. Monday Aug 4 and and from 9 a. m. on Tuesday. A Paris native, he was born Sept. 28, 1940, a son of Kate Sager Melton of Paris and the late James Noble Melton, Sr. He was married May 14, 1966, to the former Dianne Evans, who survives. A salesman for HVI Supply in McKenzie, he served in the U. S. Army from 1969-1970 in Germany. He also served in the National Guard. In addition to his wife and mother, he is survived by a daughter, Tracie Melton of Paris; and two sisters and two brothers-in-law, Shirley and Ted M. Sliger Jr. of Indianapolis and Margaret and Jake Greene of Memphis.

Della Mae Melton
Della Mae Melton was born 1 Feb 1912 to Charlie & Lula (Catlin) Melton & passed away on the 7th of June 1997. She was buried at the Herald Cemetery in White County, IL.

David and Milissa Married in Texas
Received word from cousin Patsy (Aslin) Lucas’ that her grandson David Hawkins was married on the 3rd of Dec 1996 to Melissa Yvonne Jones. Congraulations to David and Melissa.


Kayla Ayrn Campbell arrived on _________, to Mandi Campbell in AR.Congraulations to Mandi Kay & Gr Grandpa Glen, Grandpa Dicky & Grandma Deborah Campbell.

Syndie Nicole Swinford arrived on 14 Oct 1996 at the Western Baptist Hospital, Paducah KY to Shelly (Barrett) & William Curtis Swinford. Congraulations to the parents, the Grandparents, Robert & Pat (Hart) Barrett & the Great Grandma Earline (Jones) Hart.

Cameron Bryce Adams arrived on 26 Nov 1996 at Aurora, CO to Bobbi Raye Bursmall & Dan Adams.. Congraulations to the parents & Grandparents, Kirk & Judy Gilbow & the Great Grandmother Vera (Hart) (Gilbow) Ross.

Logan Allen Duffie arrived on 31 Dec 1996 at Ashville, N. C. to Keith & Nancy Duffie. Logan weighed 7 lbs 9 oz & was 19 3/4 inches long. Congraulations to the parents, & the Grandparents Dick & Sharon Hart of Essex, MO & the Great Grandmother Ora Hart of Bell City, MO.

Mikayla Marie Hale arrived on 3 Jan 1997 at Paducah, KY to Angela Brannon & Wesley E. Hale. Congraulations to the parents, Grandparents, Janet (Hart) & Louis Hale & the Great Grandmother Earline Hart.

Grace Georgeann Ferguson arrived on 28 Jan 1997 at Long Beach, CA to Donnie & Tammy Ferguson, & weighed 6 lbs & 5 oz & was 19” long. Congraulations to the parents, Grandparent, Dick & Sharon Hart of Essex, MO & the Great Grandmother Ora Hart of Bell City, MO.

Anna Colleen Maddox arrived on 7 May 1997 at Poplar Bluff, MO to Bradley & Angelia Maddox & weighed 7 lbs & 13 oz. Congraulations to the parents, Grandparents Butch & Sharon Hart & the Great Grandmother Ora Hart of Bell City, MO.

Heaven Lilly Hawkins arrived on 14 Jun 1997 at Jasper, TX to David & Mallisa Hawkins & weighed 7 lbs. Congraulations to the parents, Grandparents Charles & Jan Self & the Grandparents Jim & Patsy (Aslin) Lucas.

Cousin Vera (Hart) Ross Semi-Retires
A semi-retirement surprise party was held for Cousin Vera (Hart) Ross on Saturday Night the 25th of January 1997 at the Banquet By The Bay, in Sikeston, MO. Vera’s sons Kerry & Kirk Gilbow, their wives, & over 200 of her relatives & friends were all there to help her celebrate & she was very much suprised. The evening was spent visiting, speeches, picture taking, dancing & a few jokes were told. Congraulations Cousin Vera.

Connie Bennett writes another Book
Our cousin Connie Bennett had another book released in March 1997 by Harlequin. Superromance, “Somewhere Out There”. The story is that of a paranoid Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) expert and a down to earth investigative journalist who find themselves working together to explain the crash of an Air Force jet. Romantic Times magazine called the book :”great reading a terrific love story with a lots of plot, humor and passion.

News from Gilbert, Arizona - 8 Apr 97

Dear M. A.,
This has been an eventful year for our family. First of all Bob and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary on February 19th. Our oldest son Robert Jr. turned 19 and was called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He left on the 23rd of April for Provo, Utah where he will be for two months to learn Portuguese and then in June he will leave for the Brazil Recife South Mission. We are very proud of him. Aubrey our oldest daughter graduates with honors this month from High School. She has a full academic scholarship to Eastern Arizona College. Robby off to Brazil, Aubrey off to college and our baby of the nine kids will start Kindergarten in August. What a year! Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to catch you up on the happenings in Arizona.
Love, Bob, Pattie, Robby, Aubrey, Sean, Alexis, Jeremy, Skyler, Hannah, Torrey and Meghan Roussel

Aubrey Brooke Roussel Graduates

Aubrey Brooke Roussel, the daughter of Bobby and Patty Roussel, the Granddaughter of Marie Roussel graduated with Honors from the Highland High School in Gilbert, Airzona. She has a full academic scholarship to the Eastern Arizona College. Congraulations Aubrey and we wish you the best in the future.

Russell Lee Roy Mansfield Graduates
Russell Lee Roy Mansfield , the son of Douglas & Judy Mansfield graduated from the Pacific High School in Pacific, Missouri on the 30th of May 1997. Congraulations Russell and we wish you the best in the future.

Hannah Michelle Hart Graduates
Hannah Michelle Hart the daughter of Mitchell & Mary Hart, & granddaughter of Ora Hart graduated from High School in Cape Girardeau, MO in May 1997. Congraulations Hannah.


The descendants and friends of the late Martin A. & Hannah I. Hart met for the 20th Annual Family Reunion on Sunday, 15 June1997 at the American Legion Hall in Dexter.

Those attending were: Doug, Judy & Dave Mansfield & Lisa (Mansfield) Lucy of Pacific, MO; Mr. & Mrs. Hedis Wells & Mr. & Mrs. Charles McNeil of Norris City, IL; Mrs. Ora Hart & Brad, Angie (Hart), Clay & Colleen Maddox of Bell City, MO; Tammy (Hart) Ferguson & her daughters, Karis & Grace of Long Beach, CA; Dick & Sharon Hart of Essex, MO; Neal & Christine (Hart) Mansfield & Donna Mansfield of Dudley, MO; Gene Morris of Winchester, TN; Keith & Kimberly Roussel of Shawnee Mission, KS; Butch, Sharon & Dalton Hart of Advance, MO; Mitchell, Mary & Gabe Hart of Cape Girardeau, MO; Jack & Beulah Jarrell of Bloomfield, MO; Larry Hart of Cathlamet, WA; Ezra & Geneva Hart of Longview, WA; Misty Young of Malden, MO; and Mary Lou Daun, Jeanetta Kleffer, Jack & Ruth Jennings, Lucille Bennett, Anna Mann, M. A & Eloise Hart, Kim & Connie Hart & Kevin, Brittney & Amanda, Alan & Alma Hart, Vera Ross, Jeff & Bradley Swallows and Beth Smith, Bill & Mildred Aslin, Wilson Frank, Freda Frank & Kavonia Green all of Dexter, MO.

Dick Hart called the short business meeting to order. Minutes and financial report was given by Ruth (Hart) Jennings. Kim Hart offered the opening prayer. Following the noon meal, the crowd was entertained by a real - life humerous story by M. A. Hart. He related an experience he had fifty years ago which brought much laughter to the gathering. A Fun Auction was then held. Items offered included hand-made craft items, an oil painting, hand turned pepper mill, as well as many other items. Dick Hart served as auctioneer, with Ezra Hart assisting. This event was enjoyed by all and will be repeated at next year’s reunion.

Plaques were presented to the following: Larry Hart - The person traveling the farthest 2200 miles from Washington State. Anna Hart Mann - The oldest person attending. Colleen Maddox - 5 weeks old was the youngest person attending. Ezra & Geneva Hart - The couple married the longest; 56 years. Dick & Sharon Hart - The couple most recently married. Music was provided by Ezra and Neal Mansfield.

I failed to tell you last year that our cousin Christine (Hart) Mansfield & her husband Neal was married 50 years on the 27th of November 1996. Congraulations Chris & Neal, even if it is a year late.

Hart Reunion will be 21 Jun 1997, at the American Legion Building in Dexter. Mark your calender.

“Honeymoon” comes from honey! At one time in our history newly married couples were given special wine made with and from honey to drink during the first month of their marriage... and this is where we get the modern term, “the honeymoon.”

The following are news articles were taken from the Carmi Courier, Carmi, White County, Illinois, that I have found interesting & thought you may enjoy reading them.

Tennessee Bend - 12 Nov 1885
We are sorry to learn of the illness of T. C. Pettypool who is attending school at the Normal.

Tennessee Bend - 19 Nov 1885
Married-- On Wednesday, November 11th, at 3 o’clock p.m., at the residence of Mrs. L. A. Marlin - the bride’s grandmother Mrs. Francis R. Aud, the eldest son of Mrs. Martha Aud, to Mrs. Frances E. Pool, eldest daughter of Thos. Pool, -- Rev. R. B. Tudor officiating. About twenty-five or thirty intimate friends and relations of the parties interested were in attendance and witnessed the ceremony, after which a sumptuous supper was spread to which each one did ample justice. After the feast came the music, both vocal and instrumental, of which our vicinity is not lacking. Altogether it was an enjoyable affair. On the day following the bride and groom proceeded to the residence of the groom’s mother, where they were met by a host of young folks, and as good an infair dinner as it has been our good fortune to partake of for many a day. We wish them a long, prosperous, and happy life.

Possum - 16 January 1890
John Hart has moved into our vicinity.

LOCAL NEWS - 6 February 1890
One day last week Milo J. Hart, of Brownsville, took a drove of hogs to Norris City among which were twelve, six month old, that had an average weight of 173 pounds.

20 March 1890
Died -- March 13, 1890, Mr. Alexander Melton, of pneumonia fever. The bereaved family have the sympathy of all. NOTE: Alexander Melton was Grandma Hannah Iona (Melton) Hart’s father & this is the only death notice, or obituary that I have been able to find.

Olive Hill -- 1 May 1890
J. R. Aud, our real estate dealer, is negotiating for another tract of land to be disposed of at a bargain. He says: “It’s just an Aud way I have of making money.”

18 June 1891 Died. --
On the night of the 12th, Mlle, (Hannah Melvina) wife of M. S. Catlin and daughter of Thomas Hendrix Sr. Funeral services were conducted the following day by Rev. R. B. Tudor, at Union Ridge, where the body was interred. Deceased leaves a husband and sevceral small children. We extend heartfelt sympathies. NOTE: Hannah Melvina (Hendrix) Catlin was an aunt to Grandma Hannah Iona (Melton) Hart.

21 July 1891
Charles Kisner of Brownsville was here (Carmi) one day last week.

The North Stoddard Countian, Advance, Bloomfield, MO

September 1997 Ladds honored for 65th wedding anniversary.
The Rev. and Mrs. Marcus Ladd of Advance were honored at a reception on August 10 in observance of their 65th wedding anniversary. Approximately 70 people attended the event hosted by their daughters. Mildred Hendrix and the Rev. Marcus Ladd were married August 13, 1932 in Brownwood by the Rev. J. W. Baker. The Rev. and Mrs. Ladd are the parents of two daughters, Rachel Choate, Ruth Ann Blanton and a dauthter Shirley Ladd who is deceased. The Rev. Ladd pastored churches in this area for over 39 years.

Received Letters & Pictures from several distant Cousins

Sherry A. Milham of Olympia, WA wrote inquiring about information on the Hart & Melton Families. She had lost a generation on Grandma (Melton) Harts family & I was able to help her on that.

Josiah (Joe) Whitaker the son of Kay (Hart) Patterson & grandson of Uncle Ezra & Aunt Geneva Hart wrote asking for information on our Hart family.

I was really glad to hear from Sherry & Josiah, as some of the younger generation are becoming interested in our Hart & Melton Family History.

Janice (Melton) Knotter of Columbus, OH, but the last two years living in Carmi, IL wrote in October 1997, that she was living with & taking care of her parents Bill & Verbal (Aud) Melton. Her mother Verbal was diagnosed with cancer two years ago & had surgery & has recovered very well with no other treatments. Then in January 1996 her Dad Bill had triple by-pass heart surgery. He was in the Hospital on his 86th birthday that year.

In March of this year John Samuel Hart, of Evansville, Indiana, a Grandson of John Jones Hart wrote & told me that he had read one of our “Hart Christmas letters” & wanted to know the connection of our families. John Samuel Hart is listed in the James Hart and his Descendants Book as the son of Lawrence Everett & Opal (Mullins) Hart, but no other information. It didn’t take long to figure out that his Grandfather John Jones Hart & our Grandfather Martin M. Hart were brothers & that would make us second cousins once removed. In his letters he told me that another distant cousin, “Martin Lavern Hart”, born in 1906 & was living there in Evansville. Martin Lavern Hart was the youngest son of Milo Jerome Hart & that would make him a first cousin to our late Grandpa Martin Allen Hart. We have made a few phone calls to each other & several letters, & exchanged some pictures. On the following page is a picture of Great Uncles John Jones Hart & Milo Jerome Hart. Then following on the next page is a picture of their brother & our Great Grandpa Martin M. Hart.

(Picture not shown) Great Grandpa Martin M. Hart 1845-1919

More Distant Cousins Located

Jim & Sherry Williams of Harrisburg. IL placed a query in the Southern Illinois Genealogical Society Newsletter & stated they was researching the Harts along with others. I answered their query & yes they are connected with our Hart line. They wrote me as to where the connection comes in & it goes back to Henry Hart, (1783-1857) and Nancy Elizabeth (Rainey) Hart, (1784-1871) of Bedford Co, TN and Pope Co, IL. Their daughter Nancy Hart married George Washington Gossage in 1832. Nancy Hart was a sister to our Great Great Grandpa John Henry Hart.

Cousins Help Son Build Home
Cousins Patsy (Aslin) & Jim Lucas left Louisana in May 1997 & went to her son’s Jim Wilkinson in Oregon & helped him build a vacation home. It is hoped to be a retirement home in a few years. Patsy and Jim returned to Jasper, Texas the 28th of September & the weather there was almost unbearable, after spending the summer in Oregon.

Cousin Comes Home for Class Reunion
Cousin Marie (Hart) Roussel came to Dexter for our High School Class Reunion. Will let you guess how many years it has been since the graduation? I believe it has been about 10 years since she was here for a visit. It was good to see you Marie.

Distant relatives found here in Dexter
Back in the summer Debbie Stidham who lives here in Dexter told me that she was going to Pope County, Illinois to attend a family reunion the next weekend. I told her that was the county that our Harts lived in during the 1850’s probably some were still living there. Then the next week she told me that she had found a connection between her Fulkerson family and our Hart family. Looking at the James Hart and His Descendants Book published in 1976, on page #80 there was Green Berry Hart (1835-1888) the first son of Nathan T. Hart and he married Juliett Fulkerson in Pope County, IL the 1st of March 1860. That’s where the connection comes in with her family. We haven’t found the time to put it all together yet, but we will, as time permits.

Relavities in Olathe, KS & Sylacauga, AL
I believe it was two summers ago, I sent Steve Catlin, in Campbellsville, KY information on our Hart & Melton families & never did hear from him. “Thought to myself that he had tossed it aside & forgot about it.” But he didn’t, as on the 19th & 20th of November of this year, letters arrived from M/M Charles Weeks, Olatha, KS & Clara Williams, Sylacauga, AL inquiring about our Hart family. They had picked up the information on the Inter-Net that Steve Catlin had shared with them. I hope to share more information with them after things settle down after the first of the year. “Small world isn’t it.”

Another New Arrival
Charles Melton Sr. called the last of November and told me that his Granddaughter had had a new son Thomas Everett, born the 16th of November 1996. Congratulations to Great Grandpa Charlie and Great Grandma Ann, the Grandpa Charles Jr & the Mother Stephanie Ann.

Another Graduated from High School
Albert Hawkins the youngest son of Jan (Wilkinson) Self, and Grandson of Patsy (Aslin) (Wilkinson) Lucas graduated from High School in May 1997 & is now in an apprentice program to be an Iron Worker. Congratulations Albert.

Sandra Kay Imbeaux had Coronary Surgery
The daughter of Jack and Ruth (Hart) Jennings, Sandra Kay (Jennings) Imbeaux had Coronary Ablation Surgery in July 1997 that lasted 10 hours. Then she had it again in September and that lasted 8 hours. From what Ruth tell’s me that type of surgery is done with a Laser & it burns out electrical paths in parts of the heart. Sandra returned to work and the last account, she is doing fine.

Travis Swallows Home on Leave
Travis Swallows of the U. S. Air Force, the son of Donna Mansfield and grandson of Neal and Christine (Hart) Mansfield came home on a 30 day leave on 5 Nov 1997. He is being transferred to Korea in February 1998.

John Tanner’s Wife Diana Seriously Ill.
Received a letter from John Tanner (a distant cousin) the 18th of November telling us about his wife Diana. I will quote from his letter. “Diana is seriously ill. A day spent in local hospital in early October., then three days in Barnes - Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Out two weeks, then back in local hospital for a week, then back to Barnes for three weeks; mini-strokes, and then a devastating stroke last week. Is now paralyzed, can’t swallow, feeding tube, and not responsive.”

Talked to John on the 22nd of November and he told me that Diana was to go into the Nursing home on the 24th of November. John & Diana have attended some of our Hart reunions & you may remember them from those reunions. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS.

Milledge Dixon
Dr. Milledge S. Dixon, 97, of Metropolis, died Sunday, August 1997 at Southgate Health Care Center in Metropolis. Dr. Dixon was a member of the Illinois Dental Society, Tuberculosis Board of Massac County and a former Massac County Corner. He retired in 1991 after 69 years in the dental profession in Metropolis. Suvivors include his wife of 39 years, Irene; one stepson, Freddie Neal Crosier of Rossville, Tenn.; two stepgranddaughters, Tammie Crosier of Fuguay-Varina, N. C. and Kimberely Crosier of Pell City, Ala.; and several cousins. He was proceded in death by his parents Winfield and Anna Foreman Dixon; and one sister, Blanche Minier. Funeral service was Wednesday, Sept. 3 at Aikins- Farmer Funeral Home with Rev. Louis Brinker officiating. Burial followed at Nassac Memorial Gardens. Pallbearers were Charles Oliver, Milledge Quint, Tommy Reynolds, Ben Thane, Bob Elliott and Gary Angelly, Honorary pallbearers were Dr. Joe Scott, Dr. Stephen Miller and Sherman Comer. (NOTE: Dr. Milledge S. Dixon’s was connected to the John Byron Hart family shown on pages 243 and 144 of the James Hart Book and a distant cousin of John Tanner.)


Everytime a hand reaches out to help another that is Christmas
Everytime someone puts anger aside and strives for understanding that is Christmas
Everytime people forget their differences and realize their love for each other that is Christmas

Carmi Times, Tuesday, Oct 21, 1997
William ‘Bill’ Melton William Norbert “Bill” Melton , 87, of Carmi, died at 1:45 a.m. today, Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at his residence in Carmi. Born Jan. 13, 1910 near Herald, he was the son of Simeon Leak and Albina (Shook) Melton. He married Verbal Aud on Jan 17, 1932 in Norris City, IL. Like many other Southern Illinois settlers, Mr. Melton’s ancestors migrated here from the southern states of North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. He was born, raised and later farmed the homestead two miles east of Herald that had been purchased by his great grandfather, Peyton Harvey, before the Civil War. He graduated from Herald High School and attended High School in Carmi, leaving to go to Gary, Ind., to work in the mills. (NOTE: Herald had a two years High School at one time.) When the Great Depression hit this country, he returned to White County. During World War II, he worked in the shipyards at Evansville, Ind., and later at the Ainsworth garment factory. In 1949 he moved back to the farm where he was born and farmed until he retired in 1973. He joined the Tennessee Bend Baptist Church at Herald and was baptized in the Little Wabash River near New Haven in July of 1954. Mr. Melton will probably best be remembered for his skill in a number of sports. While in high school, he participated in basketball, track and softball. He later played softball with teams in Gary and in White County. When he and his wife, Verbal, retired from farming, they moved back to Carmi where during his retirement years he played pool and continued to hunt and fish. These last few years he’s been unable to hunt or fish, and this last year he was no longer able to play pool. He did, however, continue to read his two newspapers each day and watch the sports events on televison. Funeral Services was conducted at 2: p.m, October 24, 1997 at the Campbell Funeral Chapel, Carmi, Illinois. Interment was at the Herald Cemetery. Casketbearers were Lyndel Chapman, Leon Hale, Richard Jones, Joe Newcomb, Jerry O’Neal and Walter C. Shook.

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Did you know that the Great Grandpa Martin M. & Great Grandma Martha (Emerson) Harts family moved from White County, Illinois in about 1885 to Southeast Missouri. According to the records they lived here for about five and one half years? They first moved to Portage Bay in New Madrid County & then on the 29th day of July, 1890 he signed a Declaration for an Invalid Pension & stated that he lived in the town of Ardeola, Stoddard County, Missouri. Ardeola was about 3 miles southeast of Bell City. Then on the Lost School Record, which was located just northwest of Dexter, in 1891 their children were listed as Magey L. Hart, age 17, Henry E. Hart, age 15, Martin A. Hart, age 11 & Elsa A. Hart, age 8. They went back to White County, Illinois in 1891. After Grandpa Martin A. Hart & Grandma Hannah I. (Melton) Hart moved to Missouri in 1918, they bought a farm & built a home within one & one half miles of where the old lost School was located. I have wished many & many times that I would have talked to Grandpa about why he moved back so close to where he went to school in 1890 & 1891 when he was a boy of 10 & 12. Uncle Velt Hart told me one time when he was still living that the family moved back to Illinois in a wagon or Ox Cart pulled by two Oxen.

M. A. & Eloise Hart 716 N. Catalpa St. Dexter, MO 63841-1104


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