Herald School, White Co IL abt 1912
Photo contributed by M.A. Hart
Teacher: Leo Pool on left
First row top:Helen Austin, Valera Grant, Ethel Catlin, Woman Teacher -?, Winnie Bonner & Edith Catlin.
Second row: Everett Hall, Lawrence Pool, Hayward Melton, Bryon Pool, Therman Hedges.
Third row: Opal Marlin, Mable Masser, Audrey Masser, Lena (Aud) Medlin, Lottie Catlin, Nellie Aud, Lethia Aud, Audry Pool, Julie Williams, Shirley Mears, Norma Weasell.
Fourth Row: Lynn Harvey, Dayton Marlin, Roy Newcomb, Velt Hart, - Austin?, Guy Aud, Everett Aud & - ?

My Uncle Velt (Roosevelt) Hart told me that the above Opal Marlin's picture was on a Baking Powder can, & it was called "Opal Baking Powder".

Herald School, White Co IL, about 1915
Photo contributed by M.A. Hart
Bottom Row L-R: James Nolan, Roy Poshard, Bernard Harvey, Orville Nolan, Robert Poshard, Leonard Walls, Theron Hall, Silas Hendrix, Herschel Aud, Maurice Marlin, - ?, John Aud, Martin Hart.
Second Row: - ?, Aaron Newcomb, Willard Newcomb, Nigel Pettypool, Altona Poshard, Bernice (Williams) Hale, Audrey Masser, Julia Aud, Mable Clair Masser, Sina Austin, Lorene Pool, Wilma Marlin, Margie Wilson.
Third Row: Mable Lea Marlin, Marie Cotts, Helen Weasel, Rosa Wilson, Flossie Aud, Kitie Hendrix, Hallie Webb, Jessie Nolan.
Fourth Row: Joe Hart, Bessie Poshard, Ida Belle Poshard, Cecil Hendrix, Norvil Martin, Teacher: Lena Davis.

Joe Hart on the left, in the top row was my Dad & Martin (Mart) Hart, on the right was my Uncle. You can see that Uncle Mart was a lot smaller than Dad & there was only 21 months difference in their age. Uncle Velt Hart & the late Bernice (Williams) Hale furnished the names in this picture.

Franklin Hts. School, West Franklin IL, 1917
Photo contributed by Matt Underwood
Here's Martin Hart in about 1917 at about age 8. He is in the second row from the back, 3rd from the Left. This is in Frankfort Heights School, in what is now West Frankfort. (This may actually be a Sunday School class photo at Frankfort Heights Baptist Church in West Frankfort, which re-named themselves Second Baptist Church West Frankfort, when the cities consolidated in about 1921. Gr-grampa Henry Hart was the Sunday School Superintendent at this church from at least 1915 until around 1921, when he moved his family to the area Northeast of Akin.

One Room School House - Akin, Franklin Co IL Abt 1921
Photo contributed by Matt Underwood
One room schoolhouse near Akin, Franklin Co IL. The Hart boys - sons of Henry and Lillie (Hedges) Hart.
Martin is about 12, standing on the far right.
Clarence is about 11, and is 4th from right in the front row. George is about 8, and is 7th from right on the front row.

Matt has pulled the 3 boys from the above picture and used a little magic to combine them into a close up here.

From the look on each of their faces they don't appear to be taking kindly to going to school. I don't think I'd mess with them at the moment.