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The pages of time have just kept on turning, and in the process, our lives have been recorded in a million different ways. We are reflected in our children, our parents, the generations that have gone before, and those that will come in the future. We have our "sweet memories" and we have our "imagination". We try to imagine what life was like long ago. We wonder about our ancestors and where we have come from.

My name is Christine (Armstrong) Walters    I'm am 11th Generation Kesterson and, like you, I'm very proud of our Kesterson heritage. Many years ago I started a Kesteron Kollections Newsletter - and now with the Internet we have unlimited ability to find each other. These pages are for the thousands of Kesterson Descendants out there who might someday want to get a glimpse into their past.

Our ancestors gave us life, and conquered every obstacle to insure that we arrived where we find ourselves today. We in turn must do the same for our children. This work is especially dedicated to the many Kesterson researchers who have contributed their time, money and energy into compiling all this data and trusting me with it. You will find most of them listed under the "Kesterson Descendants." I hope you will find yourself in these pages, it will mean we have found another "cousin".

Feel free to copy and use whatever you find here but be sure to verify the information, and above all else - let me know who you are so we can add you to the family.

Our first immigrant to the United States was Thomas Kesterson, born in December 1648 London England and died 1720 Northumberland County VA. Like many others, Thomas came to the US as an indentured servant. He was sponsored by Mr. William Wildey of Northumberland County VA in 1662/63. Thomas worked for several years for Mr. Wildey and in time, gained his freedom and set out on his own. Its strange that his wifes name has never been found and even stranger that we find no mention of any other children besides George whom we all seem to descend from.

Just click on anything below and enjoy your trip. The Kesterson facts and information pages are clearly marked and will contain nothing but Kesterson data. Each page is set with a "back" button or a "home" button so you will come back to this page to make another choices each time. Otherwise you might get lost, and we can't have that.

Kesterson Descendants
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Walter Kesterson Memorial
Kesterson Depot Fairbury NE
Kesterson Journal Entry (Ray Co MO)

Thomas Kesterson - Immigrant
          England to Virginia 1662
David Chadwell Kesterson 1770 VA/TN
Meriday & Jeremia Kesterson 1780 VA
John Kesterson 1797 AR
Larkin Kesterson 1804 IL
John & Malinda Kesterson 1807 AR
Kestersons - 1808 - Mercer Co MO
Rebecca Kesterson Blackwood 1810 AR
Samuel & Eliza Kesterson - 1814 AR
David Crocket Kesterson 1837 OH/MO
Abernathy Conf. Letters
James Kesterson/Zeke Proctor
Charles Kesterson Iowa
John Henry Kesterson - Lafayette MO
Texas Kestersons
Thomas Armstrong & Eliza Kesterson
Art Mix Film Star
      (George Washington Kesterson)
The Barnes Family
Brown Family Odessa MO
Hannah Family
         (Friend of the Kestersons)
Jones Family Oklahoma
Old Kesterson Newsletters
Kesterson Crest
Genealogy Chuckles

" Suppertime "
By Ira P. Stanphill

Many years ago in days of childhood
I used to play till evenin' shadows come
Then windin' down that old familiar pathway
I'd hear my mother call at set of sun.

Come home, come home it's suppertime
The shadows lengthen fast
Come home, come home it's suppertime
We're going home at last.

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood
Were woven around suppertime
When my mother used to call
From the backsteps of the old homeplace
Come on home now son it's suppertime.

Ahhhh, but I'd loved to hear that once more
But you know for me time has woven the realization of
The truth that's even more thrilling and that's when
The call come up from the portals of glory
To come home for it's suppertime.

When all Gods children shall gather around the table
of the Lord, Himself and the greatest suppertime of them all.

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