Kesterson Crest


Coat of Arms Coat of Arms

We have found 2 Kesterson Coat of Arms. The first one (above) seems to be the one most widely accepted. Maybe someday the "correct" one will be established. Thanks to everyone for all your help in finding these. We had one that was "black & white" so Jenna Cain went out of her way to "color" it in. Then Bill Kesterson finally found his copy and it was identical to the one Jenna used and it was in color. Lennie Kesterson sent in the 2nd one shown below.

There is a Motto on the Crest - It Says "TIMOR OMNIS ABEST". Translated, it means, "All Fear Is Far Away". Thanks to Brian Kesterson and Jenna Cain we now have a Motto under which we can all live and I think its a good one. The Kesterson family was here in America from the very beginning. They helped to build this country and they did it by keeping fear "far away". How fitting.