Larken Kesterson

Information from Claudia (Stack) Eagan

Larkin Kesterson born 1802 - 1804 died 25 May 1829 in Pope County IL.

File Box 53 and Probate Book A. Pages 70-74, 126, 127, 159,160 and Book B. Page 60
Guardian File Box 163 and Probate Book A. Pages 72 & 73
Date of Death 25 May 1829

The last will and testament of Larkin Kesterson of Pope County and State of Illinois made in his last sickness within two days of his death and in the presence and hearing of Betsy Bennet and Jane Bennet. The testator, Larkin Kesterson, did request that his father Robert Kesterson of said County should be executor of all his personal property. That his said executor should sell his two negro men, Macklin and Frank, together with all the balance of his personal property and pay the proceeds over to his son Richard, a child he had by his last wife Betsy, when he arrives at the age of 21 years, after deducting there from a sufficient sum to pay said executor for his trouble and expenses and pay for raising and taking care of my said child which said testator did request should be done by said testators father, said testator was of sound mind and memory at the time of speaking the said words and did request that they should be committed to writing and request the said Betsy and Jane to take notice to the said words. Said testator made said will in his last illness and died on the 25th day of May A.D. 1829.
Witness - Betsey Bennet and Jane Bennet - their marks...

6 August 1829 - Robert Kesterson appointed administrator of the estate with Charles Clay his security in the amount of $300.

6 August 1829 - Benoni Lee appointed guardian for Richard Kesterson, a minor under the age of 14 years, and sole heir to his father, Larkin Kesterson. Alexander Parkison became his security in the amount of $250.

Richard Kesterson born 1817 - died after 1900, married Nancy Husted 13 August 1840 in Virginia, Cass Co IL. Richard and Nancy had four known children: Arvilla, Elizabeth, Jane and Richard Henry.

Richard Henry Kesterson 1 January 1861 Cass Co IL - 08 October 1916 Custer City OK

Richard Henry and Missouri Alice (Gilliland) Kesterson Family
Back Row: Larkin Nelson, Sylvia, Arthur Franklin, Grace Pearl
Front Row: Goldie Mabel, Missouri Alice, Opal Beatrice, Richard Henry

Richard Henry Kesterson born 1 Jan 1861 Cass Co IL - died 8 Oct 1916 Custer City OK
Missouri Alice Gilliland born 18 Jan 1861 Brownsville NE - died - 11 Mar 1947 Custer City OK.
Richard and Missouri married 3 May 1881 Nemaha NE. They had 6 children:

Larkin Nelson 14 Aug 1886 Yamhill OR married Violet Maude Trowbridge. They had 2 children - Opha and Alma

Arthur Franklin 6 Jun 1888 Yamhill OR - died - 15 Jan 1952 Clinton OK. He married Erma Clara Wall 20 Apr 1909. She was born 7 Sep 1890 and died 7 Feb 1955 Clinton OK. Their children are Neva, Kenenth and Majorie.

Sylvia 28 Jun 1890 Yamhill OR married Oren Leedy, had one daughter Josephine.

Goldie Mabel abt 1892 had two children Jo Ellen Wilson and Lou Alice Christopher

Grace Pearl 1895 married Bennett Delaplane and Charles Bennett. One daughter, Estella Bennett
Opal Beatrice 1901 married Melvin Osbun