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Ft Smith Criminal Case Files 1866-1900
William Kesterson
Control # NR44-21-3W51-26227 Series ID 3W51 Unit ID 26227. Title: Criminal Defendant case file for William Kesterson Record Type: Textual Records Content: Crime- Liquor Jacket Number:23 Production 1872 Ref. Unit Natl Archives SW facility: Bldg 1 Dock 1 501 W Felix St Ft Worth TX 76115 Voice 817-334-5525 Creating Org. US Dist Court West Dist AR Ft Smith Record 26123

William Kesterson
Control # NRFF-21-3W51-26228 Series ID 3W51 Unit ID 26228 Title: Criminal Defendant Case File for William Kesterson Textual Records Content: Crime= Liquor Jacket Number 28 Production 1872 National Archives SW Region Ft Worth TX Records 26124


AFFIDAVIT of Personal Service of Summons

In the County Court of Kootenay holden at Fort Steele between:
D. McNeill and John Kesterson of Crow's Nest B.C.
Labourers - Plaintiffs
Albert Cotton of Crow's Nest, B.C. Lumberman -

1. On or about the 25th day of February 1901 the plaintiffs contracted with the defendant to cut mining props for him at the rate of 3 cents per prop, and the defendant agreed to pay the plaintiffs for the same at the said rate.

2. The plaintiffs cut props to the number of 5,500 which were inspected and accepted by the defendant.

3. The defendant paid the plaintiffs the sum of $50.00 on account

4. There is now due and owing from the defendant to the plaintiffs the sum of $115.00, made up as follows: -
... To 5,500 mining props @ 3 cents each = $ 165.00
... By Cash ................................$ 50.00
... Balance Due.............................$ 115.00

And the plaintiffs claim the sum of $115.00 and their costs of this action.
.......Dated this 5th day of August 1901

This plaint is filed and summons issued by J.S.T. Alexander of the firm of Harvey, McCarter & Alexander, solicitor for the plaintiffs whose address for service is at his office, Victoria Avenue, Fornie, B.C.

Default Summons No. of Plaint 146 - 1901
In the County Court of Kottenay holden at Fort Steele Between D.McNeill and John Kesterson of Crow's Nest B.C. Labourers - Plaintiff
Albert Cotton of Crow's Nest B.C. Lumber man - Defendant

TAKE NOTICE, that unless within eight days after the personal service of this summons on you, you return to the Registar of this Court, at Fort Steele the dispute note below, dated and signed by yourself (or your Solicitor), and stating briefly your grounds of defence to the action, you will not afterwards to be allowed to make any defence to the claim which the plaintiff makes on you, as per margin, the particulars o which are hereunto annexed; but the plaintiff my, without giving any proof in support of such claim, herein proceed to final judgment and execution. If you return such dispute note to the Registar within the time specified, the Registrar will send you, by post, notice of the day upon which the action will be tried. Dated this 5th day of August 1901 J F Armstrong Registrar of the Court
Claim $115.00
Fee for Plaint 1.00
Cost of service 2.35
Solicitors Costs 5.00
Total amount of debt and costs $123.35

JUDGMENT FOR PLAINTIFF No. of Plaint 146 / 1901 In the County Court of Kootenay holden at Fort Steele, B.C.

Between D McNeil and John Kesterson of Crows Nest B.C. Laborers - plaintiffs
Albert Cotton of Crows Nest B.C. Lumberman - Defendant the 9th day of October 1901

It is this day adjudged that the plaintiff do recover against the Defendant the sum of $115.00 for Debt and $13.68 for costs, amounting together to the sum of $128.68. And it is ordered that the Defendant do pay the same to the Registrar of the Court forthwith.. Signed by J F Armstrong Registrar of the Court.

SIDE NOTE: Mr Cotton attempted to contest this matter by taking Room & Board etc. He also stated that some of the Props had been burned by a brush fire. Namely 1100 had been shipped and the balance wer never counted by or for himself. He claims they had a stor beill for clothes, tobacco etc in the amount of $11.55. The judgement in this case did not consider these charges.


History of Pike Co
George Kesterson
9 Mar 1851 - Indicted for Murder, but never brought to trial.

Berry Kesterson

Pike County Court Estate of Berry H Kesterson:
# 2638
Letters of Guardianship to Velma Little
Filed August 5 1918 Recorded in Book F Page 265
Attest: W S Binns


PETITION of "Velma Little" in the matter of the Estate of "Berry H Kesterson" Minor - for Letters of Gurdianship.

To the Hon. Paul F. Grote, Judge of the County Court of Pike County Illinois:

The Petition of the undersigned "Velma Little (Being a sister of the said minor respectfully represents: that "Berry H Kesterson" is a minor aged 15 years on the 13th day of June 1918 the said minor is a resident of this County, that he has no father living in this state or other legal guardian residing in this State; that said minor has no estate either real or personal that it is necessary that a guardian is required in order that the said Berry Kesterson may attend the Chaddock School for Boys at Quincy Illinois. This is one of the requirements of the said institution and is per forma only and that your petitioner is desirous of having herself appointed Guardian of said minor. August 2 1918 signed by Velma Little

STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF PIKE ss Velma Little being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts averred in the above petition are tru according to the best of her knowledge information and belief.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, W.S. Binns, Clerk of teh County Court of Pike County this 2nd day of August A.D. 1918, signed by W S Binns Clerk and by O D Ticker Deputy and signed by Velma Little



That we "Velma Little, Edward Little and Samuel Heck" in the County of Pike and State of Illinois, are held and firmly bound unto the people of the State of Illinois, for the use of "Berry H Kesterson" in the penal sum of "One Hundred" Dollars curent money of the United States, which payment, well and truly to be made and performed, we, and each of us, bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, jointly, severally and firmly by these presents.

Witness our hands and seals this 2nd day of August 1918

The Condition of this Obligation is Such, That if the above bounden "Velma Little" who has been appointed Guardian of Berry H Kesterson shall faithfully discharge the office and trust of such Guardian.

Signed by Velma Little, Ed Little and S W Heck


I W S Binns, County Clerk in and for said county and state aforesaid, do hereby certify that Velma Little, Ed Little and S W Heck personally known to be the same persons, whose names are subscribed to the foregoing bond appeared before me this day in person and acknowledged that they signed , sealed and delivered the said instrument of writing as their free and voluntary act, for the uses and purposes therein set forth. Given under my hand and seal this 2nd day of Aug A.D. 1918 W S BINNS Seal by O D Ticker Deputy


State of Illinois County of Pike:
In the County Court, August Term 1918
To the Hon. Paul F. Grote Judge of said Court:
I, Berry H Kesterson, being of the age of fifteen (15) years hereby respectfully pray that my sister Velma Little be appointed as my guardian. I have no estate eitehr real or personal but wish to enter the Chaddock Boys School at Quincy Illinois, and before I am admitted to that institution it is necessary that a guardian be appointed for me.

Signed Berry H Kesterson


Letter of Guardianship
State of Illinois Pike County
In the County Court August Term, A.D. 1918
The People of the State of Illinois to "Velma Little" of said County, Greeting: Whereas, at the August term of the County Court of said county, A.D., 1918 holden at Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois, you were, by order of said Court, duly entered of record on the 5th day of said month, duly appointed Guardian for "Barry H. Kesterson" a minor.

Trusting in your fidelity, therefore, the Court does by these presents constitute and appoint you to be Guardian unto said minor, and authorizes and empowers you to take and have the care of his person and the custody and management of his property, frugally, and without waste or destruction, to imporve and account for the same according to law>

Witness, W.S. Binns, Clerk of the County Court of Pike County and the Seal of said Court, this 5th day of August A.D. 1918 Signed by W S Binns Clerk of the County Court and by O D Ticker Deputy.

No. 2638:
In the matter of the guardianship of "Berry H Kesterson" Minor: Guardian: Velma Kesterson



George Kesterson
Surety with Nathaniel Nichols of 100 Pounds. License granted Nichols to operate a tavern out of his home. Order entered Feburary 1820 CC OB 2-178. To be renewed April 1821 Page 280

George Kesterson
Bakers of Western Kentucky by Peggy Brown Chapman
Baker Vs Baker 28.27 May 1831 Filed "Depositions of G. Kesterson, Letticia Tear and Nancy A. Tear . (Letticia Tear's Depo'n. rejected)" taken by William Snelling, J.P. Notice to William 'Thomasson from John B. Laffoon (agent for Eliz. Baker) of depositions to be taken during May 1831 in Caldwell, Trigg and Hopkins counties. Deposition of George Kesterson taken at the house of William Tear in Caldwell Co., KY, 13 May 1831. Knew Richard Baker about 10 years and kept a stud horse at his house and believed Baker to be capable of managing his business. Baker had told him the story of how he had made his will and was not intoxicated at the time. Had known William & Letticia Tear for 25 years and Nancy Tear since she was a child and believes them to be honest people


George Kesterson SR
1809-1814 Book B Part 2 Page 105
Order that John Row be appointed Captain of the Patroler in William Griffins old Company with Alfred Wolf, Reading Wolf, George Kesterson, John Baker, Daniel Grife appointed patrolers to serve under said Row

George Kesterson
Page 354 Order that John Baker, Samuel Goodwin Sr, George Kesterson, Richard Brownfield or any three of them being first sworn before a magistrate to proceed to view and mark the nearest and best way for a road f0rom the house and barn to intersect a road from ___Creek from ___ to the Saline at the Greentree Grove and report



Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas 1797-1807

John Kesterson
5 Oct 1796 Oath on a land transfer

John Kesterson
1798 Appointed overseer of a road from ford on Lick Creek to Jefferson County Tennessee

John Kesterson
1805 Held money received from Constable in a court case

John Kesterson
1806 Court Complaint vs John Kesterson dismissed
Plantiff pd $2.00

John Kesterson
1806 Witness in suit, proved 6 days attendance

John Kesterson
20 Aug 1806 Appt juryman to view and mark road from Hugh Nelsonís ford on Nolichuckey River to George Gordinís mill on Lick Creek

John Kesterson
1806 Appt constable $625.00 security

John Kesterson
1806 Garnishee in a suit

John Kesterson
1806 Jury reported on above road. Court accented, appointed John Kesterson overseer of the opening thereof into a lawful road

John Kesterson
1806 Appt to jury to view and mark a road

John Kesterson
1806 Constable, ordered to attend next court

John Kesterson
1807 Appt to jury to view and mark a road

John Kesterson
1807 Constable, summoned to attend the Grand Jury

John Kesterson
1807 Security for John Loyd to keep a Grainery at his house

John Kesterson
1807 Appt justice to receive inventories of taxable property Captain of District


Nancy Kesterson
6 Nov 1848 Pg 502 Appointed guardian of Thomas and Patrick H Kesterson. Dan J Kesterson Security

Uriah Kesterson
5 Sep 1853 Pg 419 Seymour Pettit aged 6 Years in August 1853 bound to Uriah Kesterson until he attains the age of 21


Charles Kesterson
13 May 1839. Thomas L William, Chancellor. William Smith Adm. Charles Kesterson Decd vs John Kesterson Sr, John Kesterson Jr and Margaret Kesterson Gdn. Defendants to answer by next court date. DO NOT DELAY.

Charles Kesterson
16 May 1840. Brumfield L Ridley Chancellor.William Smith Adm of Charles Kesterson Decd. vs John Kesterson Sr and John Kesterson JR & Margaret Kesterson her own right. The estate of Charles Kesterson is utterly insolvent. Contract with John Kesterson Rescinded. He to pay $125.41. Until paid there will be a lien on land for same. John Kesterson Sr & John Kesterson Jr appealed to Supreme Court in Knoxville

Joseph Davis
13 Nov 1849. Rebecca Scruggs & Others vs Joseph Davis. Joseph is dead. All heirs in this state and out to be notified. Susan Hinson an heir has died leaving 3 minor children James, Martha and Susan Hinson. Richard Scruggs Jr apptd guardian to the minor children . Master to make publication on John Kesterson & His wife Sarah, Robert Patron and wife Lucinda, Caswell Davis, James Bible and wife Polly Ann, Isaac Corder and wife Emeline and Elizabeth C Davis ,Joseph Davis 1851 May 13 Thomas L Hale vs Joseph Davos & Others. Cause is revived against heirs of Joseph Davis decd. That is: John Kesterson & wife Sarah Davis Kesterson, Robert Pattron and wife Lucinda Davis Patron, Caswell Davis, James Bible & Wife Polly Davis Bible, Isaac Corder and wife Emaline Daveis Corder, Betsy D Davis, Robert Smith & Wife Matilda Davis Smith, William C Davis, Leland Davis & Richard Scruggs Jr.,gdn for James, Martha and Susan Hinson minor heirs of Susan Davis Hinson Decd.



John Kesterson
28 Aug 1762 Witness against Thomas Conner

William Kesterson
24 Sep 1762 Defendant in a court case. Daniel Newland and William Blackwell were security

John Kesterson
26 Aug and 26 Nov 1763 Defendant in a court case. Robert Brent merchant was the plaintive. Robert Brent also sued William Kesterson. In the second case William Kesterson(Jr) was sued by Robert Brent.

John Kesterson
24 Nov 1763 Paid 52 Lbs of Tobacco for guarding John Lee


Thomas Casterson
12 Mar 1662/63 Order Book 1652-1655
To serve his said master Mr William Wildey for the term of seven years from his arrival

Thomas Kesterson
7 Nov 1672 Northumberland Co Orders 1666-1678
Whereas it appears to this court, Mr William Wildey stands indebted unto Thomas Kesterson, a cow and calf for his service. It is ordered Mr Wm Wildey pay ye said cow and calfe with corne and cloathes in lieu of his service according to custom and costs of suite

Thomas Kesterson
7 Jun 1679 On a Tithable List

George Kesterson
19 May 1697 Constable for lower Fairfield

Thomas Kesterson
20 Mar 1700/01 Appointed to the estate of Thomas Berry Decd being sworn by the next justice and ordered that Margaret Gill late Margaret Berry Exx of said Decíd Exhibit an Inventory. Thomas along with Thomas Webb, Joseph Houtl, Edward Sanders, George Crosby

George Kesterson
21 Jul 1708 Pg 227 # 1362 Records of Indentured Servants. Certificates for Land Nmbr VA 1650-1795 by W Preston Haynie. Judgment is granted Mary Dennis, late servant of George Kesterson for her Corne and Cloathes according to law to ye custome of this Country and ordered the said George Kesterson pay her the same together with Costs als Ex. OB 1699-1713, Part2.530

William Kesterson
14 Feb 1753 Court ordered that the Church Wardens of St Stephens Parrish bind out Sarah Kesterson, Daughter of William Kesterson deceased OB 1762-66 Part 1,34

Elizabeth Kesterson(Oldham)
13 Feb 1785 Court ordered that the Church Wardens of St Stephens Parrish bind out Sally Popperwell to Elizabeth (Kesterson)Oldham OB 1786-90