The Kesterson Kollections Newlsetter has been around for many years. The first issue was November 1 1994. I will put all of the Newsletters online but you have to remember that much has changed in the last several years. Old information we had has been changed with the finding of new information.

We were not at all sure what we were doing in 1994, or for many years before that. A few of us tried to figure out what was what, who went where, and we had one theory after another. I think today we have a good handle on the sequence of events and people and a very solid base on which to build.

The pioneer, charter members of the Newsletter are listed below. These are the people who made the Kesterson Genealogy Research possible, and I have to give them special thanks and recognition. They worked very hard work in the early years, and without the convenience of the Computer Era. I can't thank them enough for all that they have shared. Listed below are the folks who laid the Kesterson Foundation across the nation.

Dorothy Alexander CA, Wayne Bartlett IL, Bob Battaglia TX, Bill Blackmer CA, Jerry Christ MT, Edna Douglas CA, Rod Fierstein CA, Dorothy Flynn AZ, Wm H Hopper, Jr CA, Christine Kesterson AR, James T Kesterson TN, James W Kesterson FL, Theresa Kingsley CA, Pat Kruger KS (Deceased), Sharon Kubler NM, Lorna LaFave WA, Shirley Lindsey CA, Betty McGarity GA, Juanita Martin KS (Deceased), Lari Naismith CA, John Rankin AL, Shirley Smith CA, Kandis Tomlinson CO, Beverly Vinson TX, Paul Waite NC, Janelle Williams VA, and myself, Christine Walters IL.

Continued thanks to the many people who have come on board since. You will find most of the contributors and contact information on the "Kesterson Desendants" page.

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I am not ever going to attempt to "Copyright" any of this information. I really don't mind if you copy this material and use it in a beneficial way and for your private research. If you attempt to copy and "sell" this information for personal gain then you will someday answer to the Genealogy God who is a First Cousin to "GOD". Your punishment will be severe. My goal is only to perhaps someday complete the genealogy of the Kesterson Family Lines. I hope that you will keep me informed of any additions, changes or discoveries within the Kesterson Circle, in order that I might put them here to help others.

Christine Walters