John Henry Kesterson
And Family

John Henry Kesterson Jr., one of our most amazing Kesterson ancestors, was born March 28, 1797 in Greene County TN. His father was John Sr, of course, but his mothers name is still unknown. John was married to Sarah Davis, daughter of Joseph Davis, on the 12th of November 1818 in Greene County. Together they had a total of 9 children; Matilda Emeline, Leland D, Gross Scruggs, Rufus Morgan, Elizabeth D, John J, Joseph Davis, Sarah Jessica (Died as an infant), and William Henry. John and Sarah lived in Greene County TN for about 50 years and raised their family there. Sometime in the year 1844, John decided to leave Tennessee, so he packed up his entire family, including those who were already married with families of their own. They settled in Lafayette County MO.

John & Sarah lived happily in their new home for about 15 years before Sarah died on August 25, 1859. Shortly thereafter, on 27 May 1860, John married young, 30 year old, Malinda Jacques, who was 33 years younger than he was and by now John was 63 years old himself. This is why I refer to John as amazing. At the age 63 - he started a completely new family. John and Malinda became the parents of 6 children; Charles M, Amanda Ella, Mary Ann (Died in infancy), Ulysses, Thomas Sherman and Fannie Maggie Lu.

John died on November 7, 1873, just 2 years after the birth of his last child, he was 76 years old. Malinda continued to raise her children, until she died 10 years later at the age of 53. Malinda's children were still rather young when she died, but I'm sure that with all the "older" children , they were well cared for.

Some photos used on this page contributed by David Kesterson

By Virgle Kesterson Hammond
1607 Windsor, Columbia, Mo. 1957

The Kesterson Family is supposed to have been of Normandy stock. They came from England to America in early Colonial days. One Thomas Kesterson made a will in Northumberland County in 1719, William made one in 1729, John in 1752, Quilla in 1762, George in 1786 and William in 1791. The name of John Kesterson was found in one list of Revolutionary soldiers from Virginia, The first census of the U. S. was begun in 1782 and completed in 1790. In 1783 in Northumberland County, Va. one William Kesterson was listed as having 9 in his family and 2 slaves and George Kesterson was listed with 7 in his family and 2 slaves. In 1785 William Kesterson of Amherst County, Virginia had 5 white in his family and John, Jr, of the same county had 14 white.

The 1830 census of Northumberland County, Va. listed the following heads of Kesterson families: John Kesterson had 4 in family, John L, had 4. Sind had 4, Sarah had 6,

The 1830 census of Greene County Tennessee listed: John Kestersons family consisted of one male and one female between 60 and 70 years of age and one female under 10, Charles Kesterson's family had one male and one female between 30 and 40 and 2 males and 2 females under 10. John Kesterson, Jr. had one male and one female between 30 and 40, 3 males and 2 females under 10, Thomas Kesterson's family consisted of one male between 30 and 40, one female between 20 and 30 and 6 children under 10,

Some of the Kestersons went to Greene County, Tennessee sometime before 1800 as John Henry Kesterson was born in Greene County on March 28, 1797. His wife Sarah Davis was born in Greene County, September 12, 1796. They were married November 11, 1818. They migrated to Lafayette County, Missouri in 1844 and settled a farm near what is now Odessa. A grandson later bought the place and it became known as the Dick Kesterson Place, It was sold to Frank Curtis in 1947 or 1948.

In 1934 or 1935, we met a Willlam H. Kesterson at the Confederate Home in Higginsville, Missouri. He was 91 at that time. He said his father whose name was William Kesterson was a brother of John Henry Kesterson. He had many years before that visited the Lafayette County Kestarsons. He said his grandfather's name was also William, and that William I married either Patrick Henry's sister or Patrick's father's sister, I am sure there was a connection with the Henry Family but I have not been able to establish it directly. At 91 his mind seemed rather hazy but he gave the following Information which I hope I may be able to check sometime. He said his Grandfather Wm. I had 3 sons:William II who was his father, James who married a Miss Yokum and went to Nebraska and George who went to Tenn., and according to William III, the old soldier, was the father of John Henry Kesterson. There were two girls, Henrietta and Felicia, each married a Mitchell, He said William I had a brother James who had sons named Addison and Fitzhugh.

John Henry Kesterson
Born March 28, 1797. Died November 7, 1873. Married Sarah Davis, November 12, 1818, Both ware born in Greene County, Tenn, Sarah born September 12, 1796, Died August 25, 1859. They moved to Lafayette County, Missouri

Kesterson Civil War Stories

(Probably written by Virgie Kesterson Hammond)

John Henry Kesterson was living on the farm later known as the Dick Kesterson farm, 3 1/2 miles west of what is now Odessa during the Civil War. (the farm was sold to Frank Curtis about 1947) John Henry was in the Union army as were his sons Gross and Leland. Once while his regiment was stationed at Lexington, Mo., he got an overnight pass and went home. Soon after he and his wife retired, they heard men coming on horseback. They got up and dressed quickly and by that time the horsemen who were stragglers from the Con­federate Army - Bushwhackers - were at the yard gate, calling, "Kesterson-Come Out!" but instead of going out the front door, he climbed out the back window and Mrs. Kesterson hurriedly tried to make the bed appear that only one person had been sleeping in it. The Bushwhackers kept calling, finally she opened the door and told them he was not there but they said they knew he was. She told them they might search the house for him. Not finding him in the house they said they would search the barn, smoke-house and chickenhouse. This frightened her because she thought probably he was hiding in one of the buildings. After they could not find him they mounted their horses and rode away. John did not return until dawn. He had been hiding in a thicket of trees and underbrush southwest of the house. He heard them rideaway on their horses but feared they might return on foot so they would not be heard, this little thicket, at least part of it still stands - never having been completely cut out - a reminder that it once sheltered an ancestor and prevented him from being taken prisoner.


Gross S. Kesterson was also In the Union Army and quar­tered for some time with Union's Army at Lexington, Mo. His wife and several small children remained on the farm which later became the Ike Kesterson Place. One afternoon a group of Confederate soldiers rode up and ordered a chicken dinner and everything that went with it. Narcissus Easterly Kesterson and the children got busy preparing the meal under the orders of the man in charge of the 15 or 20 men. The men seemed to enjoy themselves immensely, wandering about the orchard and yard and had a very fine time eating and laughing. The mother and children, however did not consider it anything to laugh about. When the meal was almost over one of the men asked if she expected her husband home that night. She was expecting him but she said, "I do not know when he will be home again but if he should come, you will not harm him will you?" One man replied "Well, it would look pretty bad to eat a man's food and then kill him, wouldn't it. After the meal was over the men rode out into the pasture some distance from the house, dismounted and spent the night in a plum thicket by the side of the road along which Gross would pass if he should come home. He did not come that night so early the next morning the soldiers left, much to the relief of the Kesterson family.

Leland Kesterson known as "Uncle Lee" lived about a mile southwest of the Gross S. Kesterson home during the war. He served in the Union Army and while stationed in the northern part of Lafayette County he received word that his wife was at the point of death. He secured a leave and went home. The next morning some stragglers from the Confederate Army appeared at his home and de­manded that he go with them, they told him to say, "Good-bye to his family as he would never see them again. They took him to the Gross Kesterson farm (Gross was away in the army), they made him stand in front of the yard gate and lined up to shoot at him when they heard someone in the distance yelling. Looking up they saw a man and girl riding at a gallop toward them. Leland's daughter had jumped on a horse and had ridden to the home of a Mr. Cunningham, a very influential Southern sympathizer and also a good neighbor. He and his gray riding horse were known all over the county. He rode quickly to where the soldiers and their prisoner were and secured the names of the men whom he did not recognize. He gave them a scathing lecture and told them to go back to camp where they were supposed to be and that if Leland should be bothered again that he, Cunningham, would report all the soldiers to the Commanding officer and they would be in real trouble.

Concord Cemetery, Lafayette Co MO

John Henry Kesterson, Jr.
28 March 1797 - 7 November 1873
Son of John Kesterson Greene Co TN
Husband of Sarah Davis Husband of Malinda Jacques

Sarah (Davis) Kesterson
12 September 1796 - 25 August 1859
1st Wife of John Henry Kesterson Jr.

Malinda (Jacques) Kesterson
18 February 1830 - 20 March 1883
2nd Wife of John Henry Kesterson

**** Children with Sarah Davis *****

Matilda Emeline Kesterson 22 September 1819 married George W. Campbell

Leland D. Kesterson 07 December 1821

Gross Scruggs Kesterson 11 October 1823

Rufus Morgan Kesterson 26 June 1826

Elizabeth Kesterson 11 August 1828 married Jacob Johnson

John J. Kesterson 03 April 1831

Joseph David Kesterson 11 February 1834 married Margaret Hall

Sarah Jessica Kesterson 05 December 1837 - 15 September 1838

William Henry Kesterson 18 May 1841 married Margaret Ann Jacques

***** Children with Malinda Jacques *****

Charles M. Kesterson 05 March 1863

Amanda Ella Kesterson 25 February 1865 married George Sullivan

Mary Ann Kesterson 14 April 1866 died young

Ulysses Grant Kesterson 21 April 1868

Thomas Sherman Kesterson 10 October 1869

Fannie Maggie Lu Kesterson 12 February 1871 married William Lee Gann

Grant & Delnora Kesterson

Ulysses Grant Kesterson
21 April 1868 - 17 June 1950
Son of John Henry & Malinda (Jacques) Kesterson
Husband of Delnora Eva Gowen

Delnora Eva (Gowan) Kesterson
03 June 1880 - 29 April 1913
Daughter of Albert Winfield & Delnora (Pitcher) Gowan Wife of Ulysses Grant Kesterson

Married 01 January 1896 in Harney Co OR
Parents of Fanny Mabel (Turner), Emma Winfield (Baker) and Clara Malinda (Oard).
Photo courtesy of Sharon Gibbons

Albert Grand Oard
02 Feb. 1921 - 17 Jun 2005
Husband of Erma Lee Cawlfield
Son of James Henry & Clara Malinda (Kesterson) Oard
Grandson of Ulysses Grant Kesterson

Albert G. Oard, 84, a resident of Baker City, died Friday, June 17, 2005, at St. Elizabeth Healthcare Center. A private family celebration of life services will be held at a later date in the Burns Cemetery in Burns, Ore. Coles Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Al was born Feb. 2, 1921, in Lawen, Ore. He was a son of James and Clara (Kesterson) Oard. Their home was a ranch near Lawen, and Al attended the Crane and Drewsey grade schools and graduated from Crane High School in 1938. He went on to college, attending Oregon State College from 1938 until May of 1942, when he enlisted into the U.S. Air Force and was discharged in October 1945 as a First Lt. Bomber Pilot. During his tour in World War II, he served in Europe and flew the B24 Bomber and had his plane shot down twice. He returned to Oregon State College and graduated in 1946 with a major in Forest and Range Management. In December of 1945, he married Erma Lee Cawlfield in Burns, Ore. They made their home in various parts of Oregon working for the U.S. Forest Service. During his 40 year career with the Forest Service, he served as Ranger, Branch Chief in Range and the Regional Office in Portland, then as Forest Supervisor for the Malheur and in 1974 moved Wallowa Whitman National Forest where he served as Forest Supervisor until his retirement in the early 1980s. Al and Erma then moved to Colorado where he managed a ranch for five years. They enjoyed their years of retirement in Baker City going to Yuma, Ariz., every winter for 12 years. Al enjoyed fishing and hunting, going on wagon train trips and making wagon wheels. He collected for his “What Is It? Museum” in his basement, and Dutch Oven cooking. He was a great steward of the land. Al was a member of the Masonic Lodge, V.F.W. Society of American Foresters, Society for Range Management, Second Air Division Association Eighth Air Force. He served as the Commander of the American Legion, post No. 41 and president of the Pacific Northwest Section Society Range Management. Al is survived by his wife of 60 years, Erma Oard, Baker City; his children, Mike Oard, Telluride, Colo., Jim Oard, Baton Rouge, La., and Jane Case of Prineville, Ore; three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews also survive. He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother, Richard Oard, his sisters, Etta Temple and Eva Whiting.

Fowler Cemetery, Otero County Colorado
Photos & Obituaries Contributed by Sharon Bean

Thomas Sherman Kesterson
10 October 1869 - 15 February 1909
Son of John Henry & Malinda (Jacques) Kesterson Jr
Husband of Mary Cyrene McClure

Mary Cyrene (McClure) Kesterson
27 March 1871 - November 1957
Daughter of John William & Icyvinda Matilda (Casper) McClure
Wife of Thomas Sherman Kesterson

Thomas Sherman and Mary Cyrene were married 06 December 1973 in Lafayette County MO. They were the parents of Ernest, Roy O, Floyd & William Ellis Kesterson.

**Mary Cyrene Kesterson a resident of the Fowler Community for 56 years, died Sunday at 4:00 at the Bauer Rest Home in Manzonola at the advanced age of 86. Mrs Kesterson has been a semi-invalid for the past two years. She made her home with one of her sons, Ernest, until about the 1st of Jul when she was taken to the nursinghome. Prior to that time she was able to get around in a wheel chair, and was cared for by her sons and their wives. During recent months she suffered several light strokes, and 10 days before she died she suffered a severe stroke that left her paralyzed from the arms down. She lapsed into a coma Thursday of last week. Ten years ago Mrs Kesterson was a passenger in a car which was involved in an accident at Manzanola. In the accident both of her knees were shattered and she was a patient in a hospital for 5 -6 months. Despite her severe injuries she recovered and was able to do her daily household and yard work. Mrs Kesterson was the oldest person at the Bauer Rest Home and was one of the best liked. Funeral services were held Tuesday at 2PM at the First Baptist Church with pastor Rev. Clyde Shaffstall officiating. Palbearers were Leonard Wallace, Lloyd Marvin, Chester Dunsmoor, W H Baker, Rube Charles and Hubert Jones. Burial was in Fowler Cem. Mary Cyrene was born to Mr and Mrs John W McClure 27 Mar 1871 at Odessa MO. She was married to Thomas Kesterson Dec 6 1893 at Odessa, and to this union were born 4 sons - Ernest, Roy, Floyd and Ellis. The family moved to Fowler in 1901. She united with the 1st Baptist Church and served many years, teaching a Sunday School Class. On Feb 14 1909, her husband as taken in death and the care of the children became her responsibility. This added burden she carried out with courage and forthrightness. She later united with the Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church and remained a member of that church until her death. At the time of her death she had reached the age of 86 and 8 months. Preceding her in death besides her husband are two sons, Floyd who passed away Jun 18 1956 and Ernest who passed away Jul 23 1957.

Ernest Kesterson
17 February 1895 - 23 July 1957
Pvt Co L WW I

Memorial services for Ernest Kesterson, WW I Veteran who died Jul 23 in a Pueblo Hospital were held Friday at 2 PM from the Larson Funeral Chapel Casket carriers were Verne McClure, Chester Dunsmoor, Lloyd Marvin, Rube Charles, Glen Riggs and Isom Stroud. Flower bearers were Nellie Benjamin, Faye Dunsmoor, Allie Baker, Lura Allison, Alice Shaffstall, Myrtle Patterson, Alma Sanford and Celestine Allison. Burial was made in Fowler Cemetery with graveside military rites. The American Flag which covered the casket was folded by Richard Teilborg and Thomas Sutton and handed to Mr. Kesterson's two brothers - Roy and Ellis in lieu of Mrs. Mary Kesterson, aged mother, who was unable to attend the ceremony. Taps was played by Jacob Romaneck.

Second Obit: Ernest Kesterson 62 a resident of Fowler for many, many years died in Parkview Hospital, Pueblo, Tuesday at about 4 PM. Mr Kesterson had been in ill health for a number of years. Four weeks ago he went to Pueblo to see his doctor and while in the office suffered a heart attack. He was immediately taken to the Hospital. His condition remained critical for a number of days, then he seemed to get some better. Last Saturday he was to have returned home. His condition suddenly took a turn for the worse Friday night and he was in a coma from that time until his death. Mr Kesterson was born in Odessa MO 17 Feb 1895 and came to CO when he was 7 years old. He was a Veteran of WW I having enlisted at LaJunta Jul 15 1918. He received his training at Camp McArthur, Waco TX and embarked at Hoboken NJ Oct 11 1918. He arrived a LeHarve France Oct 16 and was stationed at LeMans and was attached to the 27th Div . Mr Kesterson arrived back in the US in March of 1919 and received his honorable discharge the following month. For many years Mr Kesterson owned a blacksmith shop here and in LaJunta, but because of asthma and heart trouble he was forced to retire from active business a number of years ago. Mr Kesterson made his home with his aged mother, Mrs Mary Kesterson 87 who now is living in the Bauer Rest Home in Manzonola. He was preceded in death by his father, and on brother, Floyd who died Jun 18 of last year. Besides his mother he is survived by two brothers Roy and Ellis Kesterson both of this community.

Roy O. Kesterson was born 4 May 1898 in Lafayette County Missouri. He died in January 1968 Fowler, Otero County Colorado. Roy was the second son of Thomas Sherman & Mary Cyrene (McClure) Kesterson. Roy was the husband of Dorothy L. (McLallan) who later married Rasmus Stjernholm.

Obituary for Dorothy Louise (McLallen) Kesterson Stjernholm
Funeral services for Dorothy Louise (Kesterson) Stjernholm, 95, lifetime Fowler resident, were held Tuesday at the Griffy Family Funeral Home Chapel in Fowler with the Rev. Jane Mitchell of Trinity Lutheran Church in Fowler and Rev. Fred Allen of First Baptist Church of Fowler officiating. Burial followed in the Fowler Cemetery. Mrs. Stjernholm died Nov. 27, 2003, at Fowler Health Care Center. She was born May 21, 1908, to Millard Fillmore McLallen and Nora Etta (Weeks) McLallen. She attended schools in Fowler and Blair Business College in Colorado Springs. She married Roy O. Kesterson on Dec. 26, 1926, and they lived on a ranch for many years before moving into Fowler. Besides being a housewife and raising a family, she worked at the Fowler Bakery and the Fowler State Bank for many years. After Roy's death on Jan. 2, 1968, she later married Rasmus Stjernholm. Mrs. Stjernholm was a lifelong member of the First Baptist Church and a member of the No. 6 Community Ladies Club. She was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church while married to Mr. Stjernholm. She is survived by her son Dale (Teresa) Kesterson of Las Animas, daughter-in-law Evelyne Kesterson of Alliance, Neb., six grandchildren, Lori Blasberg of La Junta, Shelly Risenhoover of Kensington, Md., Phillip (Kristine) and Mike (Donna) Kesterson of Bridgeport, Neb., Clint (Kristin) Kesterson of Alliance, Neb., and Darrell (Tara) Kesterson of Pueblo; 10 great-grandchildren, half-sister Mildred Dillingham of Fowler; numerous other relatives and special friend Barbara Dunsmoor of Fowler. She was preceded in death by her parents, brother Sam McLallen, sisters Olive Christensen and Eva (Trautwein) Wright, half-sister Edna May Rosas, husbands Roy and Rasmus and son Richard Kesterson. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to the Fowler Health Care Center Activity Fund, P.O. Box 398, Fowler, CO 81039. Griffy Family Funeral Home in Fowler is in charge of arrangements.

Floyd Kesterson was born in 1902 and died on the 18th of June 1956 in Fowler, Otero County Colorado.Floyd was the 3rd son of Thomas Sherman & Mary Cyrene (McClure) Kesterson. Floyd was the husband of Mary Bray. Floyd and Mary had only one child, an adopted daughter, Myrna Kesterson (Dooley).

William Ellis Kesterson was born on the 27th of December 1905 and he died 7 October 1976 in Fowler, Otero County Colorado.

He was the fourth and last Son of Thomas Sherman & Mary Cyrene (McClure) Kesterson.

William Ellis was the husband of Berniece Erickson. They were the parents of 10 children but I don't have the names of any of them.

Fannie Maggie Lu (Kesterson) Gann
12 February 1871 - 13 July 1920
Daughter of John Henry & Malinda (Jacques) Kesterson Jr
Wife of William Lee Gann

William Lee Gann
29 December 1871 - 07 November 1933
Son of Elbert Sevier & Susan Ruth (Dade) Gann
Husband of Fannie Maggie Lu Kesterson
Fowler Cemetery Fowler, Otero CO

Fannie Maggie Lu Kesterson Gann

At the Physicians Hospital at Rocky Ford, Tuesday at 1:30 PM ended the earthly life of the woman of Fowler who has long been a resident and has endeared herself to a large circle of friends. Mrs Fannie M Kesterson Gann passed away quietly, after many months of suffering with a cancer. She became ill last October and since then has gradually become worse, in spite of all that her loving husband and children could do for her. Every means was tried but nothing had the desired relief. The latest attempt was an operation at Rocky Ford Hospital, from which she rallied but was unable to recover. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Kesterson and was born at Odessa MO in Feb 1871 and was married to W L Gann at Odessa in 1892. To them 9 children were born of whom Chrales the oldest lives at Alamoosa CO, Gertrude Doll at Buhl ID, Harvey at Fowler and Kenneth and Chester stillat home in Fowler. Three children are dead of whom Elbert, age 10 died in 1907, Maude in September 1916 and Oliver Edwin at the age of 6 days. One brother Grant Kesterson survives her and two brothers Tom and Charles and a sister Mrs Amanda Sullivan ar deceased. She has lived in or near Fowler since coming to Colorado 14 years ago, and was a member of the Baptist Church and her Pastor Rev. W E Simmons conducted the services. The sympathy of the Fowler people goes out to the sorrowing family.

We wish to thank the kind friends who have assisted in every way possible during the sickness and at the death of our dear wife and mother. We deeply appreciate the beautiful flower and the words of sympathy and the tokens of remembrance of our loved one.
Signed W L Gann/Children
Photo courtesy of Sharon Gibbons

Charles Homer Gann
23 August 1893 - 17 January 1952
Son of William & Fannie Maggie Lu (Kesterson) Gann
Husband of Ida Margaret Brown

Ida Margaret (Brown) Gann
9 November 1884 - 3 March 1964
Daughter of James & Willowmine (Newby) Brown
Wife of Charles Homer Gann
Monte Vista Cemetery, Rio Grande Co CO

Charles Homer Gann, 58, race horse owner and caretaker of the rodeo grounds, succumbed Thursday night to a long period of ill health at the home of Mr and Mrs E.E. Campbell of Orchard Park. Death came at 11:30 PM. His health had been declining since 1939 more steadily the past 3 or 4 months, and his condition had been increasingly serious since the holidays. The Gann home is at 1438 S 4th but, when Mr Gann began to fail more rapidly the past few weeks, he and his wife moved to the Campbell home. Mrs Gann teaches school at Garden Park. Mr Gann was well known in regional horse racing and rodeo circles, as his string of horses had been familiar figures in this part of the state and the San Luis Valley for many years. He first acquired this sideline during his long residence in Mosca. Since moving here in 1945 Mr Gann had continued to race his horses, had acted as caretaker in the rodeo grounds and had been official race starter from the time the starting gate was added to the Royal Gorge Round-Up equipment. He was born Aug 23 1893 in Odessa MO (Lafayette County) and came to Colorado in 1911, first settling in Fowler. On November 26 1914 at Mazonola he was married to Ida Brown. The couple moved to Mosca in 1917 and remained there to farm until coming to Canon City 6 years ago. Surviving are Mrs Gann, one son Robert Lee of Avery TX, two brothers, Kenneth of Tucson AZ and Harvey of Alamosa. Two sistrs, Mrs Lester Doll of Maywood CA and Mrs Joe Gibbins of Dalhart TX and 9 grandchildren. One daughter preceded his death. The Wilson Motuary is in charge of the Funeral Arrangements which have not yet been completed.

Canon City CO Jan 18 - Charles H GANN 58, a race horse owner and caretaker of the rodeo grounds, died Thursday night after a lingthy illness. Gann, wel kown in regional horse racing and rodeo circles, died at the home of Mr and Mrs E. E. Campbell of Orchard Park. Since moving here in 1945 Gann had continued to race his horses, had acted as caretaker at the rodeo grounds and had been official race starter from the time the starting gate was added to the Royal Gorge Roundup Equipment. Gann was born Aug 23 1893 in Odessa MO and came to CO in 1911, first settling in Fowler. Survivors include his widow, one son Robert of Avery TX, two daughters Mrs Henry Hunt of Mosca and Mrs Clay Cummings of Monte Vista; two brothers Kenneth Gann of Tucson AZ an Harvey Gann of Alamosa; two sisters Mrs Lester Doll of Maywood CA and Mrs Joe Gibbons of Dalbert TX and 9 grandchildren.

Ida Margaret (Brown) Gann, 79, of Rio Grande Co CO died Tuesday in the Alamosa Community Hospital. Mrs Gann was born Nov 19 1884 in Smith Center KS and came to the San Luis Valley in 1892 in a covered wagon with her parents Mr and Mrs J Marlin Brown. They settled in the Mosca area. She is survived by two daughters Mrs Henry Hunt and Mrs Clay Cummings, Monte Vista. One son Robert Gann, Canon City , one brother Harry Brown of Mosca and two sisters Dora Harding Salem OR and Mrs Esther Dunnington Los Angeles, CA. 9 Grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Mrs Gann was a member of the LDS Church and the LDS Releif Society. Edward Sharp Municipal is in charge of the funeral and burial will be in the Monte Vista Cem.

Second Obit:
Funeral Services for Mrs Ida M Gann, Rio Grande County resident for many years were Friday from the Memorial Chapel at Monte Vista. The Rev. Bishop Kenneth Shepard officiated with Mrs. W Edward Sharp at the organ, accompanying Mrs Robert Smythe vocalist. Pallbearers were Warren Weston, Everett Rowe, Leonard Calkins, Ernest Christian, Jerrold Cummings and Robert Gann Jr

Chester Severe Gann
28 October 1908 - 18 May 1932
Son of William & Fannie (Kesterson) Gann
Fowler Cemetery, Fowler Otero, CO

Obituary - Chester Severe Gann was born at Fowler CO Oct 28 1908. He died May 18 1932 at the age of 28 years 6 months and 20 days. When he became critically ill he was in CA. He came back to CO and was a patient in a hospital in Salida 6 weeks. Desiring to go to the home of his brother, Charley, where he had made his home most of the time during the past 10 years, the trip was attempted in an ambulance, and he was accompanied by his brothers Charley and Kenneth. Chester passed away before reaching his home in Mosca. Those mourning his death are his father W L Gann of Fowler, three brothers, Harvey of Rocky Ford and Charley and Kenneth of Mosca, two sisters Gertrude Doll of Los Angeles Ca and Susie Gibbons of Groom TX; also a host of other relatives and friends. He wa preceded in death by his mother, one sister and two brothers. Being of a quiet and retiring disposition, Chester was loved most by those who knew him best. Funeral services were held in Mosca, Friday afternoon, after which the body ws brought to Fowler, where services were held Sunday at 2;30 PM at the Diesel Funeral Home.

Brother dear, we will surely miss you
As Time goes swiftly on;
One by one we will be with you
In the cold and silent tomb
But we're looking for a morning
When we'll be called to rise,
There to greet each other again
In the home beyond the skies

Written by his nurse, Mrs McClintock