Lytle Family

May E. Lytle vs Edward Lytle
Edward is the s/o John Wesley and Anna (LaFollette) Lytle
May lives in Omaha NE - Edward lives in Seattle WA

Judge Redick has granted a decree of divorce to May E. Lytle from Edward Lytle, a son of the late Judge Lytle. The proceedings were quietly had, the pleadings simply alleging desertion and the evidence covering only the fact that Lytle left his wife two years ago and went to Seattle, where he is at present.

The alimony question was settled out of court. Mrs. Lytle, who retains the custody of their son, Perry, is allowed $70 a month until 1912 and $6,000 in a lump sum. until this is paidshe is to receive $30 a month interest on this account.

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