Lytle Family


Falls City, Neb. Nov, 17.
—Down at Rulo in this county there resides at present, a man,- Arthur Lytle, who occupies - a unique position. Some years ago he was a fisherman and followed that business for a livelihood. Needing a home he located his humble hut on what was then-a small sand bar island lying near the Missouri shore south from Rulo about two miles.

As time went on the accretions made his domain of very respective size, and now it has swollen to nearly two sections of land. Seeing early the possibilities open to him he began to farm and fortune favored him from the first and the hut gave way to a house of normal size and the sheds made place for barns and feed lots. He was "Monarch" of all he surveyed as neither Missouri nor Nebraska - molested him for taxes and in each of the states he was forbidden to vote as his holdings were regarded as only under the jurisdiction of the general government;

He grows acres of tobacco and large field's of corn and small, grain besides raising stock on a large scale. He has resided on the land continuously for twenty-two years and acquired a large competence but now .... makes his home at Rulo, the better to give his children the advantages of the schools there. But he is not yet claimed as a citizen of any state.

Sunday, November 21, 1915 Paper: Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Page: 8
Arthur Lytle s/o Albert Lytle s/o Andrew & Margaret Evans Lytle

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