Hi my name is Bandy and I am a boy dog, about 14 Years old now. I'm white all over and according to my "mom" I shed all the time. I'm not sure what shed means though. I never get hungry around here and I have to say the cooking is great. Lately they won't let me have much in the way of people food and they keep telling me that its because they love me. But boy do I miss those juicy steaks she used to fix.

There is a permanent place for me on the couch and I spend about 95 percent of my time snoozing there. This is me sleeping with my favorite toys. AND - Oh Yes - notice the hand made quilt mom made just for me. When people come over to visit "they" (mom and dad) force me to get off and let the people sit. I get even though - I just stare at them and never look away. Makes them feel guilty after awhile. I don't think its right that people get to use my spot.. I bet if they "knew" I laid there all the time they wouldn't want to sit there long.. Maybe I'll leave a flea or two the next time.

I get to go to the River pretty often. Mom likes to take me down there. This is a picture of my river and the ducks. The ducks always run from me but I wouldn't hurt them. Guess they are just scared. She says that our River flows into the Mississippi and to be careful not to fall into the water. She told me that I would float down there faster than she could swim. We went down there a lot this past summer. She would sit on the Picnic Table or on the grass and just let me run and sniff all I wanted to. Dad came once in awhile and I'm sure happy when he comes along. They get to talking and forget about the time and even me sometimes. I think they know they can trust me - they always tell me that. I wouldn't go far from them anyway but its fun to just roam around alone sometimes.

When Winter comes I stay in a lot. I love the snow and love to walk in it.. Mom says that she can't tell where I leave off and the snow begins. I sure do hate the rain though. I will fight to the finish with anyone who thinks they're going to put me out there. Thats just final folks - I'm not going out into the rain. (That is unless someones says we're going for a walk). Even then I have forced "them" to be out there with me.

I don't like cats and there are several who live around me. Everytime I go outside I can smell them and it just makes me so mad. No matter what I do they keep coming around. I have tried to catch them but they are so sneaky and so fast that I lose them before I take a step. I know I'm getting old but someday I'm gonna get me a cat. Then there are the rabbits. I can't talk to them very well either. As much as I try to be friends with them, they just run away. I have a couple of squirrels that I play with. They aren't much fun but at least they don't run away. Sometimes I can get real close to them and they sit up like they want to shake my hand. Then its "ME" that gets scared and I run back to the porch where I find "mom" laughing her head off. I always thought she was laughing at the squirrel!

I don't play with my toys much anymore, but in the back of my mind I remember playing tug a war when I was younger. They tied a couple of dads holey socks together and we had such fun. I can sit up real good but I had a disc problem a couple of years ago and "they" won't let me sit up and beg anymore. Not much point in it anyway, now that they don't give me the goodies to eat anymore.

February 10 2000. We have lost our beloved Bandy. It has been a really horrible time for us, especially me. Its so hard to lose something you love, even if its just a little dog. Bandy was so much more than a dog to me. He knew every one of my secrets, he knew all my faults, and forgave all my mistakes. This little guy has seen me through many hard days and nights and has willingly gone along with whatever I wanted to do. I have no one to talk to now Bandy, and I miss you very much.

I'll always love you Bandy