Brian William Vickery




Brian's sister Mandy (age three) had long awaited his arrival. She couldn't wait to see him and hold him but from the look on her face, she's just not quite sure what to make of him. ..... He's very calmly taking in the situation after he got home and of course, he settled right in without a hitch.

Here we are in November 1994

...................just over a year old.

This is Halloween of course.. always a fun time of the year.. And only when they are young can you get costumes to look as cute as these do.

Brians club was as big as he was and he could hardly carry it.. but he managed to get in a few good "Bams"..

Mandy is wearing her necklace of bones and has one tied in her hair.

Brian in Pre-School

Age 5 years 1998

This looks like 1st grade -

the year is 2000..

and he's missing a couple of front teeth..

The Buffalo Grove Soccer team..

This was in the spring of 2002

Brians Grade School was Joyce Kilmer -- HOME OF THE COUGARS!!!

He is going to Cooper Jr. High School which is the same Jr. High both of his parents both went to. He was on the Cross Country team and one of the top 3 runners on his team.

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