Newton Caleb Walters

"Our Special Dad"

Dad was born in Wild Rose, Wisconsin on May 3, 1904. He left us on August 18, 1973 in Columbus OH, and now lives in our hearts forever. Dad was the oldest child and the only son, of Walter J & Elizabeth (Jones) Walters. He lived his life to the fullest every day. Every day he met each new challenge. Every day he made someone smile. Every day he filled with love. Every day he protected and cared for his family.

Yes our dad was special. His daughter Mary adored him, his sons Lynn and David respected him. All three of us looked up to him. He made us laugh - he made us cry - he made us do right. He set the example for us to live by.

Struck with Polio twice in his life, he learned to live with it. He was 23 when the first attack came and he recovered. The second time it hit him, he was 44 years old, married and the father of three young children. After a year of confinement, between the hospital and home, he returned to his long and successful career with the U.S. Corps of Engineers in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. From that time on he needed crutches, but they never stopped him from doing most anything he wanted to do.

Dad was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and a Sunday School Superintendent for at least 19 years. Born and raised in the town of Wild Rose Wisconsin, his heart never left even though he did. He would return to Wild Rose at least once every year and although he talked about retiring back to his home town, he never did.

He was also a member of Knights of Pythias for many years.

Dad liked to write stories and could tell some good ones! Just click on any of the items below to read some of what we've found.

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