I came to live here, in this house, on April 20, 2001. I was adopted and saved from a fate worse than death - in fact it was going to be "certain" death, unless someone came and got me in a big hurry. I was living in a really awful place. I guess I must have got lost one day and the dog catcher caught me, and put me in this awful "Doggie Jail". It was Cold and Wet and I was just scared out of my wits.

Then on the next to the last day of my life, this nice man and lady came in and looked at me, talked about me, and I thought sure they would take me out of there. But - oh my - they left without me.. But thank the Good Doggy God, the man came back for me that very afternoon. I was so happy, I just wiggled and grinned all the way to their house (soon to be my house).

I just couldn't get enough of them and I stayed close to them for days. I was scared that I might have to go back to that "place". I'm keeping my paws crossed and so far I'm still here. They used to have another dog named "Bandy" and they still talk about him. Sometimes they say I do things like he did! Anyway I've got a pillow on the couch (like he had) and I spend a lot of time on it (but not as much time as he did). I'm eating good and I have a yard to run in so you can tell I'm pretty happy.

This is my favorite place to sit but sometimes I get in trouble because I push the screen out of the front door. I'm only 14 pounds but when a Squirrel or a Cat walk by and I just get so excited, I accidently jump at the screen. I'm always sorry because I just know they are going to take my stairs down. You see my new "dad" made me this little stairstep up to a nice ledge to sit on. I just love to look outside and they know I'm good most of the time. My "dad" had to replace the screen more than once and I just know he's gonna get mad the next time it happens. They tell me that I'm about 3 years old and plenty old enough to "behave". I try all the time - but sometimes I just plain forget. The other day I heard my "mom" say she was gonna put me on drugs. Now what are drugs? This doesn't sound good to me -- This Sounds Scary! She said they might calm me down but oh me - oh my. I'm going to have to try double hard to be good. But how can I just sit here when I need to jump up and down? Oh me - Oh my --


So there I was minding my own business one morning, when my "mom" got finished eating her breakfast and she got up from the table and left her cereal bowl sitting there. She was eating "my" favorite cereal on this particular morning and it just looked so good and smelled so good. Now I ask you - What was I suppose to do? She must have left it for me right? She "ALWAYS" takes it the sink. This time she didn't, this time she left it on the table and I just couldn't wait a minute longer. This was too good to be true! So there I was - just tempted beyond any reason at all. I walked back and forth awhile and then I circled around the table and kept looking to see if anyone was watching me. FINALLY!!! Everyone left the kitchen and I had my opportunity. So of course I jumped up on the table and was enjoying the rest of the cereal when "Dad" took this picture. "THEY" were laughing, but I could tell that I was in trouble again. I lapped up as much of it as I could, in the short time that I knew I had, and I was still licking my chin when "Mom" lifted me down. She was telling "Dad" that it was a great advertisement for Cheerios! I don't know what Cheerios are, but that cereal sure tastes good..

Now I have to tell you - This is the "LIFE"!!! Every night (well nearly every night), Mom sits down in this big old recliner and watches some TV. If I'm not on Dads lap then I'm on hers, and they don't seem to mind at all. When Mom gets up I always snuggle down into this nice quilt that she made herself. When she comes back she always has to pick me up because I'm not going to move unless somebody makes me. I usually "growl" about getting moved, but its a friendly growl, I don't really mean anything by it. All I'm trying to say is 'oh pleae.. let me stay here'. This big old chair is comfy - really comfy, and it rocks once in awhile. Boy what a life I have, and the ice cream is on its way, cause Dad just got up and went to the kitchen. I hope its vanilla tonight ....or chocolate......or maybe even strawberry.. nuts and syrup ...

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