This is my world of Patches & Lace. I make Doll Clothes and accessories, complete with the Shoes, Wigs, Quilts and Bedding. I no longer sell my creations - its my hobby now. Everything I make is unique and almost always a "one of the kind". I also make Baby Quilts and Wall Hangings of various descriptions. The Quilts and Wall Hangings are often pieced, sometimes preprinted, and always hand quilted.

Dolls and Quilts, when displayed around around a room, give that room warmth, life and color. Through the years I have rescued old and abused dolls, and have given them new life with a few stitches and some soap and water. As much as little girls love their Dolls, it seems that "big" girls love them just as much and maybe more. Sometimes little girls are a little bit rough on their dolls. So thats where I come in. I pick them up, clean them up, give them new hair, new clothes and a brand new life.

My speciality is the victorian look with the full, long dresses, lot of frills and lace. But then I also especially love to do the "baby" doll outfits and if you are lucky enough to have a "boy" doll I have a wonderful pattern for the Victorian Baby Boy Outfit. Most of my work is special order but occassionally I have things for sale. Nothing I ever do is going to be exactly the same as any thing before it. Everything is unique and "different". The following are some of the things I've done in the past.. an "idea" of what I love to do. It might give you ideas as to what what you might "want".

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