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Last updated: January 26, 2009

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Welcome to our genealogy web site.


    Most of us at some time or other are curious about who we are and where we came from. It was in 1982 that I decided to start researching my family. I have spent many hours putting together the puzzle of my mother and fathers' families. When I married and had my girls I had even more reason to work on the family genealogy, which now included my husband's family. So many different lives have become intermingled with the original family members I started out with. This work is a gift to those that are here now and want to know more and my legacy to those that will come long after I am gone.


    I would like to thank those people who have supplied their own genealogy files, hard work, stories and photos. Thank you to my husband, Brian and my girls, Crystal & Carley who have listened to my endless tales of research. I love you. Thanks to my mom-in-law Jane who spends hours on the phone with me discussing those things I just can't figure out. We WILL figure this out! I have faith.


    The research still goes on, as our family history is a never-ending story. The research has been a labor of love and I am happy to share it with others. Where possible information has been verified but please allow for human error. I welcome any and all corrections and additions. If you have any questions, additions or corrections, please don't hesitate to email me. I would love to hear from you. Please, bowse through our information below.


~Chris Develbiss-Bantz

News / Updates:

January 26, 2009:

Our baby is graduating! Carley our youngest will be graduating from high school in May. We are so proud of her and can't wait to see where her life will take her! Congrats, baby!

We're going to be grandparents!!!!! Our oldest daughter Crystal is expecting a baby in September, 2009! Congratulations Crystal & Jon Ross!

Surnames we're researching:


Chris’s Family Genealogy

  • Paternal Paternal Surnames: Develbiss, Michael, Rotruck, Cooper
  • Paternal Maternal Surnames: Ellifritz, Metcalf, Tasker, Ashby
  • Maternal Paternal Surnames: Nash, Mills, Emmart, Brill
  • Maternal Maternal Surnames: Preston, Greenhorn, Metz, Poland


Brian’s Family Genealogy

  • Paternal Paternal Surnames: Bantz, Cushwa, DeVault, Metz
  • Paternal Maternal Surnames: Gardner, Rotruck, Junkins, Barrick
  • Maternal Paternal Surnames: Jenkins, Tovey, Tennent, Schaub
  • Maternal Maternal Surnames: Catherman, Wilson, Shope, Young, Watkins, Lucas

States/Counties where our research is centered:


  • Maryland – Frederick County, Allegany County, Baltimore County, Garrett County
  • Virginia – Frederick County
  • West Virginia – Mineral County, Hampshire County, Grant County
  • Pennsylvania – Centre County, Clearfield County, Clinton County, Columbia County

Brickwalls, Roadblocks and other stuff that makes me bang my head on the floor:

  • We have hit a brick wall with the Watkins, Lucas and Young family. We have Mary Julia (Juliana) Young-Shope, but we need her parents and grands, etc. info. She was born in Romola, Curtin, Centre, PA. Her father was William Young and her mother was Ideanna, Julia, Diademma, Diademmy, Anna? Watkins-Young. Evidently this lady went by many names. I think that's where the problem lies. Apparently, there is some rumour of this line being part Native American. I know there are other researchers looking into this family, so let's put our heads together and come up with some answers. I am more than willing to share any info I have, even speculations. I will let you know which info is fact and which is speculation.

Links to our research data:


  • Rootsweb.com - Great resource! Free!
  • Ancestry.com - Great resource! PAY$$$
  • MyHeritage.com - Downloadable family tree software and community with "Smart Matches"! FREE!
  • FamilySearch.org - LDS genealogy site with lots of info. FREE!
  • Cyndi's List - Lots of great resources including state/country specific lists of resources! FREE!
  • Heritage Quest - No link for this one. You sign up through your public library, use your library card number to sign in, and you can use it from home or at your local library. Just ask your librarian. Has census images, etc. Great resource! FREE!




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