Some COXes from 1773 Virginia to Ohio



Most of them are generally in the right places and times so that they could be in the same family or families. There are probably some COXes with the same name on this list who look like the same person, but are not. (like Joseph who was captured on Leading Creek, and Benjamin who was killed by Indians.)






 COX  Benjamin J VA 1773 born
 COX  David  PA  1773  Westmoreland co civil court Oct
 COX  Joseph  PA  1773  Westmoreland Co jurer Oct 5
 COX Abner, Sr. VA 1778 in Essex County
COX Joseph NJ ca 1778 born
COX  Abner, Sr. VA 1779 In Hampshire Co
 COX Abner, Jr. VA ca 1780 born
 COX  Abner  VA  1781  Patterson Creek Manor
 COX  Abner, Sr.  VA  1783  Essex Co.
 COX Abner VA 1785 Harrison Co. suit (Staats)
COX Benjamin OH 1788 Stites/Gano party (Cincinatti)
 COX Joseph OH 1788 Stites/Gano party
 COX Abner, Sr. VA 1792-4 Harrison Co. taxpayer
 COX Joseph VA 1794 captured by Indians; escaped
 COX Abner PA 1795 Westmoreland PA tax list
COX Benjamin J VA 1795 married Mary Hughes in Harrison Co.
 COX Benjamin OH 1795 killed by Indians with Thomas Waller (newspaper report)
 COX  Benjamin  VA  1796 Harrison Co. suit (Statts)
 COX Joseph VA 1800 married Lydia Ellsworth Harrison Co
 COX Abner VA 1801 Kanawha Co tithables
 COX  Benjamin VA 1801 Kanawha Co. tithables
 COX Joseph VA 1801 Kanawha Co. tithables
COX John, Sr. OH 1801 Bath twp, Greene Co from VA
 COX Joseph OH 1802-07 in Letart twp Meigs Co.
 COX Priscilla (m.Warth)  OH 1802-07 in Letart twp Meigs Co.
 COX Abner, Jr. OH 1804 Bath twp, Greene Co.
 COX Abner, Sr. OH 1804 Bath twp, Greene Co.
COX James M. OH 1804 Bath twp., Greene Co.
COX Thomas OH 1804 Caesar's Creek Greene Co.
COX Abner OH 1806 Champaign, now Logan Co-voted.
 COX Benjamin OH 1806 dau. born in Greene Co.
COX Joseph OH 1810/11 in Logan/Champaign Co.
COX Theopholus OH 1810 Bath twp. Greene Co
COX Samuel W OH 1811 Bath twp Greene Co. (born Bucks Co PA 1797)
COX Abner, Jr. OH 1816 will probated Logan Co.
COX Abner, Sr. OH 1818-1827 pd taxes in Logan Co.
 COX Theopholus OH 1818 married Nancy D. Tingley
 COX John, Jr. OH 1821 Bath twp Greene Co (1800-1882)
 COX John, Sr. OH 1821 died nr Osborn OH (b 1773)
 COX Joseph IN 1822 in Montgomery Co.
COX Joseph IN 1824 died Montgomery Co.
COX Abner, Sr. OH 1834 will probated Logan Co.
COX James M OH 1835 found dead. Bath Twp, Greene
COX Samuel W. OH 1873 died Bath Twp, Greene age 75

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