Boyd Side Ahnentafel Chart

My mother is Number #1 on this chart.

2 Claire Ivan BOYD. Born on 20 Jun 1892 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI. Claire Ivan died in Fairhope, Baldwin Co., AL on 17 Aug 1956; he was 64. He lived much of his life in Lucas Co. Ohio and was in the insurance business.

On 10 Sep 1913 when Claire Ivan was 21, he married Lela Fern CALVIN, in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.

3 Lela Fern CALVIN. Born on 27 Nov 1890 in Portage, Wood Co., OH. Lela Fern died in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH on 13 Sep 1961; she was 70.

4 William Robert BOYD. Born on 28 Aug 1868 in Pittsburg, Allegany Co., PA. I don't know what he was his family was doing there at the time for they are associated with Michigan and prior to that Canada before they moved to Toledo. William Robert died in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH on 30 Nov 1941; he was 73. Occupation: Baker, grocer, insurance.

On 3 Feb 1890 when William Robert was 21, he married Jennie Melita (Lillian) CARUS, in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI.

5 Jennie Melita CARUS. Born on 18 Aug 1869 in Portland, Ionia Co., MI. Jennie Melita died in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL on 28 Jun 1954; she was 84. Have many lovely pictures of Jennie and her family. One of Will and Jennie's sons was Glenn who was modernizing a silver mine in Sonora during the Mexican revolution. He left us with a large amount of info (letters, pictures, postcards) from that era. Their third son Claude left us photos and letters from the European theater during WWI.

6 William Harrison CALVIN. Born on 23 Mar 1866 in Wood Co., OH. William Harrison died in a railroad accident in Bucyrus, Crawford Co., OH on 23 Sep 1891; he was 25.

On 7 Jul 1886 when William Harrison was 20, he married Lenora Estella SMITH, in Wood Co., OH.

7 Lenora Estella SMITH. Born on 26 Nov 1870 in Portage Twp., Wood Co., OH. Lenora Estella died in Maumee, Lucas Co., OH on 23 Sep 1946; she was 75. Her second marriage was to C.E. Cook and we always knew of her as "Grandma Cook".

8 William R BOYD. Born on 10 Apr 1844 in Ireland. William R died in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH on 8 Nov 1923; he was 79. Buried on 10 Nov 1923 in Toledo Memorial Cem., Sylvania, Lucas Co., OH.

On 6 May 1863/1864 when William R was about 19, he married Eleanor STUART, in Hamilton, Ont., Canada.

9 Eleanor STUART. Born on 17 Jun 1846 or 1848 in Canada. Eleanor died in Owen Sound, Ont., Canada aft 17 Apr 1875; she was about 28.

10 Jerome Weaver CARUS. Born on 26 Apr 1840 in Walled Lake, Michigan. Jerome Weaver died in Penfield Twp., Calhoun Co., Michigan on 16 Nov 1893; he was 53.

On 16 Sep 1863 when Jerome Weaver was 23, he married Mary Janette BULLARD, in Walled Lake, Michigan.

11 Mary Janette BULLARD. Born on 17 Apr 1846 in Walled Lake, Michigan. Mary Janette died in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI on 30 Sep 1917; she was 71. She was buried in Bellevue, Eaton Co., MI.

12 Albert Opdike CALVIN. Born on 28 Jan 1837 in Lagrange Co., IN. Albert Opdike died in Grant Co., IN on 19 Jan 1920; he was 82. He was in the Civil War and he was a shoemaker. Buried on 27 Jan 1920 at National Military Home.

On 2 Jul 1857 when Albert Opdike was 20, he married Electa PELTON, in Wood Co., OH. There is some mention of her as Electa Coon in the marriage record of Wood Co. I don't know what to make of it.

13 Electa PELTON. Born on 5 Jun 1839 in Ohio. Electa died in Ohio on 6 Mar 1890; she was 50.

14 Dewitt Clinton SMITH. Born on 18 Nov 1829 in Dutchess Co., NY. Dewitt Clinton died in Portage, Wood Co., OH on 8 Apr 1896; he was 66. He served in the Civil War. He was called Clinton. He seemed to hide during every census. He was not in OH in 1850 unless he was a physician married to a woman named Mary of whom we are unfamiliar in Logan Co. He did marry his first wife there ten years later. It is possible that he was rather yet in NY at this time. According to military records he was also in Michigan at one point after the war.

On 22 Feb 1867 when Dewitt Clinton was 37, he married his second wife, Elizabeth BELL, in Wood Co., OH.

15 Elizabeth BELL. Born on 5 Nov 1840 in OH. Elizabeth died in Wood Co., OH on 3 Jan 1892; she was 51. She was with her parents were in Muskingum County for the 1850 census. I don't know where she was in 1860 yet, although her parents were in Wood County Ohio with some children and grandchildren, living with them or nearby.

16 John BOYD. Born ca 1817 in Ireland. John died on 12 Feb 1885; he was 68. Religion: Canadian Methodist Church In 1881. Occupation: He Is A Laborer In 1881 Census in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. To find more of the Boyd's of my family AND OTHER BOYD FAMILIES, click here to go to a Boyd database, thanks to the efforts of John Boyd. But be sure to come back here and visit again. This John died in Hamilton on February 12, 1885.

John married Susan CAMERON.

17 Susan CAMERON. Born ca 1824 in Ireland. Religion: Methodist In 1881. Died in Toronto on March 24 1903.

18 Robert STUART. Born in 1820 in County Of Armagh, Ireland. Robert died in Hamilton, Ont., Canada in 1906; he was 86. Occupation: Church Officer, Presbyterian In 1881. Religion: Knox Church And Prior To That The Primitive Methodist Where He Was Sunday School Superintendant Many Years.

Robert married Eliza McKenny.

19 Eliza McKENNY. Eliza died in Hamilton, Ont., Canada in 1906; she was 84. Born ca 1821 in Armagh, Northern Ireland.

20 Thomas CARUS. Born on 9 Mar 1800 in Victor, Ontario Co., NY. Thomas died in Walled Lake, Oakland Co., Michigan on 4 Jun 1862; he was 62. Buried in Walled Lake Cemetery. Occupation: Farmer.

Thomas married Melita WEAVER.

21 Melita WEAVER. Born on 1 Jan 1820 in New York. Melita died in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI on 8 May 1900; she was 80. Buried in Bellevue Cem., Eaton Co., MI. I have the Weaver book if anyone would like a lookup.

22 Edwin James BULLARD. Born on 14 Apr 1819 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. Edwin James died in Portland, Ionia Co., MI on 17 Jun 1910; he was 91. Religion: Lived In Mi, Came From NY.

On 19 Jan 1841 when Edwin James was 21, he married Caroline PATTON (PATTEN), in Commerce Twp., Oakland Co., MI.

23 Caroline PATTON (PATTEN). Born ca 1822 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. Caroline died ca 1850; she was 28.

24 John P CALVIN. Born about 1796 in Ohio. Owned land in Lagrange County Indiana for a short time about 1830. Seems to have disappeared about the same time for Lydia moved back to Ohio.

John P married Lydia Garrison Hukill Calvin 24 July 1831 in Portage County Ohio.

25 Lydia GARRISON. Born in Virginia, according to most of the census declarations. She first married John S Hukill. Then John P Calvin, and finally Israel Coon. She lived to be at least 73 years old.  

26 Phineas John PELTON. Born on 6 Sep 1812 in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. Phineas John died in Portage, Wood Co., OH on 5 Sep 1888; he was 75. Occupation: Farmer. Phineas and Electa Are In Wood Co Census, Perry Twshp 1880. I have the Pelton book if anyone would like a lookup.

On 1 Dec 1837 when Phineas John was 25, he married Electa BENTLEY.

27 Electa BENTLEY. Born on 12 Sep 1813 in NY. Electa died aft 8 Sep 1888; she was 74. 1880 Census Says Her Parents Born In NY. And there is indication but no proof that her father is Daniel Bentley.

30 David BELL. Born on 17 May 1810 in Ohio. David died in Portage, Wood Co., OH on 6 Dec 1885; he was 75. He is found in Harrison twp of Muskingum Co OH in 1850. He moved to Wood Co prior to 1860 where he is listed as a laborer Iin the census. According to him in the 1880 census, his father was born in PA and his mother born in Virginia. Click here to view the family history written in the Bell Bible. It includes Bell, Smith, Calvin, Boyd, Slaughter, Dutro, Long, Watson and a few more surnames.

On 23 Dec 1830 when David was 20, he married Sarah NICHOLLS, in Muskingum Co., OH.

31 Sarah NICHOLLS. Born on 18 Jul 1809 in Virginia, according to her declaration of several censuses. I recently learned that her father is Mathias Nicholls and her mother is Margaret Caldwell. This couple came to Ohio from Ohio County VA. Mathias's parents were John and Rebecca. Sarah died in Portage, Wood Co., OH on 19 Nov 1884; she was 75.

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