Abner and Joseph Cox Family

Abner(s) and Joseph COX Family


ABNER COX Sr. was probably born in Virginia in the year 1744. Tax records for Logan Co. Ohio shows taxes were paid on his 80 acres from 1818 through 1827. He and Joseph Cox were co-administrators of the estate of Abner Cox jr who died before August of 1816. Abner Senior died July 19, 1825 according to the Bible of John and Priscilla Cox Warth. His son-in-law John Warth was the executor of his will. He married a woman named MARY. Very little is known of her except that she died Dec 23, 1828 at 88 years of age.

Three Children of Abner COX Sr and Mary: (All Born In Virginia)

1. ABNER COX Jr.: b. ca. 1778; d. sometime before 5 August 1816 which is when his estate was administered. He married ca. 1807/8 ELIZABETH FIDLER probably in Logan County, Ohio. They had four children all born in Logan County, Ohio. She was born in 1788 in Virginia.
Abner Jr and ELizabeth had four children who were born and married in Logan Co. OH:
... i. Abner COX III: born 1809/10. He married Julia Elinsey or Elemes Dunston on 24 Nov 1831.
..... He died in LaPorte Co IN 6 Mar 1883.
...ii. Isaac COX (called Ike) born 1811. Married Sarah Smith 9 Jul 1840. Probably died before
.....10 Aug 1855 in LaPorte Co IN when his wife remarried William Stevenson.
...iii. John COX born 20 Mar 1814. Married 20 Aug 1837 Mary Patrick who died Oct 1880
..... in Nebraska. He remarried Delpia Houchens Lundy in 1881 in Livingston Co IL.
..... He died there 25 Aug 1882.
...iv. Samuel Cox was married to Hannah Littler on 27 Nov 1836.

2. JOSEPH COX: b. ca. 1778 in the state of Virginia; d. sometime before 9 November 1824. He was living in Harrison County, Virginia in 1800 when he was married. He migrated to Logan and Champaign County, Ohio sometime around 1810/11 and stayed there until 1822. He was the co-administrator of his brother Abner's estate. He was involved in many Ohio land transactions in the area. He then moved to Montgomery County, Indiana and died there sometime before 9 November 1824. He married LYDIA ELLSWORTH on 3 September 1800 in Harrison County, Virginia. They were married by the Reverend Joseph Cheuvrant. She was born ca. 1786 in the state of Virginia. She married second Alexander Montgomery, who was considerably older than her, on 27 April 1827 in Montgomery County, Indiana. When some of her children and their families moved to Linn County, Iowa she and her second husband accompanied them. He died on 9 January 1837 in Linn County, Iowa. He was a Revolutionary War pensioner and she collected his pension after his death. She was living with the John F. Acker family in Linn County, Iowa when the 1850 Iowa census was taken. She died sometime in the year 1854 in Linn County, Iowa. Her parents were Jacob and Hannah Ellsworth.
Children of Joseph and Lydia COX born in Virginia
...i. Benjamin: d. infancy in Virginia.
... ii. Abner: b. in 1803; d. sometime in 1855. He married on 10 or 19 January 1828
.....Susannah Johnston in Montgomery County, Indiana. They had several children.
.....She died sometime before 1850 but sometime after 1837. He and his wife Susannah were
..... in Illinois in 1837 when one of their children was born. They had several known children.
... iii. Jacob: b. ca. 1805/6; d. sometime in 1828 in Montgomery County, Indiana.
.....He probably never married.
...iv. Elijah: b. on 19 November 1808; d. on 22 December 1844. Married Jemima Blalock in IN.
...v. Rebecca: b. in 1809; d. sometime before 1881. Married Abraham Staats.
Children of Joseph and Lydia COX born in Ohio
... vi. Isaac: b. on 1 April 1811; d. on 18 May 1883. He married 3 January 1831 Nancy Largent
.....in Montgomery Co, IN. Very little is known of her ancestry. She was born 11 May 1813
.....in Champaign Co., OH and died 7 January 1880 in Guthrie County, Iowa. Isaac and Nancy
.....were in Linn County, Iowa when the 1850 census was taken.
... vii. Priscilla: b. 1813/4. She married on 20 July 1830 John Hollar in Montgomery Co, IN.
..... He was born in 1805 in NC. She and her husband were listed in the 1850 Linn County, IA census.
.....They had at least eight children.
... viii. Rachel: b. on 11 March 1816; d. sometime after 1864. She married on 11 January 1831
.....Randall Largent in Montgomery Co., IN who was born 10 September 1807. He was the
.....son of Nelson and Sarah Largent. He died on 17 September 1854. They had twelve children.
.....She married second on 6 December 1859 John A. Ford who was born on 29 May 1806.
.....They had no known children.
...ix. Polly: b. ca. sometime in 1818.
... x. Joseph: b. 1820. He married on 23 April 1842 Cynthia Hollar who was born in 1821 in TN.
.....She was a sister to his older sister's husband. They had at least four children. Joseph, Cynthia and
.....Zachariah Hollar, age 46, were living in Linn Co., IA when the 1850 census was taken.
...xi. Hannah: b. in 1822. She married on 2 March 1845 John Eicher in Linn Co., IA.
.....They were not listed in the 1850 census for Linn County, Iowa.

3. PRISCILLA COX: b. on 27 August 1780; d. on 9 January 1837 in Jackson County, West Virginia. She married on 30 October 1800 JOHN WARTH as his second wife. John was named Executor of the estate of Abner Cox Sr. Priscilla and John WARTH had nine children: Mary (1802-1873), Hannah (b 1804), George Harrison (1806-1896), Eliza (1809-1857), Rebecca Ann (b 1813), Maria Louisa (1815-1845), Priscilla Harriet (1818-1911), Julianna (1820-1901) and John Augustus WARTH (1822-1901). The Bible record of Priscilla and John Warth is located on the internet at the digital Library of Virginia site, which is listed elsewhere at this site. For more information on the Warth family visit this Warth family web site courtesy of Regina Barry.

Abner COX Sr and Mary may have had more children.
The children are shown in the accepted order, which may or may not be in the correct order of birth.

We have to wonder if Benjamin J COX is possibly a son of Abner COX, Sr. DNA has shown a very close connection which could indicate an uncle or cousin relationship. A compelling case could be made with secondary information by examining the tax lists from (W)Virginia in the late 1700's and the fact they were in the Champaign County area of Ohio simultaneously. There is also the tantalizing "other children" mentioned in the will of Abner COX Sr.... There is much more information available about the families on this page, thanks to the efforts of several good people who have been working on this family for many years.

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