The Bethell Family

Of Painswick Gloucestershire

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Much of the early Bethell information was received when I was correspondening with Dr David Bethell who had researched in depth the Bethell family history and traced it back to the North Wales King ,King Ithel of 775 ad and there some 17 derivatives of the family name Ithel Bithel Bythel Bethel  Bethell Abethel Abethell. Unfortunatly David passed away on Dec 2000 Leicester England.

Bethell c.1660's

1st Generation

UNKNOWN BETHELL: The first know Bethell ancestor's christian name is not known but he married about 1728 in St. Mary De Lode Gloucester and is thought to have had at least a family of four.  The eldest being my ancestor Thomas who married Sarah Gardener.

1. THOMAS BETHELL, born Abt. 1690. He married Sarah Gardener 08 Apr 1723 in Painswick Gloucestershire England. She died 1734 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI).

See more information on Thomas & Sarah and Family further down on this page.


2. WALTER BETHELL, m. Hester Bailey, 06 Apr 1724, Minchinhampton. Family:

            1.William Bethel bp.1729, 2. Mary Bethel bp.1729

3. JAMES BETHELL,  born Abt. 1729 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI). He married Hester Painter 1755 in Painswick GLS. Family :

            1. Hester Bethell

            2.Richard Bethell

            3. James Bethell

            4. Thomas Bethell

            5. Betty Bethell

            6. Elizabeth  Bethell m. John King, 1799, Painswick Gls. Eng..


5. AMAZIAH BETHELL, b. Abt. 1706; d. 1760, Painswick Gls.; m. (1) Mary Fisher 1728, St. Mary De Lode Gloucester; Mary d. 1747. m. (2) Hannah Pinnock 1764 Painswick. Family of Amaziah & Mary a son:

1. Amaziah m. (1) Mary Twining, 1730, Painswick GLS;  m. (2)  Hannah      Pinnock, 1764, Painswick GLS.; b. 1736. Family of Amaziah & Mary a son:

1.Amaziah Bethell.

Thomas Bethell c.1690

& Sarah Gardiner

2nd Generation


THOMAS BETHELL, born about 1690, married SARAH GARDENER 08 April 1723 in Painswick Gloucestershire England. Sarah died 1734 Painswick.


Children of Thomas Bethell & Sarah Gardiner are:


1. JAMES BETHELL b. Abt. 1723, Painswick Gloucestershire England m. Mary Webb 10  Jun 1756 Painswick Gls.

See more detailed information on James & Mary Bethell  & Family below


2. ANN BETHELL, b. Abt. 1725,  Minchinhampton.


3. THOMAS BETHELL, d. 1768, Painswick; m. Jane Wilks, 1750, Painswick. Family 1 son:

1. William Bethell, married Sarah Bayles 1773 Bishop's Cleeve, Family 3sons:

1. William Bethell, no other info.


2. Thomas Bethell d.5 Dec1863 Stratford on Avon., m.(1) Sarah b.1784 Salisbury. m.(2) Martha Green 1811 Evesham b.1785-d.1833.


1. Ann m. Samuel Cox 1834 Gls.,

2. Hannah,

3. Sarah m. William Cooke 1849 B'ham,

4. Mary, William,

5. Jane, Sophia b.1828,

6. Thomas b.1830-d.1898 Foleshill, m. Catherine Burnette 1852 Camberwell, she was b.1832-d.1911 in Coventry, Family,

1. Catherine b.1854 Birmingham,

2. James b. 1856; d. 1942, E.Langton Leics.; m. Sarah Ann Deacon, 1884, Church Langton; Sarah b. 1844; d. 1928, C. Langton.

3. THOMAS BETHELL, b. 1859, Stratford-On Avon; d. 1833, Coventry; m. ANNIE JANE MATTERSON, 1882, Foleshill; b. 1854; d. 1905, Coventry.

4. Letitia Burnet, b. 1861, Stratfofd-On-Avon; d. 1933, Leicester.

5. Annie Burnet b. 1867, Leicester; d. 1883, Foleshill.

6. Edith Burnet, b. 1876, Leicester; d. 1939, Leicester.

7. Matha b.1833.

3. John Bethell no other info.

James Bethell c.1723

& Mary Webb

3th Generation


JAMES BETHELL was born about 1723, Painswick Gloucestershire England. He married MARY WEBB 10th  June 1756 in Painswick.


Children of James Bethell & Mary Webb are:

1.THOMAS BETHELL (JAMES3, THOMAS2, ?1) was born Abt. 1758 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI), and died 1794 in Painswick Gls. England. He married Britannia Jones 30 Dec 1779 in Painswick Gloucestershire England. She was born 1760 in At Sea, and died 1846 in Clenkenwell England.

See all details of this couple and their family further down on this page.

2. SARAH BETHELL baptised 1758 buried 1804 Painswick

3. WILLIAM BETHELL was born Abt. 1760 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI). He married Betty Savory 1784 in Painswick Gls. Eng.. She died 1789 in Painswick Gls. Eng..Family:

1. James Bethell b.abt.1784, Painswick Gls. England (IGI)

2. James (2) Bethell b.abt.1785, Painswick Gls. England.

4. JAMES BETHELL bp.1761 Painswick.

5. MARY BETHELL bp.1762 Painswick.

6. ISAAC BETHELL, bp.1764 Painswick.

7. MARY BETHELL bp.1763 Painswick married John Hinton 1783 Painswick.

8. JOHN BETHELL was born Abt. 1768 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI). He married Alice Wheeler 1793 in Painswick Gls.. Family:

1. Mary Bethell, b. 1793, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI); m. John Saite, 1804, Bishop's Cleeve Eng.

2.Thomas Bethell, b. Abt. 1794, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI); d. 1794, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI).

3. Hester Bethell, b. Abt. 1795, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI).

Thomas Bethell c.1758

& Britannia Jones

Generation 4

THOMAS BETHELL (JAMES3, THOMAS2, ?1) was born Abt. 1758 in Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI), and died 1794 in Painswick Gls. England. He married BRITANNIA JONES 30 Dec 1779 in Painswick Gloucestershire England. She was born 1760 in At Sea, and died 1846 in Clenkenwell England.


Record by Consistory Court of the Diocese of Gloucester 12 Dec. 1793: Mary Peglar a spinster of Painswick, brought charges of defamation of character against Thomas Bethell, a carpenter of Painswick. She alleged that in Sept, Oct, and Nov 1793, he publicly accused her of committing the crime of adultery with Nathaniel Holder of Painswick. He had said to Nathaniel, "That the woman you keep company and do go with ia as damned a whore as any in Painswick", and, what was said was repeated before credible witnesses "in an angry and reproachful manner". Thomas was found guilty and "condemned in the costs of this suit' and to appear before justices at a later date. Was it a case of jealousy or malice, or that Thomas simply did not substantiate his charges with credible evidence.


By 7th June 1841, when the national census was made it is likely that only one Bethell was living in Painswick. That was Britannia nee Jones then aged 82years who had been born at sea and married Thomas, a moralist and accuser of one Mary Peglar, in Painswick in 1795. Britannia moved to London soon after Thomas' death and died at Clenkenwell in 1846.


Children of Thomas & Britannia Bethell are:


1.CHARLOTTE BETHELL, b. Abt. 1780, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI). Charlotte married William Savory 03 Oct 1799 in Painswick Gls. England. For more details about Charlotte & William Savory and family click on this link or "Next" at bottom of this page. 


2. MARY BETHELL, b. Abt. 1782, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI); m. William Jones, 1800, Painswick Gloucestershire.


3. ELEANOR BETHELL, b. Abt. 1785, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI).


4. THOMAS BETHELL, b. Abt. 1786, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI); d. 1844, Greenwich Eng..He married Beata French 1918 in Leonard Stanley. Beata died at Greenwich in 1855. Family:

1. Eleanor Beata Bethell married Stephen Apps 1843 Greewich. 10 children.

2. James Bethell d.1877 Ferrol Spain.He married Catherine Walch (d.1901 Clapman). Had a large family of eleven.

.3. Mary Bethell bp.1823 Painswick

4.  Giles Bethell, b. Abt. 1826, Painswick Gls. Eng.; m. Sarah French, 1847, Greenwich, they had six children

5. Fanny Bethell bp.1831 d. 1913; m. Edward Henden Houghton  1861, Greenwich  Family of 6.

6. Charlotte Bethell b.1831 Redborough d.1912, m.1857 Victoria Australia to Edward George Lane (b.1826 d.1909 New Zealand) . 8 children Maria Lane b.1859 Chewton Vic. & George Lane b.1860 Chewton d.1861 bu.Falkner.  It was after 1861 that Charlotte & Edward moved to New Zealand.

7. Annie (Nancy) Bethell, m. ? Walker in New Zealand. Nancy and her husband had one son.

8. George William Bethell b. 1937, Greenwich Eng.; d. 1910; m. Emily White 1859, Lewisham Eng.; b. 1834; d. 1894, Marylebone Eng. Family of six children.

9.  Edward Bethell, b. 1839, Greenwich Eng. Edward emigrated to U.S.A.

10. Britannia Beata Bethell d. 1909; m. A. Alcock, 1867, Stepney Eng. The Alcocks had a family of three.

5. WILLIAM BETHELL, b. Abt. 1789, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI).


6. JOHN BETHELL, b. Abt. 1793; d. 1793.


7. BRITANNIA JONES BETHELL, b. Abt. 1795, Painswick Gloucestershire England (IGI); m. Samuel Purnell, Abt. 1815, Painswick; b. 1791, Horsley; d. 1848, Ledbury. More details will be added to Brittania Jones Bethell soon




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