Charles Suckling Hollis 1915 - 2004


Helga Adeline Jans 1920 - 1991           


 Parents of June, Marie, Maxwell, & Barry Hollis


Birth: CHARLES SUCKLING5 HOLLIS (EDWARD ARTHUR4, HUBERT JOHN3, JOHN FREDERICK2, WILLIAM1) was born 08 Aug 1915 in Woodstock Capetown South Africa, the son of Edward Arthur Hollis and Emma Alice Elizabeth nee Reid formally Koopman. He was aged ten when his parents and siblings sailed from Cape Town for Australia in 1925 aboard the ship S.S. Vedic. His family went went to live in the Silvan-Monbulk area of Victoria where his father had come from prior to him going to the Boer War and settling in Cape Town.


Birth:  HELGA ADELINE8 JANS (HARRY7, JORGEN "JOHN"6, CHRISTIAN CONSTANTINE FERDINAND5, LORENZ/LOHRENS4, PETER3, LORENZ2, JOHAN1) was the daughter of HARRY JANS and HENRIETTA COSHAM. She was born 01 Aug 1920 in Warburton Victoria Australia. Helga lived with her parents on the land previously owned by her grandparents at the big peninsula where the Yarra River was one boundary and the McMahons Creek to Warburton Road was the other. Locals of the area may remember this property by the big old oak trees which John Jans planted in 1890. Helga attended East Warburton and Silvan schools.


Marriage: Charlie and Helga married at St. Johns Church Lilydale Victoria.

After their marriage Charlie and Helga made their home at Silvan. Charlie worked in the timber industry and the family lived at Healesville, Cumberland and Stratford. He also worked at the milk factory in Sale and the Sale Council. Whilst living at Stratford Charlie and Helga went their separate ways but never divorced. Helga worked at Kew Cottages and was housekeeper to a doctors family for quite some years.

Deaths: Helga died 02 Jan 1991 in Prince Charles Hospital Chirmside Qld. Aust. She is buried at Casino Cemetery NSW

Charlie died 05 December 2004 in Latrobe Regional Hospital Victoria Australia. His ashes were sprinkled on his mothers grave at Lilydale and Silvan football ground where he had played many a match.

Charlie & Helga Hollis Family

1.  DOROTHY JUNE HOLLIS, b. Lilydale Hospital Vic. Married Graham Baker. Family: Craig & Julie Baker.

2.  MARIE LYNETTE HOLLIS, b. Royal Womans Hosp. Melb. Married 1. Campbell McPherson, 2. Cedric Hohrman. Family Justin & Sophie McPherson.

3.  MAXWELL CHARLES WILLIAM HOLLIS, b.1944, Avonne Hospital Belgrave Vic Aust. Married Barbara Hort formally Snowdon. Family: Kellie & Cristie Hollis & Joanne & Wendy Snowdon aka Hollis.

4.  BARRY EDWARD HOLLIS, b. Queen Victoria Hospital Melb..

Dates & Details of the above families have been with held owing to the Privacy Act Laws.


Jans Family

Maxwell Charles & Barbara Joan Hollis

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