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Thomas Knight c.1663

& Elizabeth Vokins

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Born: THOMAS KNIGHT was born Abt. 1663 in Marylebone London England. 

Birth of Wife: ELIZABETH VOKINS was born Abt. 1663 in London England. 

Family of Thomas Knight and Elizabeth Vokins

1. Rowland Knight. He was born on 09 Feb 1704 in Westminster London England. He married Mary Anthony. They were married 1735 in Ramsgate Kent England. He died on 03 Oct 1804 in Sandwich Kent.

2. Thomas Knight. He was born on 09 Apr 1704 in In Fields Westminster London.

Rowland Knight 1704

&  Mary Anthony

Born: ROWLAND KNIGHT-2 (Thomas Knight-1). He was born on 09 Feb 1704 in Westminster London  England.

Wife Birth: MARY ANTHONY was born on 08 Jan 1705 in Westminster London England. 

Marriage: Rowland Knight and Mary Anthony married 1735 in Ramsgate Kent England.

Death: Rowland died 03 Oct 1804 in Sandwich Kent.  

Family of Rowland Knight & Mary Anthony

1. Henry Knight was born Abt. 1756 in Sandwich Kent England.

2. Elizabeth Knight. She died on 03 Aug 1773 in Sandwich Kent England. Her  birth in 17 Oct 1736 (Sandwich Kent England).

3.  Mary Knight. She was born on 18 Dec 1737 in Sandwich Kent England.


4.  Rowland Knight. He was born Abt. 1740 in Sandwich Kent England. He  married Elizabeth Godfrey. They were married on 22 Jul 1764. He died on 03  Oct 1804 in Sandwich Kent England.


5. Thomas Knight. He was born on 04 Mar 1744 in Sandwich Kent England.


6.  William Knight. He was born on 20 Apr 1746 in Sandwich Kent England. He  married Sarah Giles. They were married on 05 Jul 1767. He died on 21 Jun  1811


7.  Arthur Knight. He was born on 27 May 1748 in Sandwich Kent England. He  died on 03 May 1749 in Sandwich Kent England.


8.  Arthur Anthony Knight. He was born on 30 Apr 1750 in Sandwich Kent  England. He married Elizabeth Neame. They were married on 17 Apr 1778.


9. Elizabeth Knight. She was born on 15 May 1752 in Sandwich Kent England.  She married John Langeworthy. They were married on 27 Dec 1776.


10.  Valentine Knight. He was born on 26 May 1754 in Sandwich Kent England.  He married Elizabeth Marbrook. They were married on 03 Mar 1778.


11. Judith Knight. She was born on 01 Sep 1757 in Sandwich Kent England.  She married William Ansell. They were married on 11 Feb 1781


12.  John Knight. He was born on 15 Jun 1760 in Sandwich Kent England.

Henry Knight c.1756

& Elizabeth Lawrence

Born: HENRY KNIGHT -3 (Rowland Knight-2, Thomas Knight-1). He was born Abt. 1756 in Sandwich  Kent England.  

Birth of Wife: ELIZABETH LAWRENCE was born Abt. 1765 in Sandwich Kent England. 

Family of Henry Knight and Elizabeth Lawrence

1.  George Knight. He was born Abt. 1787 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng. He married Sarah Larkin. They were married on 14 Apr 1805


2. Sarah Knight. She was born Abt. 1786 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.


3. Henry Knight. He was born Abt. 1789 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.

1841 Census: occupation Miller

1851 Census: occupation Miller


4. Elizabeth Knight. She was born on 27 Feb 1791 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.


5. Martha Knight. She was born Abt. 1792 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.


6. John Knight. He was born Abt. 1794 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng. He married Sarah Larkin. They were married on 09 Feb 1828.

George Knight C.1787

& Sarah Larkin

  Born: GEORGE KNIGHT -4 (Henry Knight-3, Rowland Knight-2, Thomas Knight-1). He was born Abt.  1787 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.


1851 UK Census: George occupation Secondman  


1861 UK Census: occupation Secondman

1881 UK Census: occupation Waggoner and was a widow.

Wife Born: SARAH LARKIN was born Abt. 1786 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.

Marriage: George Knight and Sarah Larkin were married on 14 Apr 1805.

Family of George Knight & Sarah Larkin

1.   Isaac Knight. He married Mary Heaver. They were married on 08 Jul 1832 in Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate London England.

Occupation in Carter.


2. James Knight. He was born Abt. 1805 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng. He died Abt. 1884


3. Richard Knight. He was born Abt. 1807. He married Sarah Ann Hodges.They were married on 26 Jul 1827. He died Abt. 1884.


4. Mary Ann Knight. She was born Abt. 1811.


5. Henry Knight. His birth Abt. 1809 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng (bapt 9 March 1809).

1851 Census: occupation Ag Lab


6. George Knight. He was born on 04 Nov 1814 in Wickhambreau Kent Eng.  He married Elizabeth Brenchley. They were married 1849 in Canterbury Dist  Kent Eng.


7.  Harriet Knight. Her birth Abt. 1815 (bapt 25 June 1815Wingham Kent Eng).

Isaac Knight c.1813

& Mary Heaver

Born: ISAAC KNIGHT-5 (George Knight-4, Henry Knight-3, Rowland Knight-2, Thomas Knight-1).  born about 1813

Wickhambreaux Kent Eng.


1851 Census UK: Isaac noted as occupation Carman to an Oilman 

1861 Census UK: Isaac not mentioned so had died prior to this date.  


Wife Born: MARY HEAVER was born Abt. 1815 in Ash Kent England.


Marriage: Isaac Knight and Mary Heaver. They were married on 08 Jul 1832 in Christ Church Greyfriars  Newgate London England.

1851 Census UK: Residence St George in  The East, Middlesex, England

1861 Census UK : Mary Knight nee Heaver noted as Lodging house keeper and a widow  I

Family of Isaac Knight & Mary Heaver

1. Isaac Knight was born Abt. 1834 in Kent England. Residence 1851 in St George in The East, Middlesex, England He married Mary Ann Boltor. They were married on 03 Sep 1854 in St Mary's Church Parish St Mary Spital Middlesex Eng.. Christening on 22 Apr 1870 in Chapel Spitalfields London Eng. (St Mary Spital Square). He died on 26 Feb 1883 in Melb.Hosp.(age49yrs). Burial on 28 Feb 1883 in Boroondara Cemetery Vic.  Occupation in Groom.


2. Harriet Knight. She was born Abt. 1846 in St George in the East, London, England.


3. Albert Knight. He was born Abt. 1854 in Spitalfields. He died on 01 Apr 1880. He married Mary Ann Hogan. They were married in June Qrt..

1871 Census UK: occupation Ostler 


Isaac Knight   c.1834

& Mary Ann Boulter

London to Australia

Birth: ISAAC KNIGHT was born c.1834 Ash or Wingham Kent England the son of Isaac Knight and Mary Heaver.

1851 census Isaac is 17 born Ash Kent occ Carman to a coal merchant. Living with his parents Isaac & Mary Knight, his sister Harriet and uncle Thomas Heaver at 24 Salters Alley, St George in the East Middlesex

1861 Census Isaac 26 and his wife Mary Jane 27 nee Boltor and their children Susanna 3yrs and Dinah 1yr are living at 8 Summer Street (place cannot be seen on printout of census) Borough of Tower Hamlets. Occ Labourer.

1871 Census not on this as they sailed for Australia in 1870.


Birth of wife: MARY ANN BOULTER was christened 28th Oct 1838 at Saint Mary’s Whitechapel London the daughter of James Boulter who’s occupation was a Waterman (worked on the canals) and her mother was Sarah, her surname is unknown.


Occupation: On Isaac's death certificate occupation noted as: Groom


Marriage: Isaac and Mary Ann’s marriage certificate states they were married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church on the 3rd September 1854 at St Mary’s Church in Spitalfields. Isaac was 26years and Mary Ann 20years. Both gave their place of residence at the time of marriage as 1 Chapel Street, whether Chapel Street was in Spitalfields is not known, but I did find a Chapel Street in Whitechapel at this time.

Isaac and Mary Ann had seven children prior to leaving England and twins born on the voyage to Australia. I believe their first child Albert was one of those quick first pregnancies as he was born in 1854, he was baptised as an eight-year-old in 1862. My opinion is that Albert died about this time as there is no indication of him being in Australia, and on the death certificate of his father all the other children are mentioned along with a note stating one deceased details unknown.

Family of Isaac & Mary Ann Knight

1. Albert Knight born 1854 died c.1862 England (dated 3/10/2009 This Albert may be incorrect?)


2. Jane Knight born Spitalfields London c.1855.  Died aged 66 years 19 Aug 1921 Big Pats Creek Vic reg Warburton no.12285 . bu. Wesburn Cemetery. m. John Hort, 4 Sept 1875, no. 3670


3. Susannah Alice Knight c.1858  London Eng. m. 1878 Alfred William Holman (b. Kent Eng) Died 1905 Melb East aged 48 years (2 registrations identical information except for surnames  Holman reg no. 9809 & Talbot reg no. 9809) Buried with her parents, grave 643 section B C/E Boroondara Cemetery at Kew Vic.


4. Harriet Elizabeth Knight Bapt. (IGI) 1860 Deptford St Pauls Eng. m. 1883 Richmond Vic. reg no. 4802 Edward Gould. Died 1952 aged 91 years Heidelberg Vic. no. 560. Their infant son William George aged 0 died 1898, buried 30 June 1989 in same grave at his aunt Susannah and grandparents Isaac & Mary Knight C/E section B number 643,  Boroondara Cemetery at Kew Vic.


5. Dinah Ann Knight c.Bapt. (IGI) 20 May 1870 Spitalfields St Mary's Eng. m. Edward Gould 1878 Richmond Vic. reg no. 1215.  Died 1883 Seymour Vic. aged 24 years reg no. 3402


6. Emma Eliza Knight born 24 Jan 1866, bapt. 22 April 1870 Spitalfields St Mary's Eng. Died 1906 Melb East aged 40 years, reg no. 6385. Married .?...Walker


7. Charles Isaac Knight c.1864 bapt 22 April 1870 Spitalfields St Mary's Eng.  Died 1916 Cheltenham Vic. aged 48 years reg no. 9467.


8. Winifred Alumbagh (twin) born 14th October 1870 41° 10" South 95° 20" East, At Sea. (Alumbagh name of ship)

Winifred died the same day she was born.

9. Minnie Alumbagh - (twin) birth is registered in the district of South Melbourne and states born 14th October 1870, At Sea. Died Nth Fitzroy Vic. 1903 aged 32 years, reg no. 13298


10. Henry Richard born abt. 1872 Vic. Died 2 x registrations in register (1) d. 1932 Collingwood Vic. aged 60 years reg no. 8893 (mother not named on registration ) (2) d. 1872 reg no. 33931x1912 (Isaac & Mary Boulter named as parents)


WHITECHAPEL is a district of the East End of London, situated just east of the city and north of Wapping. The chapel that the district is named after is the parish church of St Mary, which dates from the 13th century. It was in this church that Mary Ann Boltor nee Knight was baptised.

 By Victorian times Whitechapel had become synonymous with working class poverty, as epitomised in the works of Charles Dickens. The late 19th and early 20th century saw a flood of Jewish immigration, and in the last few decades the area has had significant redevelopment and is a far cry from the run down slums of the past. There is one figure from the distant past who stands out more than any other, and that is ‘Jack the Ripper’ for this is where London’s most famous criminal killed his victims.


SPITALFIELDS is a parish in the Whitechapel district and lies in the heart of what became known as the ‘East End’. Most of the building in the area took place in the mid 17th century after the Great Fire of London. Throughout its history Spitalfields has been an area of constant change.

An article in ‘Country Life’ November 15th 1979. “The East End’s Streets of Silk” by Mark Girouard.

The silk industry in Spitalfields in the 18th century was dominated by Huguenots who had fled their native country France. This industry occupied comparatively few acres to the east of the city of London and not only accommodated all the processes of the industry but the homes of everyone engaged in it, from the richest to the poorest. Along the crowded streets silk merchants sold silk, silk-throwers turned the silk into thread, silk-dyers died the thread, silk-weavers wove it, and silk-mercers marketed the finished product. People worked at home or in attic workshops above the homes of their employers.

In the first half of the 19th century the Spitalfields silk industry entered a rapid decline, mainly the result of tariff barriers against foreign silks being lifted in 1826. After some decades of deep distress Spitalfields silk became a thing of the past. By the end of the 19th century the silk industry had been replaced by fur and clothing workshops, commonly known as the rag trade. Jewish immigrants dominated this as thoroughly as the silk trade had been by the Huguenots. The Spitalfields rag trade was only a portion of London’s vulnerable garment industry, and was one of its worst paid. Spitalfields although it had its own lively and distinctive culture eventually became a desperately poor area, even the grandest of 18th century houses were turned into workshops, warehouses and tenements.

 As well as its cloth and silk industry Truman’s brewery in Brick Lane began in the 1690’s and is still operating today.

January 1861 ‘Morning Post’ ‘London Horrors’

This article described Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Stepney and other area’s as over crowded London horrors.

These area’s had become over crowded with poor accommodation and had gained an evil reputation with the opening of the Docks along the Stepney riverbank. The area acted as a sponge for workers from all over Britain who were only too pleased to find work. Few people in authority attempted to improve the living conditions of those who could not help themselves and were poorly paid for a hard day’s labour.

Children were reduced to keeping themselves alive by scraping for scraps in the most humiliating conditions. It was a hand to mouth existence for many who, no matter how hard they worked, were unable to pull themselves out of the mire.

Immigration to Australia    -  Sailing on the ship "Alumbagh"

Being a labourer Isaac could have been employed in any one of these industries, it is not known what their financial situation was or if they were effected by these degrading conditions. But like so many others they decided to seize the opportunity to emigrate and take their chances in an unknown country leaving behind their familiar surroundings and family.

Isaac then aged 35years and his pregnant wife Mary Ann aged 36years, along with 15year old Jane and her siblings Susanna 11, Dinah 8, Harriet 7, Emma 4, and 2year old infant Charles, sailed from Plymouth as unassisted passengers on the 31st of July 1870 aboard the ship the “Alumbagh”. Mary Ann gave birth to twin girls on the voyage naming them Winifred Alumbagh and Minnie Alumbagh. The birth registrations for these two children differ. Winifred’s birth is registered in the Marine Register Book and states born 14th October 1870 41° 10" South 95° 20" East, At Sea. Minnie’s birth is registered in the district of South Melbourne and states born 14th October 1870, At Sea. The reason for this is Minnie arrived when the ship was in Australian waters and had to be registered at the first port of call.

The “Alumbagh” docked in Melbourne on the 30th of October 1870 after a journey of three months. When Isaac registered the birth of his daughter Minnie he gave his place of residence as 212 Little Collins Street Melbourne.

Isaac and Mary Ann added a ninth child to their brood with the birth of Henry Richard in 1872.

ALUMBAGH. picture :

Ship Alumbagh (State Library of Victoria)


 Isaac's Death: Isaac died in hospital of Bronchopneumonia on the 26th February 1883 aged 49years, he was buried 28th Feb 1883 at Boroondara Cemetery at Kew Vic. His occupation at the time of his death was given as a Groom.

Mary's Death: Mary died 1919 and was buried 8th September 1919 aged 86 years. She is buried with her husband Isaac C of E section B grave number 643. Unfortunately the grave has no headstone, just a metal marker as can be seen in the photographs below. 

Grave information: Buried with Isaac & Mary is their grandson William George Gould buried 30 June 1898 aged 0. and their daughter Susan Alice Holman buried 14 Aug 1905 aged 48 years.


Gave of

   Isaac & Mary Knight       

Boroondara Cemetery

Kew Victoria
















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